The art of manifesting

"Our life is a manifestation, and we can very well make that manifestation beautiful and meaningful and have a good influence.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I’m sure you’ve heard of the act of manifesting, but do you really know what it is? Manifesting is the process of conscious creation. It is the creation of the reality we live in by applying the universal law of attraction or, “what is within, is without.” Which means: what is first created inside the mind will eventually become an outward reality. We do this by desiring, defining our desires, working to make them a reality and allowing ourselves to accept the rewards. To practice manifesting one uses will, focus and intent to achieve a desired result.

So the same way discouragement can result in a sad and dejected outlook, facing life with a smile and responding to situations with love and kindness has the power to shift one’s reality into a positive existence for our reality is a direct creation of our thoughts and emotions. When one learns how to take control of the mind, he then gains power over his life. Author Neville Goddard wrote, ‘All that befalls a man—all that is done by him, all that comes from him—happens as a result of his state of consciousness.’

There are two types of people: happy people and unhappy people. Happiness is not a product of fame, fortune, achievement or material possessions but is the product of one’s own perception. That’s right, happy people are happy because they keep and maintain a positive outlook. Greek philosopher, Epictetus wrote “As you think, so you become… There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” Epictetus was one of the first to theorize that each of us have the power to create our own reality.

Your life is a projection of your thoughts and beliefs as it is through this perception that determines the way you experience your reality. So if you perceive things to be a certain way, then to you, they in fact become how you perceive them to be. If you perceive that your reality is tragic and that there is no hope for change then, for you, things truly become hopeless. If you perceive your life to be blessed and that each day brings abundance, then your life is a positive experience.

When one resolves to meditate on the good aspects of life, reality seems to shift and life becomes happy. Sure there are many external influences that one has no control over. There will always be trials to go through and sorrows to face. The trick here is that when an unkindness or an obstacle present, don’t let it disconnect you from the Divine. Instead have the fortitude to perceive it and deal with it but not get stuck on it. Staying tuned into the Divine acts as a grounding force allowing one to let go of worry as they lift their thoughts to the beauty that surrounds them, allowing for the escape of trouble as the mind finds peace. So don’t get mired down in the negative but lift your thoughts to higher things and smile!

So each one of us has the power to create the life we desire just by wanting it and believing that we can have it, this is the art of manifesting. To manifest, one uses will, focus and intent to achieve a desired result. We do this by desiring, defining our desires, working to make them a reality and allowing ourselves to accept the rewards as intent become an outward reality. Through positive thought and creative imagery we can change reality. Begin by simply imagining yourself in a positive situation with people responding positively toward you. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Through conscious awareness of our thoughts we are able to focus our experiences in the desired directions and create a positive, vibrant, radiant self/ life/ existence and it all begins by loving and accepting yourself knowing that you deserve the life you desire.

So step number one. Stop being a pessimist. If you truly want to manifest a positive life then you are going to have to shift your attitude and let go of fear and worry as you put your energy toward living life with a positive outlook. One of the keys behind manifesting is how we go about ‘seeing’ our world and our place in it. It is this act of seeing, or knowing, that creates reality. One easy way to actualize this attitude shift is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Facing life with a grateful heart goes a long way to help one hold on to that positive outlook. It’s hard to be angry or depressed when your energy is being used to rejoice in your blessings. So next time you go out into the world, look at the wonders all around you and rejoice. Allow your heart to swell with joy. Count your blessings. Be mindful of all of the potential you have to be. Give thanks for the abundance in your life.

Having an attitude of gratitude nourishes the soul and by cultivating a spirit of gratitude, we fill our inner well of peace. The simple act of being grateful can transform one into a happier person, and in turn will make others happy to be around you. So be thankful for everything. Be thankful for your job. Yes I know, sometimes we all hate our jobs, instead of dwelling on the muck, focus on the positive benefits you reap from it. Give thanks for your abilities and your chance to improve upon them. Be grateful for the challenges you must face. Deal with these challenges with a positive outlook and see how much quicker you conquer them. Allow yourself to marvel at your abilities and at how wonderful you feel in your accomplishments.

So now that you have taken control of your mind and changed out your negative thought processes for positive ones you can use the energy of the universe to remove barriers and create, or manifest whatever it is you want to create. We do this with by deciding what we want to change and then visualizing it to be how we want it to be. Don’t let your thoughts linger on the problem. Dwelling on the negative will only build and create more negative energy. Instead use positive thoughts and creative imagery to change reality by imagining the situation as you want it to be.

You can manifest anything. You have the energies of the Universe working with you to help you create whatever it is you desire. What would you like to change about your life or yourself? Want to lose 10 pounds? Get in shape? Do you want a better job? Do you want better health? Define your goal and then picture it as clearly as possible on the screen of your mind. See yourself in the reality you want. Hold this image as clearly in your mind as you can. To reinforce the image you can also draw the scene and tack it next to your desk so that you can look at it often and put energy into manifesting it. This is the process of sending positive energy into the universe and the more positive energy you send out, the more you will get back. Of course, as with anything you must also do the work on the physical plane. You won’t get your dream job if you don’t apply for the position, you won’t get in shape unless you exercise, you won’t lose 10 pounds unless you lay off the soda and chocolate cake. You won’t become a published author until you complete that manuscript…So define your goal, see yourself winning and then do the work required for it to become a reality.

Lastly, BELIEVE. Know that your desires are manifesting that the object is yours or will be yours. You are now practicing the process of conscious creation through defining your desires, working to make them a reality and allowing ourselves to accept the rewards.

Some Helpful Tips: So you have decided you are ready to change and you are going to attempt to send out some positive energy to manifest the life you desire:

1. Know exactly what it is that you want and write it out in a short phrase.

2. Have a clear, concise image of what you desire.

3. See yourself getting what you want.

4. Believe that it can be yours.

5. Do not let doubt or fear to sabotage your work. But instead hold tight to your dream keeping your insights positive and your heart filled with gratitude.

6. Do the necessary work on the physical plane to make your dream a reality.

Through the act of focusing intently on what the object you desire to manifest and doing everything in your power to make it so creates a channel for energy to take an idea conceived in one’s mind and transform it into an outward reality. To begin, simply hold a specific goal in your thoughts and keep out the distractions. Meditate as you focus on a life in which the object of your desire is a reality and open your heart to allow it to be. You have the ability within you to manifest your desires, to create the life you deserve but one of the keys of a successful manifestation is to allow yourself to have the object of your desires. That’s right, you have to feel that deserve it.

If you hold on to the false notion that what you desire can not or should not be yours then you are sabotaging your request. Not allowing yourself the happiness you long for will undermine your working. One way to allow a desire into your life is to smile when you think about it and feel good about your request. Feeling good about your request is a way to infuse it with positive energy needed for the working to manifest.

When you tell the Universe ‘I have a life filled with abundance.’ ‘I am in perfect health.’ ‘I am spiritually enlightened.’ ‘I have a wonderful and joyous life.’ The Universe responds by making it so. These statements set the Universe in motion and ensure that what you “have” in your mind is brought into reality in this physical realm. We first see it, or visualize it, then allow it to be. By allowing what you desire to be, the desire is able to manifest into reality. You can have the life you desire. With a little work, you can have the life of your dreams.