The Spring Garden 2021

Three dry weeks at the beginning of April is rare here in the Pacific Northwest. After the long winter the clear weather was a reprieve for a soul hungry for sun and outdoor air. By the second clear week the soil had dried out enough to be worked and I spent the daylight hours working to clear away the weeds and amending the soil.

A previous Ice storm had brought down dozens of branches from the maples and fir trees. We cut the large piece up for firewood and I ran the smaller branches through a chipper. It gave me a large pile of wood chips that were perfect to mulch between rows the the vegetable bed.

I planted seedling tomatoes that I'd started inside next to the raspberry patch. Then built a teepee for green beans and put in rows of white pumpkin, zucchini, and butternut squash.

We built three new raised beds and ordered soil from Grimms, a local company. The next day they delivered 2 yards of soil for raised bed vegetables.

I went to work filling in the new boxes. It took dozens of wheelbarrow trips.


Now it's the last week of April and the spinach, cabbage, and lettuce I sowed directly into the greens bed are three inches high and the summer squash seedlings are beginning to grow.