Stones and
Their Magickal Properties
A portal for dimensional living
Liminal Landscapes
Magick is about energy. It is about finding links to the power that generates and maintains our universe. Through
spellwork a practitioner creates the right conditions to manifest their intent on the material plane by aligning
energies and releasing them to manifest the spoken will. Corresponding energies are directed with intent to gain
the desired effect. A particular stone may have magickal qualities of protection, or a certain planet may have a
particular elemental correspondence. The reason spellcasters apply these correspondences is to add focus and
direction for the energy manifested to pour into their intent. Working with corresponding energies, or the energetic
and metaphysical connections between objects, beings or concepts that are similar in nature to one's intent, it's a
way to direct and lend energy to the outcome. If you align all the components of a spell, or at least as many as
possible, so that they all related in some way, then in theory they should all be at the same vibratory level and
create a mold for the energy you raise to manifest your goal. When added to spell work, these energies not only
influence and enhance the spell, they make the outcome more predictable.

Stone – Magickal Correspondence

AGATE – Eloquence, love, healing, protection, strength, truth. Agate in all of its many forms is know to bestow the
gift of eloquence as it encourages truthfulness. It is associated with Mercury. It is known to restore energy to the
body and increase courage. Agates, especially banded agates, are good meditation stones.

AMAZONITE – Balances energy, harmony, and fosters Universal love. As it attracts money and luck it is often
called 'the gambler's stone'. Use to turn emotional grief into creativity.

AMBER – Protection. Will thwart hexes. Wear as a good luck amulet. Place on your altar to increase the
effectiveness of any spell. Amber beads are often combined with jet.

AMETHYST – Stone of spirituality and meditation. Helps to calm fears, reduce stress, dispel anger and negativity.
Relieves depression. Use to increase psychic ability or to enhance or remember dreams. Good for astral work.

APATITE - A chameleon stone. It comes in a variety of different shapes and colors. Its name means 'to deceive'. It
is used in shape shifting rituals.

AQUAMARINE – Promotes peace, happiness, love and joy. Soothes and calms emotions. Use in spells for harmony
or to stimulate creativity. Use for clarity, mental awareness and unblocking. Encourages spiritual insight and love.

AVENTURINE – Prosperity, abundance and fertility. Keep a piece on your desk or in your cash register to draw
business and increase finances. Carry a piece in your wallet to attract wealth and abundance. Wear to instill
optimism and the healing of old emotional wounds.

AZURITE – Use to promote harmony and for dream magick.

BERYL – Crystal gazing, intellect, scying. Beryl is a diviners stone. Its palest blue form is known as Aquamarine.

BIOTITE – (Black Mica) discernment and grounding. Helps one to see issues clearly and rationally. Encourages the
detoxification of the body.

BLOODSTONE – Courage, psychical strength, victory and protection. This stone is associated with Neptune. Use to
protect against drowning or overcome fear of water. Helpful in business and legal matters or regaining control over
one's life. Great for gaining fame or healing. Good for dragon magick. Place on altar to hide your workings from

BLACK ONYX – Protection. Defense against negativity. Protects against psychic attacks and hexing.

BLUE LACE AGATE – Peace, happiness, relaxation. Reduces stress and helps with restful sleep. Soothes headaches.

CALCITE – Energy amplifier, excellent for boosting magickal energy. But have care, this stone can also amplify

CARNELIAN – Intuitive talents, astral travel, sexual energy. Use to increase courage and overcome shyness.
Promotes self-confidence. Use to stimulate passion, sexual energy, courage, and initiative.

CAT'S EYE – Wealth, success, friendship, money.

CELESTITE – Excellent stone for dream recall and astral travel.

CHALCEDONY – Protection, wards against psychic attack and hexes. Use to banish fear, hysteria, depression and
sadness. Promotes peaceful and generous feelings. Wear to see past illusions or to overcome fear of the dark and
dispel night terrors.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Strength and balance. Promotes harmony and attunement to the Earth. Purifies one’s environment.

CHRYSOPRASE – Soothes heartache, loneliness. Balances emotions. Relieves depression and restores emotional

CITRINE –Good luck stone. Associated with the Sun and Leo. Has energy for: creativity, healing, increasing
physical energy, hope, and new beginnings. Increases self-esteem. Encourages warmth, joy, and optimism. Clears
thinking. Promotes inspiration. Will aid in efforts to prevent nightmares.

CLEAR QUARTZ – Amplifies psych abilities and magick in general. May substitute any stone in spellwork.

CORAL – Healing, hope, new beginnings. Use to attract love or increase affectionate feelings. Enhances self-
esteem, calms emotions. Increases physical energy. Often worn as an amulet of protection against the evil eye.
Hang above bed to banish nightmares.

DIAMOND – Purity, perfection, abundance, and inspiration. Give to deepen commitment and trust or for

EMERALD – Love, protection against violence, communication. Use to aid clairvoyance and divination or to promote
healing, growth and balance.

FERBERITE – (also called Wolframite) Strength, flexibility and flow. Use to eliminate control issues.

FIRE AGATE – ‘Spiritual Flame of Absolute Perfection.’ Protection, dispels fear. Assists in progression and
advancement. Use to reflect negative energy back to its source.

FLINT: Associated with fire. Good for cerimonial knifes. When worn becomes an effective protection amulet.

FLUORITE – Stability, order, discernment, and concentration. Clear thinking. Use to reduce anger or treat feelings
of desperation and depression. Strengthens all other stones. Helps one to understand and maintain ideals.

FUCHSITE – Enhances connection to nature spirits, Elementals and Devas. Use to channel information about herbal
medicine and preparing holistic remedies.

FULGERITS – (or fused silicates from lightning struck sand) Enhances communication. Intensifies concentration.

GARNET – Passion, courage, loyalty, devotion, love, stability and order. Use to deepen kindness or increases self-
esteem, courage and strength. Repels negative energy. Protects health. Give to lover to encourage faithfulness.

GEODES – Astral travel.

GREEN AVENTURINE – Healing stone, Good luck stone. Use to increases odds when taking a risk. Attracts money.

GREEN MOSS AGATE – A gardener’s stone. Enhances herbal properties. Good for money and happiness spells.

HEMATITE – Grounding stone with energy for healing, balances and energy flow. Associated with Mars but instead
of being warlike, stabilizes emotions. Absorbs and grounds negative energy. Helps with migraine headaches.  
Strongly protective agianst fey.

HERKIMER DIAMOND - Channels energy. Often used to tip wands and staffs to direct energy.

JADE – Prosperity, longevity, health , beauty, good fortune, fidelity, confidence and dragons. Associated with the
sea, Aphrodite, and Neptune. Use to increase life span. Good for wisdom, Attracts love. Useful for protection. A
great dream stone.

JASPER – Protection, awareness, insight, and grounding. Red jasper is good in love spells. Use to stir up passions.
Brown jasper is excellent for healing. Poppy jasper clears blockages that prevent energy from circulating through
the body.

JET – Protection, divination, Goddess energy

KUNZITE – Communication, love and peace. Protects and dissolves negativity. Excellent for meditation.

KYANITE – Tranquility, communication, and psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall. Aligns

LABRADORITE –Imagination, release inhibitions, self-confidence, communication with spirits. Increases inner
strength and courage. Helps draw success. Intuition and illumination. Opens the heart to receive love. Represents
the light of the Universe, extra-terrestrial energy.

LAPIS LAZULI –Protection, courage, opening psychic channels, psychic protection, love, peace of mind, knowledge,
wisdom, perfection and creative expression. Wonderful all around stone. Improves emotional, physical, spiritual
and psychic conditions. Relieves depression. Promotes peace. Wear to increase pychic abilities.

LEOPARDSKIN AGATE – Protection. Increases courage and strength. Good for healing.

LEPIDOLITE – (Lilac/purple/pink Mica) Stone of peace. Honesty, stability, hope, acceptance and surrender. Use to
encourage positive resolutions and proactive peaceful negotiations. Soothes anger, hate, and negativity. Assists in
change and transition. Facilitates astral travel.

LODESTONE – Lodestones are natural magnets associated with water. Use to attract: good luck, healing, money
and love. Set stone in olive oil on a moonlit windowsill to produce an anointing oil to draw good fortune.

MALACHITE – Good fortune, business success and money, transformation and spiritual development. Use to protect
against accidents. Clears the way to attain goals. Assocated with Venus. Can be used in love magick.

MICA – see Lepidolite (lilac) – Biotite (black) – Muscovite (Silver and Gold) Mica

MOLDAVITE – the extraterrestrial stone. Use to energize psychic talent, quicken spiritual evolution and open

MOONSTONE – Divination, psychic abilities, love, dream recall, intuition, clarity of thought. This is a stone of
rhythms, cycles, destiny and Lunar energy. Keep with tarot cards or runes to heighten powers. Use to enhance the
vividness of dreams. Has positive energy for working with nature spirits and the fey.

MOSS AGATE – Plant magick, new friends. Moss Agate is the gardener's stone it brings positive energy to any
gardening effort. It is close in chemical composition to agate and can be used to uncover deceptions.

MUSCOVITE (gold and silver mica) Integrity, clear thinking, mental stimulation, inspiration, problem solving. Use
to attune to the time stream of the future.

OBSIDIAN – Inner strength, protection, grounding, centering, scrying and past life regression. Is associated with
Hecate. When in glass form can be used as a magick mirror or a cerimonial blade. Gaze into it to see future
actions. Apache tears, or the nugget form, is worn to dispel negativity. Helps one to see needed change.

ONYX – Protection, grounding, self-control, and intuitive guidance, hope, endurance, acquiring knowledge. Use to
banish or absorb negative energy or break habits. Assists in the grieving process.

OPAL – Creativity, inspiration, and imagination. Use to encourage psychic ability, improve memory and visions, or
to attract love.

PEARL – Self-esteem, balance, love. Use to increase femininity or enhance happiness.

PERIDOT – Astral work, protection from nightmares, emotional healing, inspiration. Guards against illusions and
nightmares. Clams anger and nervousness. Banishes negative emotions. Promotes sleep.

PETRIFIED WOOD – Grounding, strength. Stone of transformation.

PYRITE – Intellect and memory, protection. Use to shields from negative energy. Symbolic of the sun

QUARTZ – (clear) One of the universal crystals. Clarity of consciousness. Spiritual communication. Use to clear
energy and re-align chakras.

QUARTZ – (smoky) Endurance, Use to hold problems until you are ready to deal with them.

RED JASPER – Love and passion. Use to increases courage and self-esteem. Eases pain of childbirth. One of the
good luck stones.

RHODONITE – promotes peace, happiness, joy and laughter. Attracts love. Helps promote balance.

ROSE QUARTZ – Love, happiness, friendship, fidelity and self healing. Known as the love stone, use to open the
heart chakra. Aids in self-love and to connecting to the love of the Universe.

RUBY – Love, nurturing, spirituality, protection, wealth and power. Use to stimulate the emotions, passion and
love or to open to divine love.

RUBY ZOISITE – Facilitates trance states and a connection to the divine. Good for facilitating communication with
angels and Divine Beings. Deepens an understanding of the esoteric and unseen.

RUTILATED QUARTZ – energy stone. Use to increases effectiveness of magick. Clears chakras. Magnifies positive
energy while dispelling all negative energy.

SAPPHIRE – Beauty, insight, protection, prosperity, wisdom. The sapphire is known for its longlasting protective
quailties. When worn grants insight and prophetic vision. Use to increase spiritual knowledge and connection with
the Divine. Star sapphires provide hope and clarity of purpose.

SCOLECITE - Communication. Use to facilitate communications with all sentient beings.

SERPENTINE – Joy, healing and rejuvenation. Use to strengthen body or enhance cellular growth.

SHIVA LINGAM – Nurture, fertility and sexual healing. Said to contain the loftiest vibration of all stones on Earth,
this is found in it sacred Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India’s seven holy sites. Use to purify your
space and environment.

SMOKY QUARTZ – Excellent grounding stone. Overcomes depression and other negative emotions. Helps to banish
negativity. Good scrying stone.

SODALITE – Courage, intellect, creativity, logic, efficiency, and truthfulness. Use for protection on journeys. Good
meditation stone. Promotes wisdom and spirituality. Enhances group communication. Encourages spirit contact.

SUGILITE – Spiritual love, perfection, inspiration, confidence. Alleviates destructive emotions.

SUNSTONE – Protection, success. Increases physical energy. Can increase sexual energy.

TIGER EYE – Optimism, insight, personal power, protection, balance, grounding, mediation and abundance.
Promotes wealth and aids in the start up of a new business. Use to build self-confidence and
encourage the freedom to follow your own path. Represents sun and earth.

TOPAZ – Money, love, healing, protection, success, true love, individuality, creativity, and joy.
(blue) Promotes peace, calms emotions. Dispels nightmares. Use in purification rites.

TOURMALINE – Inspiration, understanding, self-confidence, balancing, money, business success, friendship,
courage and astral travel.

TURQUOISE – Healing, protection, safe travel. Turquoise is a sky stone. Carry for protection when traveling. Use to
attract new friends and love. Good for money attraction spells.

UNAKITE - Has properties for beauty and hope. Unakite is a beautiful stone that is often carved into fetishes. It
can be worn to lift spirits. Use to uncover deception and bring what is hidden into the light.

ZEBRA AGATE – Compassion, strength, endurance and stamina. Use to enhance energy.

ZIRCON – Virtue, unification, continuity, and purity. Use to bring your virtuous nature back into balance with
Universal flow.
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