Natural Magick

The roots of Natural Magick reach all the way back before even the oldest religions when life was tied to the land and the seasons, and interacting with the natural world was integrated into every part of life. To stay alive one had to pay attention to the natural world.

Agrarian societies sprang up and founded doctrines that honored nature and respected the life-force that flowed through the land. Through observation, it was discovered that every herb, tree, stone, bird, and animal possessed an energy that could be tapped into and directed to shape or influence the workings of the universe. These observations laid the ground work for the modern spellcrafter, who today applies these findings to aligning like energies, mold them with intent, and release them to manifest what is willed.

Each tree, herb, bush, and flower, stone, rock, and crystal hold an energy that can be used in spellwork. A stone with a line that goes all the way around it is known as a wishing rock. A stone with a natural hole through it is known as a hagstone and can be worn for protection or used to see faeries. Crystals both hold and clear energy. While iron has long been used to ward off the unwanted attentions of nature spirits. A handful of rusty nails added to a witches' bottle is a popular talisman to keep evil energy away. An iron nail driven into the four corners of your property will deter thieves and unwanted guests. While an iron horseshoe when hung above the threshold will ward the doorway as it keeps good luck in the home.

Natural Magick is really all about is accessing the hidden powers of the human mind and finding the links that echo through the Universe. For when we align correspondences, raise energy, mold it with intent, and release this energy, we are tapping into the magickal workings of our Universe. Scott Cunningham once wrote, “Attuning and working with these energies in magick not only lends you the power to affect dramatic changes in your life, it also allows you to sense your own place in the larger scheme of Nature.” And while we might not understand exactly how it works, the simple knowing that it does is all we need to gain the results we desire.