Happy New Years!
New Year's Day dawns with a blast of auspicious energy, and like Yule, it holds the energy of the threshold making it a power time to
renew and remake your life into the life you desire. With the rebirth of the Sun God, the world is infused with hope. Now is the time for new
beginnings. It is a time to forgive, a time to abandon the things that did not serve in the old year, and to look ahead with hope, each of us
aspiring to be better, as we pay homage to the cycle of life. Sun ceremonies have special significants at this time, allowing the individual to
attune to the natural tides and sync their personal energy with all of nature. The simple act of quietly watching the sun descend or ascend
into the sky awakens a spiritual connection within us. Get up and watch the sun as it rises to light the day. Turn the act into a ritual by
singing the sun up into the sky, or by drumming, or dancing as you celebrate lights returns to the world.

Make your life sacred by incorporating ritual into your everyday life. It is through ritual we come to the something more that waits in the
small moments of our lives. By keeping an alter, lighting a morning candle, or whispering a morning prayer we incorporate ritual into the
fabric our lives. Start your day with in meditation. The small act of silently focusing on your breath as you visualize what you want to
accomplish during the day is a simple morning ritual fueled with the power to pull your awareness from the mundane and shift it to the
sacred. It is through these small daily rituals we are able to recalibrate our energy and connect with the Divine.

Clear Away the Stagnant
If you are feeling weighed down with the residual energy of the old year, employ the power of sage to clear it away. A good smudging will
waft away the negative energetic residue left from sickness, depression, or stress. Begin with a saltwater bath. Add a handful of salt to
your bathwater. Scent it with 5 drops of rose oil and 3 of the Laurel leaves. Immerse yourself in the water. Slip under the surface until you
are completely submerged. Let go of all of the negativity that is clinging to you and as you surface see it washing away. If you feel you
need to, dunk yourself completely under until you are free and your body, mind, aura and spirit are clear. When you step from the tub, leave
all the negativity behind to disappear down the drain. Next light a sage wand and smudge yourself by wafting smoke around and stepping
through it. But don't stop there. Clear the energy of your home or workspace by walking around the rooms with a lit sage bundle or wand
and wafting smoke into each corner. Sage and sweet grass are popular smudging herbs used for cleansing, balance and purification.
Smudging calls positive energy into a space while removing negative energy.

Embrace a New You
Take an honest look at your life. In your heart you know what is keeping you from being a better person, what habit is keeping you from
attaining your goal. Identify what it is that you want to change and stoke the desire to do the work to change it. It is through awareness
and ambition you can turn your energy to becoming the person you want to be. Start today. New Year's day holds the energy of the
threshold making it an auspicious time to renew and remake your life into the life you desire.

What is it you secretly call yourself? Are you a dancer, painter, writer, actress, cook? Make today a Me day and invest in your passion. It is
time to become the person you truly are. Today's energy is favorable for positive life change. Next time you have a free hour, instead
blinking at a glowing screen, do what you love!  Aspire to be whatever it is you call yourself. Are you a writer, a gardener, a quilter or a
cook? Then get creative! Embrace your passion as you do whatever it is that you love to do. Allow the act of creation to transform your life
from dull to inspired. Don't get mired in the concept, just begin where you are. If you have a garden, go dig in the dirt, weed, and deadhead
and be mindful as the experience washes through you, reconnecting you to nature and a way of life that is ancient and rich. If you are a
painter, spend some time in study as you plot out a new project. Allow yourself to hear the whispered inspirations of Divinity as your muse
comes to life.

The art of creation, of delving into an artistic endeavor connects us to our Divine spark, the god within us, the inner voice that is our direct
link to the vast well that is: knowledge, wisdom, love and inner peace. By engaging in the creation process, we not only connect with all
that is, but we shift from a passive existence to an active one providing a true experience that allows satisfaction at the completion of
something created, something formed, a goal attained. It is in this completion we find fulfillment and our lives once again gain meaning.

Greet the year by immersing yourself in nature
When was the last time you immersed yourself in nature and forged a connection with the natural world? When was the last morning you
greeted the day? When we align with the cosmic tides we become grounded in the turning of the seasons and are able to recognize and
understand our role in the workings of the Universe. Energy abounds in nature. Stepping outside acts as a catalyst to open ones senses
allowing the spirit to experience joy and gratitude as it opens a portal and allows contact with the something so much bigger. There is a
reason the pagan, the druid, the witch venerates nature. There is also a reason why these ancient nature-based systems of worship still
persist. One merely has to step outdoors to make a connection. Don't believe me? Step outside. Let your spirit quiet. Hug a tree. Open to
its gentle grounding energy. Sit with your back to its trunk and meditate. Try it. Just unplug and go outside. Find a comfortable place and
sit. Quiet your mind and allow yourself to come awake to the moment. Move your thoughts to what you can see, to what you can smell, and
to what you hear. Notice the creatures sharing the space. Marvel at the beauty all around you. Let your well of inner peace fill.

Nature holds a sacred restorative power. All we have to do to access it is to go outdoor, tune in and acknowledge the connection. Start by
going outside on a daily basis. By taking time out to tune in to nature, you will begin to notice and attune to natural patterns, cycles, and
changes. As you begin to spend time in nature you will gain insight and feel a connectedness. This year make it a priority to forge a
connection with the natural world. When we align with the cosmic tides we become grounded in the turning of the seasons and are able to
recognize and understand our role in the workings of the Universe. When was the last time you walked your block? Unplug and go outside.
Come awake to the present moment. Move your thoughts to what you can see, to what you can smell, and to what you hear. Notice the
creatures sharing the space. Marvel at the beauty all around you.

Live in the present
There is no moment in your life more important than the moment you are experiencing. If you allow yourself to be distracted, or let your life
become too busy, you will miss it all together. There will always be a million different things going on, the trick is to focus on where you are
in the moment, rather than worrying about what will be happening later or what was done earlier. When you focus on what’s happening
around are you, giving your attention to the people you are with and the things you are doing, you will find a satisfaction. Don't let the
hurry and worry of life take the magic out of your existence. We as a nation have forgotten the art of conscious living. Unplug and take a
conscious breath. This is your life you are missing. Put down that cell phone when you are out on your walk. Be present in the here and
now, and stop multitasking! If you are eating, then push away that paper, book, phone and take a conscious bite. Be present and enjoy the
flavor and texture of your food. Allow yourself to revel in the rich taste, to savor the decadent scent. Give your spouse your full attention
during your conversations and be there in that moment when you send your child off for school or play. When we shift our awareness back
to the things that matter, it honors and allows them to regain their importance in our lives and makes a way for the magical moments to
exist, the moments that make life worth living.

You can have the life you want. You can be the person you aspire to be. Use the auspicious energy today to make a pledge and then take
action to make it happen. Let the energy of the New Year bolster your spirit and aid your journey.
New Years and Good Luck
There are many traditions for drawing good luck into the
New Year. In Mexico there is a tradition to pour lentils,
beans, rice, cornmeal, and flour over a white candle before
dusting it with cinnamon. The candle is then lit and allowed
to burn out. The next morning the waxy mixture is then peel
from the plate and buried to ensure food is on the table in
the year ahead.

In Russia they take advantage of the auspicious energy
with a Champlain toast. It is customary to write a wish on a
small piece of paper. The paper is then placed on a fire-safe
dish and burned to ash. The ash is added to a glass of
Champlain and a toast is made before it is drunk down, ash
and all, encouraging the wish to manifest in the coming

In America, especially the American south it is customary to
brew up some good luck by mixing up a pot of black-eyed

Meditation for a Better You
You will need:
1 pen
1 white candle
Frankincense oil
Anoint the candle with Frankincense oil and light. Sit with the pen and paper in your lap
as you visualize becoming the person you wish to be. Look for  one thing that you can
remove that would bring you closer to this image. Now think of something to replace it
with that will bring you closer to being the person you wish to be. Write down what you
would like to remove. Cross a line through it and write what you want in its place. Sit
and visualize how you are going to feel as you make the change you have decided to
make. Visualize this in as much detail as you can. Next write down three actions that you
can do to make this happen. Close your eyes and see yourself successfully completing
these steps. When you are ready, blow out the candle.
Keep the paper somewhere that you can see it. Check off each action as you complete

Nothing says courage like the image of the lion. Bolster your own courage with this
Courageous Breath Spell.
You will need: Frankincense resin, or incense
If you do not have any incense, you may substitute with essential oil and a cotton ball
by dropping a few drops of oil on the cotton ball
In a quiet place where you will not be interrupted light the frankincense or hold the
cotton ball as you sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe in to the count of three,
hold for the count of three and then breathe out to the count of three. Breathe
consciously until you feel calm. When you have reached this point move your focus to
your toes and say,

"Courage I breathe you into my toes."
Breathe in the scent of frankincense. Next, move your attention to your feet and say,
"Courage I breathe you into my feet."
Continue moving your focus up your body saying,
"Courage I breathe you into my legs."
"Courage I breathe you into my hips."
Continue with,
"Courage I breathe you into my heart."
"Courage I breathe you into my throat."
"Courage I breathe you into my mind."
At this point, take a moment to sit quietly. After a moment conclude with,
"Courage you fill my spirit. I am unafraid!"

Honor your authentic self
Sometimes we are put into situations where our core values come
into question. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation
where you are suddenly unsure of yourself or situation, then employ
the power of the moon to  shore up your confidence and embrace
your most authentic self.

Free to be Me spell.
Look into a mirror and take three deep breaths before you say,
"I am free to be the wonderful me that I am.
Wherever I am, or wherever I go,
I will always be free to be me.
I am a special someone.
I am me and there is none like me and none that I'd rather be than
I will hold my truths close as I regard the world with an outlook of
for I am loved. I am loved. I Am Love.

Threshold days are known for their luck drawing ability. Take
advantage of this by working a
Lucky Charm Spell
You will need:
3 green candles
1 orange candle
A dish of ground ginger
A sage wand
a favorite piece of jewelry or a luck drawing stone (amber, citrine,
lodestone or red jasper work well)

Clear your space. Set out the ingredients. Take a cleansing bath with
sea salt to neutralize any negativity that might be clinging to you.
Then cast a circle. Light the green candles and call up the powers
you are working with.
Come to center and then light the sage. Pass your charm through the
smoke as you say,

"Divine powers hear my plea,
let good luck come to me,
let this charm hold your favor
that my new found luck shall not waver."

Hold the item you are going to charm in your strong hand as you
meditate. Visualize the charm filling with luck. See it bringing you
positive energy. Feel it thrumming with power. See it bringing you
the object you desire be it a new car, new house, or fun vacation.
Smile as you savor that feeling, take a deep breath and relax. Set
the stone on the table and sprinkle the ginger over it and the
candles as you say,
"Charm of wonder,
charm of might,
be the holder of my delight."
Repeat 4 times
“Good luck come to me on this day
With harm to none my luck does change.
So mote it be."
Thank and dismiss the energies.
Carry your charm with you. Hold in your strong hand and repeat the
“Good luck come to me on this day. With harm to none my
luck does change"
whenever you need some quick luck.
Twelfth Night is the 12th day of Christmas  
The belief that sacred trees held healing powers is found in almost every
culture and age. Trees were cared for and honored with sacrifice. In the
1600's, wassailing, a rite derived from an Anglo-Saxon drinking custom, was
preformed on Twelfth Night when a group bearing lit torches and mulled
drinks would go out into the orchards to ward off evil spirits and charm the
trees into bearing an abundant harvest. They would choose a tree, usually
the oldest in the orchard, and sing and dance around it, spiraling out,
spilling wassail at its feet. An offering of toast soaked in apple cider was
placed in the branches.

"Wassaile the trees, that they may beare
You many a Plum and many a Peare:
For more or lesse fruits they will bring,
As you do give them Wassailing." - Robert Herrick 1642

Staffs were rattled or drums were beaten to drive away spirits and raise
positive energy for the tree. This folk custom is gaining popularity with the
return of urban orchard. Trees are sung to and toasted to encourage them
to be fruitful as landowners everywhere are once again forming relationship
with their trees.    
wassailing the apple tree
magickal timing with the january moon
Black-eyed Peas
This recipe makes 8 servings

You will need:
1 package (16 ounces) dried black-eyed peas
1 fully cooked ham bone (preferably left over from
Christmas dinner with lots of meat still attached)
1 medium onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 chopped carrots
1 cup chopped celery
4 cups chicken broth
2 bay leaves
Season with salt and pepper
Directions: Rinse and sort black-eyed peas and soak overnight. The next morning, drain and rinse peas,
discarding liquid. In a dutch oven or large stock pot, sauté onions. Add garlic and toast for 3 minutes.
Add carrots and celery and sauté. Stir in peas, broth, and spices. Add ham bone and cover with water
(About 4 cups). Bring to a simmer. Reduce heat and cover. Cook for 3 or 4 hours until peas are tender.
You may also cook overnight in a slow cooker. Just soak beans in advance. Caramelize veggies and add
with the rest of the ingredients.
Here we come a-wassailing
among the leaves so green,
Here we come a-wandering so
fairly to be seen,
Now is winter-time strangers
travel far and near,
And we wish you, send you a
happy New Year.
Bud and blossom, bud and
blossom, bud and bloom and
So we may have plenty of cider
all next year;
Apples are in capfulls are in
bushel bags and all,
And there's cider running out of
every gutter hole.
New Year's Day is an especially auspicious time to channel energy into the life you want. Look at your habits. What is holding you back?
What is limiting your creativity? What is draining away your vitality? Look at your lifestyle and decide what you need to do to become more
of who it is you are supposed to be.

Is your diet harming your health? Change that now by recognizing the detrimental behavior and making a conscious choice to switch it to
a healthier one.

Is laziness making you inactive? Again this is merely a choice you make to change a harmful behavior for a healthful one.

Is self doubt limiting your creativity? Fear of your potential, non-action, or not having faith in your abilities has the power to hex yourself
worse than any enemy could. Self Doubt will undermine a positive person and send them spiraling into helplessness but combating it is
easy. When you feel yourself beginning a negative spiral, consciously cancel the negative thought with a positive one.