The Muses: Clio, Euterpe, and Thalia
-Eustache Le Sueur
Diana and Pomona at The
Peninsula Hotel, NY
on Wednesday, September 27 - the Full Harvest Moon enters Aries at
pm. Tonight at 9:07 (EST) there will be a partial lunar eclipse. A
lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into Earth's shadow, often
turning a blood red color. It will be visible to most people in the org.
The total lunar eclipse begins at 11:11 p.m. EST.
While Solar eclipse boost the power of workings, lunar eclipse often
make magick unpredictable. So if you choose to cast during this time,
be aware that what you seek, may not be what you get.

You make wish to spend the evening in meditation or work some
divination. In which case, brew up some mugwort tea. Mugwort
(Artemisia vulgaris) has long been known as a prophetic the herb that
enhances not only the third eye but also the ability to astral projection,
lucid dream and alter states of consciousness.

Psychic Dream Tea mix:
4 teaspoons of Rose petals
2 teaspoons Mugwort
2 teaspoons Peppermint
2 teaspoons Jasmine flowers
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon.
Use only one teaspoon to each cup of boiling water. Infuse for 8-10
minutes. Then strain out the herbs and sip. Drink before doing
divination or anytime you need a boost in your inner sight. Sip before
going to bed to produce psychic dreams. Be sure to write down your
dreams as soon as you wake.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication and
messages. Do you have a mystery to solve? Is there something you’ve
forgotten you need to remember? Enlist the aid of Snake to uncover
hidden knowledge. Petition him before you fall asleep to recover the
Snake Dream Spell
You will need: a snake (a drawing or carved stone will work if it can
comfortably fit under your pillow)
When you are tucked into bed, look at the snake and tell him what you
need him to find for you. Place him under your pillow and go to sleep.
As you wake hold tight to any dream you had, writing them down as
soon as you rise. Repeat the ritual until Snake has returned with your

Ask for a Lucrative Inspiration
When you need a fresh prospective or bright new idea enlist the power
of herbs. Stuff 2 Tablespoons dried basil, 2 Tablespoons Fenugreek,
and ¼ cup Chamomile to a sachet. Hold it to your lips and whisper
three time what you seek. Tuck the sachet into your pillow and keep
track of your dreams. Record them in as much detail as you can. Keep
your mind open as you reread your notes. Inspiration will be yours.

Mercury's fluency coupled with the warrior energy of Aries makes today
a day to ply your eloquence, to develop awareness, speed
communications, or influence others for career advancement or financial

Schedule a meeting between disputing parties to forge ahead. Mix up
some Negotiation Powder to cool hot-heads or calm feeling that have
been running high. This blends the energy of Rosemary and Sage to
make your voice heard.
Negotiation Powder
You will need: 2 Tablespoons of Rosemary
2 Tablespoons of Sage
1 Tablespoon of Sea Salt.
Measure out the ingredients and pulverize into a fine powder. Sprinkle
around the area, over the person you are negotiating with or if you
need to be discreet, tub into your hands and when you begin your
negotiations, touch the person with your powdered hands

Silver Tongue Communication Spell

Anoint a bright yellow candle with bay oil and say,

"I breathe in the energy of this moment to bless my tongue with
As it turns silver, I accept the bliss of easy communication.
My words fill with power.
My ideas excite and entice.
My thoughts win and create forging fondness of thought and
empowering action as bonds form and renew, bonds form and renew
and the bonds form and renew for the
good of all.
For the very best. So Mote it Be."

Career Advancement Spell

You will need: a gold candle,
3 red candles
1 orange candle
rose oil
5 Laurel leaves
1 rose thorn.
Another oil: Choose Borage to fortify your inner self
Clary Sage for healing
or Mugwort for stamina

To begin: Clean the room or space you will be working. Gather the
things you need. Then take a cleansing bath scented with rose oil and
3 Laurel leaves.

Quiet your mind with a meditation and when you have reached the
correct mental place, you are ready to ask for your heart's desire.
Simply anoint the candles with the oil of your choice. Then carve the
title you desire into both sides of it with the thorn. Set the gold candle
on 2 crossed Laurel leaves resting on a fire-safe surface and light.
Watch the flame as you concentrate on your heart's desire. With the
image fixed firmly in your mind and say,

“Goddess Luna,
mother of all love and light,
grant me this wish
I wish tonight.
A quest for synergy
to glow and shine,
infusing this spell
with your energy
most sublime.
(Now add exactly what you wish for)."

Repeat twice more

Meditate as you visualize yourself in whichever position you would like
to be in at present. Whether it be a new job, a promotion or for your
company to prosper. Then SEE yourself there - where you want to be.
Feel what you are doing as you talk to your boss or your staff, feel the
surroundings and address yourself with the title that you want or
whatever you want for your company. Continue to think about yourself
or your company as successful. Hold the visualization as long as
possible allowing the candle to fully burn out.
Harvest Moon
Autumn is in the air. You can feel it in the cool morning air, Darkness begins to fall sooner and the energy of the
Earth shifts from growing to harvest tide. In our gardens herbs, tomatoes, squash and corn are ready to eat.
Apples, pears, and peaches are ready for harvest.

Mabon is a harvest festival of thanksgiving. It is associated with grain and rebirth, gratitude and the turning of
the year. It is a magical night of balance carrying both joy and sorrow for the easy days of Summer are fading as
night once again comes into it power. Soon darkness will turn the world cold and life will once again sleep. This is
a time of transition, a night of power. The Earth is shifting and we can sense the change. It awakens and excites
the spirit.
As day and night find balance, find harmony within your own body with this Grounding Meditation. Grounding is
the act of ridding yourself of negativity energy by linking with the Earth and sending energy down into it. When
you ground you become centered. Being centered means remaining in your calm center amidst the busyness of
everyday life.

Mabon Meditation
To Begin: Close your eyes. Move your attention to your breath as you draw in a slow, deep inhalation. Draw your
breath in to lift your abdomen. Hold it for the count of three and then slowly let it out again. Feel your belly rise
and fall with your breath. With your next breath send your focus lower, down to your base Chakra, or your root.
Feel the Earth below you. Imagine your breath pushing down through your root chakra. Visualize tendrils of energy
growing out with your breath to push down through the floor and into the soil below. With your next breath,
breathe out all of the tension, anger or fear you are holding and let it go.
Breathe deep and draw the cool nurturing earth energy up your tendrils. Feel how it calms and revitalizes your
spirit. Breath as your draw the energy up into your chest. Let it charge you. Feel the magick stirring within you.
Enjoy the feeling for as long as you would like. When you are ready, take a deep breath and wiggle your fingers
and toes as you come back to yourself.

This year Mabon falls on Monday September 23. The Sun enters Libra at
4:21 am. The waxing moon enters Aquarius at 1:51 pm
Add these energies together: Monday - Moony, intuitive, with Libra's flair for cooperation and Aquarius abrupt,
rebellious flair and Mabon's ritual balance - and you get  a magical energy that will offer delight in any social
circle while granting an understanding of the mysterious, unseen and the uncharted. Tonight is the night to gather
together. Any cooperative work, be it magickal or merely social, will be blessed with an intuitive success. Wear or
carry a piece of Amber, a Cats-eye stone or Citrine to enhance the energy present.

If you seem to be stuck in the muck of life. Work this spell to flush out the old energy and usher in some new.
Spell To Clear Your Home Of Bad Luck
In a large bowl mix together 1/2 cup each of dried rosemary, mint and thyme as you chant,

"Herbs of luck with this brew, I charm this place,
Your power true.
Banish ill and in its place,
good fortune flows through this space.”

Sprinkle mixture across the floors and leave over night. When you wake the next morning, sweep it up. Then carry
it out your door and burn it if you can. If not then bury it on the other side of your property line.