backyard garden witchery publishes july 8

My new book, Backyard Garden Witchery, is about to come out! It's being called a natural companion for Kitchen Witchery.

Like Kitchen Witchery this book is loaded with magickal information to enrich your daily practice. Featuring a huge list of correspondences and instructions to help you create your own unique outdoors sanctuary.

Create an enchanting garden for mindfulness and magick right in your own backyard. No matter what your skill level is, you'll find practical advice for building and maintaining a biodiverse space, as well as spiritual guidance for keeping it sacred and safe. Backyard Garden Witchery covers not only the ins and outs of dirt types, zones, and sun exposure, but also the energy of plants, regions, and land spirits. This beginner-friendly book makes it easy to develop your own living, breathing sanctuary for herbalism, meditation, spell work, divination, healing, or worship. Laurel Woodward's thoughtful instruction and enthusiasm for the outdoors can help you design a natural haven that feeds your sense of wonder and enhances your connection to the earth.

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Praise for Backyard Garden Witchery:

"I was delighted to delve into Laurel Woodward's Backyard Garden Witchery, as someone who is looking to improve my gardening, loves to cook and nerd out on botany—this book is a lovely collection of recipes, spells and folklore that will keep you reading and re-reading throughout your life! A perfect book for any Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, Gardener, or foodie!"

Dean Jones, podcaster and food writer for The Well-Seasoned Librarian podcast

"Whether you are a city dweller struggling to grow in your apartment, a beginning gardener and witch, or an experienced plant lover and practitioner, Backyard Garden Witchery will give you endless creative ways to reconnect and reinvent your relationship with nature. In this magical, poetic, and comprehensive guide on how you can craft and enjoy a garden in any environment, Laurel Woodward will inspire you to connect with the flow of energy in your own backyard like you never have before! This approachable, impressive, and artistic work will help anyone deepen their relationship with nature spirits in new, exciting, and engaging ways, and deserves a permanent spot on every green witch’s book shelf!"

Julia Halina Hadas, author of WitchCraft Cocktails & Moon, Magic, Mixology

"Backyard Garden Witchery is a delightful journey through an enchanted garden. Half love letter to the natural world, half tutorial for the novice or intermediate gardener, this book is an excellent resource for the budding green witch. Backyard Garden Witchery is chock full of information and ideas to inspire your own magickal garden. It features exercises and meditations for connecting to the spirits of the land, fauna, flora, and fungi around you. If you are longing to get your hands into the soil, this book is an excellent support for your journey into magickal gardening."

Irene Glasse, author of Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training

"Laurel Woodward has done it again! Another beautiful book weaving daily tasks into pure magic. If you loved her book, "Kitchen Witchery", I promise, you will love “Backyard Garden Witchery" just as much."

Raina Starr, Host/Producer of Desperate House Witches