Raising Energy
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So you are going to cast a spell and you carefully plan, taking into account the moon's aspect, the day of
the week and even the hour. You assemble all of your items, take a cleansing bath and then follow all of
the steps adding the right oil as you light the right candle. Then you wait and wait but nothing happens.
Why? Because you forgot the most important component, you forgot to raise energy for your working.

Magick is focused energy shaped by will and aimed toward an intent. Working a spell is a lot like baking. In
both cases, there is a list of ingredients and a series of steps to perform to achieve a desired out come. In
spellwork the series of steps one works through are done with the hope of adding energy to be release
toward the desired goal. Energy flows through the universe, through all things. It flows through us. When
working a spell, corresponding energies are directed with intent to gain a desired effect. By choosing
suitable hours, days and phases of the moon, herbs and oils, candles and colors, one enlists an energy to
boost the success of the outcome. But like dough for bread that has not yet gone into the oven, a spell will
not manifest well unless energy is raised and released for the working.

So how do you raise and release energy?  Well you can center and bring to the work the energetic
connection to the earth and fire up your own personal energy, and/or enlisting energy from a divine source.

Personal energy is added through chanting, singing, drumming or dancing and meditation. Connecting this
energy with an emotion will give it the needed boost. That's right, you need to feel! Laugh or cry! Let joy or
love or hope fill your heart and build until the emotion washes over you as you dance and sing. Then you
speak your intent and release it to the universe. If you are dancing you can do this with a loud clap as you
thrust your hands to the sky.

The second technique involves enlisting energy from a spiritual source. Some people pray. Some call up the
elements, the Devas or invoke a god or goddess to lend their energy to your working.

Basics of working with earth energy.
The first step in working with energy is learning to quiet your mind and visualize the energy you are going to

In a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, ground yourself by visualizing roots slowly extending from
your root chakra. See them as they travel down through the soil. Feel them plunge down through the cool
soil, through the bedrock until they reach the cool pools of earth energy below.

Take a deep breath and as you slowly exhale see your roots sucking in the cool restoring energy as you draw
it up through your chakras. Let the energy fill you and when you have condensed as much of it as you can
into your solar plexus, channel it into your spell, via your arms, wand or athame.

Or if you prefer to work with the energy of Air: You can raise your arms to the air and visualize your fingers
growing longs and twiggy as it reaches to the lovely white light swirling around you. Or you can see the
light enveloping you as you breathe rhythmically (in to the count of 3, out to the count of 5)  With each
breath you take in, draw the energy through your crown chakra.  

Run the energy for 10 minutes or until you feel an alert and sparkley.

Whatever your method, you need to mean it. You need to brew up some intensity whether through
movement, meditation or passionate prayer. Don't forget to engage your emotions and when you release
the energy, feel it drain out of you as you direct it to rise to the heavens upon the smoke of the incense
burning at your altar.

Chanting is simple singing without music. Next time you are working a spell incorporate a chant that
supports your intent and sing it while you visualise your desired outcome. Let the emotion of your chant
carry you away as you engage your whole self. Let the chant build your emotions to the point that they spill
out into your work. Once it has crashed over of you, direct it to do your working.


I thank you for all that I have
All that I am
and all of the potential I have to be


I walk in the beauty way,
Dance upon the sacred path,
Always in step
With the rhythm of Mother Earth.


Herbal potion, cauldron brew,
now be charged with magick true.
With intent I speak this charm,
all be blessed and none be harmed.
Ever minding the law of three,
This is my will, so mote it be...

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