The Magickal  Moon
For all of human history the moon has held sway over us. It influenced our cultures. By its
waxing and waning we established calendars to mark our time. We created Moon Deities in
our image which rose to popularity and were venerated before falling out of favor. Even
today the moon remains a force to be acknowledged. The heavenly orb illuminates the night
sky as it infuences the tides and may govern unkown aspects of our day-to-day lives.

Understanding the ebb and flow of the energy of the cosmos and learning to apply it to
intent is the very heart of the magick ritual. For when we understand the energy present at
a certain hour and apply it to intention, the outcome becomes predictable. It is this cause
and effect that makes spellwork possible.

Understanding Moon Energy
Each year the Moon has thirteen lunar cycles per year, each with four phases. New moon,
first quarter (also known as half-moon), full moon, and third quarter.

The moon is associated with the unconscious, the realm of dreams and intuition. It
represents the feminine, mystical side of our nature. The moon is a symbol of the goddess.

The sacredness of the moon is connected to the rhythms of life. The changing phases of the
moon were linked to the death and rebirth reflected with the seasons, and also to the
female monthly cycle that controls human fertility.

The Celtic year was once divided into 13 months, one for each full moon within the year. Our
months are linked to the movements of the moon. The moon passes between the earth and
the sun every 29½ days. Then the cycle begins again with a new moon. In Jewish and
Muslim calendars a new month begins with the new moon, all their months have 29 or 30

Moon Energy applied to magick
If you want to gain something (friendship, money, job, psychic ability) do your magick during
the WAXING MOON (when the moon is getting full)

If you want to lose something (bad habits,debt, negative energy) do your magick during the
WANING MOON (when the moon is getting small)

Drawing             Banishing
prosperity          need/want
generosity         greed
relax                 fatigue
sleep                insomnia
happiness          sadness
love                  loneliness

Moon Phases
new moon                 the beginning of the cycle lasting 31/2 days
Crescent                   begins 3 1/2 days after New Moon
1st Gibbous               begins 3 1/2 days after the Crescent Moon
Full Moon                  begins 3 1/2 days after the Gibbous Moon  
Disseminating            begins 3 1/2 days after Full Moon
Last Quarter              begins 3 1/2 days after Disseminating
Balsamic (Dark Moon) begins 3 1/2 days after Last Quarter

The Dark Moon
Dark Moon is a night when the energy of the cycle is at its lowest. Use this time for quiet
contemplation. The energy now offers clarity of sight making it an inspirational time for
shadow work, mediumship, and ancestor worship. It is the time for divination, to gaze into
the void, to communicate with the denizens of the underworld. It is the time for banishment
work, curse-breaking, and hexes.

The New Moon
According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the new moon is, “the first visible crescent of
the Moon, after conjunction with the Sun.” It is the very first sliver of moonlight is visible
signaling the very beginning of the Waxing Moon. At the new moon the energy is begin to
build for increase making this a time to cast spells for new beginnings and new projects. It's
influence can also boost ambitions and careers. This is the time to plant seeds for things
you want to manifest.
Any month that has a second new moon (called the black moon) is more powerful than the
first in the cycle. Seeds planted at this time will manifest more quickly.

The Waxing Moon
This is a good time for building up strength, manifestation, expansion and growth.

The Full Moon
This is the time the energy of increase is at its high point. Use it for expansion and growth.
The Blue Moon is the name for the second full moon in a month. It is a powerful time to
manifest spells begun at new moon.

The Waning Moon
This is the time for decrease. This is the most powerful time to cast spells to remove
problems, protection and neutralizing adversaries. It's also a good time for reflection,
meditation and study. Use this moon's energy to banish harmful energies.

The moon rises around sunset when it's a full Moon, and sunrise when it's a new moon.

The aspect of the moon is also a variable to consider in spellwork. The Moon spends a day
or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting
through can be used to good advantage during spellwork.

Void-of-Course Moon or v/c is the time the Moon is "between signs".  It is when the Moon
moves from the sign of Gemini, but has not yet moved into the sign of Cancer. Void-of-
Course can last for a few minutes or a couple of days. Spell working should be avoided when
the moon is void of course. This is a time of disruption, a time of chaos when nothing works
as expected. Knowing when the moon is void of course will eliminate a lot of frustration and
wasted effort.
Click here for a table of V/c Moon dates

Moon in Aries- An Aries moon is for starting. It is a good time to perform spells related to
job ventures and all new projects related to money. Also a good time to develop strength
and courage, and lust spells. The energy of this moon can be used for new beginnings,
matters of self and your personality.

Moon in Taurus- This moon is excellent for spellwork related to love, creativity, beauty and
inner peace. Spells done at this time take the longest to manifest, but the results will be
very long lasting and be stable. Great for spells regarding financial matters of personal
nature, vehicles, benefits and possessions.

Moon in Gemini- The perfect time for spells dealing with communications, healing,short-cuts
and uncrossing spells. Be careful the moon in Gemini can be unpredictable and unstable.
This energy is best for spells regarding relatives, communication, studies, writing and
common sense.

Moon in Cancer- Excellent for any spell involving the home, fertility, children, or divination.
This moon supports emotional rapport and nurturing. This is a perfect energy for domestic
concerns. Can also be used for matters concerning the end of life.

Moon in Leo- Spells involving leadership, prosperity, fame and career are best done in Leo.
This is a moon energy for 'the self'. Do not perform any spells involving love, or any other
emotion, as Leo may actually counteract it. Focus on pleasures, hobbies, love affairs,
entertainment, sports and your pets.

Moon in Virgo- This moon ensures a spell which involves meticulous detail, especially spells
involving education, healing, and stability. Great for spells to change your work
environment, health, service extended or clothing.

Moon in Libra- Excellent for working a spell with a partner, and for magick involving
marriage, couples, partnership, peace, and fairness. The energy of this moon is also good
for spells involving legal matters and small animals.

Moon in Scorpio- Use this energy for mysteries, Psychic awareness, the occult, divination,
and sex magick. Use the darker energy of this for spell involving death, sex, taxes,
inheritances and transformation.

Moon in Sagittarius- This is an excellent time to experiment with new techniques or magick
spells. The energy of this moon favors expansion and growth. Religion, metaphysics, long-
distance travel, in-laws and higher learning.

Moon in Capricorn- Perfect for spells to manifest life's basic needs and for stability. This
moon works well with tradition, responsibility and obligations. The energy of this moon good
for setting boundaries. Also business, career, reputation, fathers and honor.

Moon in Aquarius- This energy can be used to work on behalf of others, but is also a great
energy to use to break habits and make abrupt change. This energy is good for spells
involving friendship, acquaintances, hopes and dreams, groups and organizations.

Moon in Pisces- Perfect for divination and psychic work, past life regressions, and
communication with spirits. Inner development, karma, restrictions, secrets revealed.
If the Moon Card
appears in a
reading it
suggests that you
should pay
attention to your
inner self. Pay
attention to your
dreams, instincts
and intuitions.
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