Psychic Self-defense
Our environment is awash with negativity that has the potential to be very damaging to the
human energy field. Anger, aggression, fear and depression, energy vampires, negative places
and arguments work to build and create negative energy that can cling to our auras or build up
in our places of work and our homes. Exposure to this negative energy can cause stress,
fatigue, headaches, and depression, and if left to fester can manifest in a run of unfortunate
circumstances or 'bad luck', illness, and even death.

Spiritual self-defense techniques and spiritual cleanings can counter the exposure to negative

White Light Protection
When you feel a psychic attack is eminent a good way to counter it is by drawing on the
healing energy of the universe. Visualize a golden light beaming down from above you filling
your crown chakra. See this cool clear light swirling down your throat past your heart into your
stomach. Now visualize the golden light expanding throughout your body to the tips of your
finger down to the tips of your toes until it expands past the boundaries of your body to
rejuvenate your glowing aura.
Hold this image for a few breaths knowing that all negativity has been cleared away and
replaced with light.

If you are in need of a shield or a protective cloak simply visualize the infinite creative energy
of the Universe swirling around you, like a gentle whirlpool moving all around your body. Draw
it around you and infuse your aura with its pure energy. See the energy growing to surround
you in a cocoon of color as each of your chakras glow. Feel your aura thickening as the energy
wraps around you, clearing away any dark areas, mending any holes or thin places. Hold the
visualization in place until you are free and clear.

Space Clearing
When I'm feeling the muck of life weighing me down I clean my alter, my kitchen, and then
choose one more room (usually my office or bedroom) and clear out the clutter. I make piles
for trash, recycle and the donation center and I get rid of all the junk. Then I clean. I like to
wash with an herbal infused floor wash to instill magickal energy.

To make a magickal washwater brew a strong decoction of the herb of your choice and add to
your cleaning water.
Use 1 to 2 teaspoons of herb per cup of cold water. Bring the mixture gently to a boil. Turn
heat down and let the water simmer for 10 minutes. Set aside to cool and then strain and add
the liquid to your wash water and clean. To dispose of the left-over wash water, throw it out
the front door into the front yard, toward the East, if possible.

Here are some herbs of protection that have worked well for me:
Burdock: To purify and protect.
Fennel: To deflect negative energies.
Hyssop: For protection, cleansing, and removal of negative forces.
Marigold (calendula): To ward against negative threats.
Mullein: This herb is wonderful for uncrossing, deflection, and returning the negative energy to
the sender.
Pennyroyal: To repel unwanted guests and ward off negative energy. (Will also repel gnats,
mosquitoes, and ticks.)
Rue: To banish malevolent energy and it will return hexes to the sender.
Betony: To banish nightmares and bad thoughts.
Damiana: For protection of property.

Employ Some Mirror Magick
Reflective surfaces can be used to reflect negative energy back to its source. Place a mirror in
line with a door to reflect negative thoughts and spirits and send them back to where they
came. If you have a troublesome roommate or neighbor place a mirror between your space and
theirs to reflect their negativity away from your space.

The Power of Salt
Salt is a purifier. Use sea salt to cleanse and banish any negative energy that may cling to an
object, person, or area. Sprinkle salt around a room to put yourself and others at ease. Or
asperge with a sea salt water mixture. Aspersing means sprinkling with liquid in order to effect
spiritual and magical cleansing. This is an ancient rite, just like burning incense. Aspersing
rituals direct the elemental power of Water. To cleanse a room of negativity simply dissolve
sea salt in rain or spring water and sprinkle the perimeter of the room or rooms that need to
be cleansed.

Clear Energy by Smudging
For centuries smudging, the burning of aromatic herbs, has been a common practice for
purifying objects and locations. Sage is the favored herb for cleansing, balance and
purification. It is used to clear energy out of a room where stress occurs, to cleanse people
and pets that are depressed, sick or anxious. When moving into a new home smudging is a
great way to clear energy from the previous resident. It is the spiritual equivalent to bathing.
A wand of Sage is lit and the aromatic smoke is wafted through each room to call positive
energy into the space.

Sage can be smudged to activate new energy in an area where the energy has grown old and
stagnant. If your life feels stuck or things just aren’t going according to plan, you may just
find that smudging with sage solves the problem. To smudge a room, simply walk around the
room wafting smoke into each corner. If you've had an especially bad day you can even
smudge yourself. Simply light a sage wand and waft the scented smoke around your body or
step through it. Not only will this dispel any negativity clinging to your aura, it will lift your
spirit and ease your troubles.

Sweet Grass is also another popular smudging herb. A smudge with Sweet grass is a lovely
way to bring harmony and balance to the room. A Sweet Grass smudging is also a used to
bless or consecrate spiritual tools.

Herbs are powerful allies in the battle against harmful energy. Their energy can be easily
accessed through essential oils and incense sticks. Burning a stick of incense or a few drops of
essential oils in an aromatherapy burner is a good way to change the energy of a room. Oil of
Frankincense, Sage, Sweet Grass, Pine Resin, Juniper, Desert Mugwort, Rue, Yarrow, and
Marjoram are common oils used to cleanse a space.

Spell To Clear Your Home Of Bad Luck
In a large bowl, mix together: 1/2 cup each of dried rosemary, mint, and thyme as you chant,
“Herbs of luck with this brew, I charm this place, Your power true. Banish ill and in its place,
good fortune flows through this space. “
Sprinkle mixture across the floors. Leave over night. When you wake the next morning, sweep
it up. Then carry it out your door and burn it if you can. If not then bury it on the other side of
your property line.

Banish Negative Energy with Charcoal
Another tool that is handy for absorbing negative energy is Charcoal. Briquettes of charcoal
will absorb toxins and negative energy. Combining charcoal and sea salt is an effective way to
safely remove negative energy. When moving into a new home you can leave three briquettes
on a dish in the middle of a room before you move anything in. Leave overnight, then remove
and bury.

May the healing energy of the Universe keep you safe and grant you peace through this hectic
season. I hope you are able to experience the wonders of meditation. May you gain the ability
to tap into 'your well of inner peace' whenever you need to and connect with the state of
altered consciousness for inner work and psychic protection.
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