A simple way to add nutrition to your breakfast is by mixing up a seed mix of Chia, Flax, Hemp Seed and Cocoa Nibs to sprinkle over your morning cereals. This super powered blend will bolster your energy as it boosts your vitality while promoting healthy skin, a healthy heart, and stronger bones.

I’m sure you remember chia seeds as a child’s project sprouting on funny 'Cha-cha-chia' pottery but the tiny chia seed packs a whopping 10 grams of fiber in a 2-Tablespoon serving. They also contain antioxidants, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Flaxseed too is a nutritional powerhouse. Just two Tablespoons contain 6 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. Flaxseed is high in lignans, chemical compounds with high anticarcinogen properties that studies have shown reduce both breast and prostate cancers.

Hemp seed is rich in an easily digested protein with a whopping 10 grams in just 2 Tablespoons. Hemp seeds are also an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces to make an amazing joyful food loaded with the psychoactive feel-good chemical, anandamide, and the love chemical, phenylethylamine, which releases dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain.

Mix them together and you get a highly nutritious superfood to boost health and vitality and empower your immune system. Take a small jar and fill with equal amounts of chia, flax, hemp seeds, and cocoa nibs. Keep the seed mix within reach and add a spoon to a bowl of cereal, porridge, yogurt, or smoothie to enrich nutrient value and boost vitality. Mix one or two spoons into green drinks, top yogurt, or sprinkle over oatmeal. Add a spoonful to a glass of water and drink for an instant energy boost.

Seeds are associated with wholeness of the spirit and fruitfulness of the intuitive mind. Add to snacks to encourage spiritual enlightenment. Sprinkle a spoonful over meals to enhance vision and increase awareness. Use the seed mix in recipes for increase and fertility. Note: Always allow seeds to absorb liquid before you ingest them. Seeds like chia that have the ability to gel can cause health issues if they are not soaked before you eat them. It is important to first let them hydrate to soak in the liquid before you eat them or they might expand in the body and become a choking hazard or a blockage.

These chocolaty seed balls are brimming with energy as they are made with some of the world's most amazing superfoods.

Easy and Delicious Chocolaty Seed Treat

You will need:

2 cups almonds

20 medjool dates, pitted

1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

3 heaping Tablespoons of cocoa powder

1/4 cup chia seeds

2 Tablespoons cacao nibs

2 Tablespoons flaxseeds

2 Tablespoons hemp seeds

1 Tablespoon vanilla

1/ 2 cup coconut oil sea salt seed mix to finish

Grind almonds in a food processor. Add dates and coconut and process until they become a crumbly mixture. Add cocoa, seeds, vanilla, and coconut oil and process until a sticky dough forms. Roll into balls and press into seed mix to finish. Or press mixture into a parchment lined bread pan. Sprinkle top with coarse salt and refrigerate until firm. Cut into squares. Pop one into your mouth whenever you are in need of some energy, fortification, or just want a chocolaty treaty.