All Things Magickal
Magick is ancient. Its traditions are scattered throughout the present day in unconscious remnants from the act of blowing a dandelion, to
making a birthday wish. Our modern calendar has retained many magickal practices: celebrating the harvest, decorating a Christmas tree,
kissing under mistletoe, baking a Yule log, coloring Easter eggs. Even the practice of lighting candles in worship has pagan roots.

But just what is Magick and how does it work? Magick is the art of accessing the hidden powers of the human mind and finding the links
that echo through the Universe. For every spellcaster knows that there is a truth that is greater than he can see or comprehend, but that
by acting on that which he can understand he may perhaps influence other things associated with it. Magick is the focus of energy,
shaped by intent, and directed with will. Thoughts are energy and when we center and ground and link our thoughts with the energetic
energy of the earth then what we think, feel, and visualize embodies the energy giving it structure directing it to flow into the new form
our thought structure wills it to create. With thought we shape the energy. With our breath, our words, with our voices, with our
movements, we raise the energy and move it so that what we will feeds into the infinite possibilities that are listening. Part of this
becomes possible by living in harmony with the natural world and syncing our energy with its natural tides. To early people nature and its
resources equaled the source of life. They saw its transformative power as spirit. Through seasonal celebrations, they established bonds
linking their community to the land. From this relationship not only were their physical needs met, but their spiritual needs as well so
that they were able to build a culture that celebrated the activities of the flesh and the spirit not separate but fused together into
something visceral and real. The modern spellcaster still strives to connect to this natural energy following the natural progression of the
agriculture year as it falls into four quarters based on the movements of the sun at the solstices and equinoxes. Seasonal awareness,
awareness of the solstices and equinoxes and reflecting seasonal changes in our own personal practices, allows us to calibrate our energy
to the energies of the natural world. Celebrating these ancient rituals is a way to attune ourselves with the magical tides, to recognize
the rhythms of life, death and rebirth. Living in tune with the seasons is a way of living and working with nature to harmonize with the
world and to recognize that we are a part of it.
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