―Deborah Blake, author of The Little Book of Cat Magic.

Kitchen Witchery
Unlock the Magic in Everyday Ingredients

This practical guide encourages readers to embrace a magickal lifestyle that applies spiritual practice to even the most menial task. Breathe new life into your practice. Learn how to mindfully connect with nature's energy to empower your life and turn chore into a magickal act of creation!

Hundreds of recipes for the seasons from daily meals to special oils and seasoning blends. This guide is chock full of history, lore, and correspondences introducing clever ways to make any ingredient into a magical tool.

Editorial Reviews

Review From Publishers Weekly

Kitchen Witchery Unlocking the Magick in Everyday Ingredients

Laurel Woodward

Llewellyn, $24.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-7387-6784-0

Witch and tarot reader Woodward debuts with an accessible cookbook that blends healthy, sustainable eating with the magic found in the natural world. Aiming to create a “nature-centric practice” that “transforms chore into ritual,” Woodward turns to the magical aspects of plants to help readers infuse intention into everyday activities like gardening, shopping, preparing meals, and eating. For instance, black-eyed peas are good for fortune and prosperity, banana bread attracts love and abundance, fruit salads enhance health and beauty, and garlic can protect against evil. Woodard also charts the different moon phases and suggests corresponding days of the week that are considered optimal for certain recipes. Many delightful recipes and thumbnail histories of ingredients’ spiritual usages (such as of the seven sacred grains of Europe) make this stand out from similar fare. Woodward’s eclectic guide will appeal to witches, home cooks, and those interested in building a deeper relationship with food. (Aug.)

Praise: "Far more than a recipe book, (though it is packed full of wonderful recipes), Kitchen Witchery encourages magical mindfulness of the nutrition we put into our bodies. In a world where instant gratification and fast food are the norm, Laurel Woodward provides a resource that helps us to consider the source, energy, and impact of what we consume, including magical correspondences for ingredients. Food is fundamental to our existence and with the knowledge provided in Kitchen Witchery at our disposal we can build a strong and healthy foundation for life by cooking with intent, wisdom, and power." ―Emily Carding, author of Faery Craft and So Potent Art: The Magic of Shakespeare.

"What an inspiring and informative read, offering us an opportunity to revive a nature-based and natural perspective to what has become another chore for living: cooking. This work is a beautiful weaving of physical, mindful, and spiritual knowledge and teachings that we may use to enrich our own lives, the lives of those we care for, and the natural world." ―Daphne Seruntine, herbalist specializing in primitive food storage, preparation and usage.

"It is the little things that give life its finest texture. The gloss of ripe fruit. The reassurance of a basketful of wholesome vegetables. The fragrance of a mushroom. The warm love that goes into a wholesome meal. Laurel has here delved into the subtle enchantment of those things we all encounter daily the food we eat, leading us to see food not just as energy, but a path." ―Cliff Seruntine, permaculturist, shaman, and author of The Wildwood Way and Seasons of the Sacred Earth