August 1 - Cross-quarter day, Earth festival, Fire festival

Lammas is a traditional day to bake a loaf of bread to honor the abundance of the season and leave a portion in offering. It is the first of the three autumn harvest festivals in the season of ripening followed by Mabon and Samhain.

  • August is also a month of harvest in the garden. While the type of harvest will vary by region, here in Oregon August brings a steady supply of tomatoes and squash. One of the best ways to use this overabundance is to slowly roast it with a bit of olive oil, a good sprinkle of salt, and an optional sprinkle of chili flakes in a 225 °F oven until the sugars caramelize and the natural flavors concentrate into a delectable yumminess.

After your neighbors stop accepting zucchini gifts a gardener has to get creative. I chop up a daily batch of fresh salsa and usually start the morning with a shredded zucchini-egg scramble.

Tomatoes have energy for love and prosperity while squash holds energy to attract prosperity, offer protection, and encourage wholeness of spirit and fruitfulness of the intuitive mind.

In Kitchen Witchery you will find several bread recipes one of which is a chocolate zucchini bread that despite being made with zucchini is still moist, sweet, and chocolaty.

Today I decided to make zucchini lasagna. When you are trying to limit your intake off gluten, zucchini offers a nice substitute.

zucchini lasagna

You will need:


spaghetti sauce

ricotta cheese



To begin slice your zucchini into lasagna noodle shapes

Layer your dish with zucchini. Place a layer of ricotta over the zucchini then top the cheese with another layer of zucchini slices. Cover it in sauce and top with mozzarella and parmesan.

If you have an oven you can bake this at 350 for 40 minutes.

I am still without so I cooked mine on high for 3 hours in my slow cooker.

It was delicious both hot and cold.