Protection Magick
Who hasn't been the focus of negative energy, whether maligned in neighborhood gossip, the focus of a malicious
coworker, or victim the evil eye?

Nature offers a wide range of protective items that can be made into charms, carried in a pocket, bag or worn on a
string. Try: binding a small bundle of pine needles with natural twine; use any part of the dogwood plant (Cornus
Florida) or any part of a willow tree, or wear or carry stones with a natural hole through them. Green magic is an
age old tradition dating back to the ancients. In Green Magic, each tree, herb and flower not only is known for its
healing properties but also for its magical ones. The Oak is a protective tree. When Oak twigs are tied into
bundles and hung over doorways, evil is kept at bay. Acorns place on a windowsill will not only ward off illness
but will protect the home from lightening and floods. For home security plant an Ash tree at each corner of your
property. Plant fennel in your garden to will repel all evil spirits, Ivy to discourage unwanted guests and holly for
good luck.

Salt is a wonderful cleanser. To clean up after a negative event, add salt to your cleaning water and wash the
area down. You can also aspersing the area by adding salt to water and sprinkling the mix around the room's
perimeter. Another tool that is handy for absorbing negative energy is Charcoal. Briquettes of charcoal will absorb
toxins and negative energy. Combining charcoal and sea salt is an effective way to safely remove negative energy
from a room. When moving into a new home you can leave three briquettes on a dish in the middle of a room
before you move anything in. Leave overnight, then remove and bury.

Sage also can be used to dispel any negative residue that might be hanging around. Simply light and waft the
smoke around. Burning a stick of incense or a few drops of essential oils in an aromatherapy burner is a good way
to change the energy of a room. Oil of Frankincense, Sage, Sweet Grass, Pine Resin, Juniper, Desert Mugwort,
Rue, Yarrow, and Marjoram are common oils used to cleanse a space of negative energy.

Employing the magical correspondences of herbs in spellwork will not only give your spells a boost, herbal oils
offer a simple and basic form of protection magic. Simply add a few drops to bathwater or use as a perfume oil,  
anoint candles during spellwork, add a few drops to incense, charm bags or burn in an oil warmer or diffuser or
add to cleaning water.
Here is a list of some protection herbs and their uses:
Hyssop, Mistletoe, St. John's Wort, Mullein, Vervain, Soloman's Seal, Clover, Garlic, Comfrey, Hawthorn, Heather,
and Black Pepper can be used for general protection.
Rue, Angelica, Dragonsblood, Garlic and Heliotrope are great for banishing.
Bay Laurel, Coriander, Holly and Marjoram provides protection for the home.  
Betony helps to block negativity in a relationship.
Elecampane gets rid of hostile energy.
Burdock stops you from feeling bad about yourself or others.
Nettle Leaves and Yarrow protect against negative energy.
Pennyroyal protect you from the negativity of others.
Celandine helps against undue negative situations.
Rosemary works against negative energy in general.
Dill is great for protects babies against negative energy.
Hazel is used for protection during magic.
Lemon Verbena protects your dreams.
Juniper and Myrrh protect your possessions.
Thistle protects against thieves.
Mugwort offers protection while traveling.

Essential oils are available making herbal properties easy to utilize. Here are two formulas to try:
To break a run of bad luck or for removing blocks and obstacles in your lifepath add this uncrossing Oil to your
bath for 7 days. One part: Rose, Bay Laurel, Lavender, and Verbena. Each of these oils represents a specific
element needed for uncrossing: Rose is for love, Bay Laurel is for protection, Lavender adds calmness and
Verbena is to cleanse.

Need to break a Hex? Try this Unhexing Oil
1 part oils of : Hyssop, Angelica and Frankincense
A pinch of Sea Salt
A pinch of Black Pepper
A pinch of Cayenne Pepper
A sprig or Rue
A clove of fresh Garlic
A section of broken chain

Add the ingredients to a bottle filled with blended castor and jojoba oil. The crucial ingredients are the hyssop
and chain. Add the other ingredients as desired.

The time-honored belief in the magical protective powers of iron and steel goes back to antiquity. Iron has long
been used to ward off the unwanted attentions of nature spirits. A handful of rusty nails added to a witches'
bottle is a popular talisman to keep evil energy away from the home and its occupants. An iron nail driven into
the four corners of your property will keep thieves and unwanted guests away. While a horseshoe hung will keep
good luck in the home and an iron nail found near a railroad track brings good luck. Even A bent nail when carried
will offer protection.

The first step in working a spell is looking at the moon and setting a date. Consider the energies that are there to
plug into and make sure that the moon is transiting through a sign. The Moon spends a day or two each month in
each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting through can be used to good advantage
during spellwork. Void-of-Course Moon or v/c is the time the Moon is "between signs".  It is when the Moon moves
from the sign of Gemini, but has not yet moved into the sign of Cancer. Void-of-Course can last for a few minutes
or a couple of days. Spell working should be avoided when the moon is void of course as the energy is
unpredictable. V/C is a time of disruption when nothing works as expected. Knowing when the moon is void of
course will eliminate a lot of frustration and wasted effort.  

One of the reasons magick works is because it applies the law of attraction or the universal law which states that,
"what is within, is without." Which means: what is first created inside the mind will eventually become an
outward reality.

To Practice is applying the art of Manifesting or of conscious creation. We do this by desiring, defining our desires,
working to make them a reality and allowing ourselves to accept the rewards. Energy flows through the universe,
through all things, through us. To work a successful spell you must harness and shape this energy. In spellwork,
corresponding energies are directed with intent to gain the desired effect. There are suitable hours, days and
phases of the moon, herbs and oils, candles and color. Indeed there are many influences to consider for the
success of any spell.

Take a cleansing bath before you do any spellwork. I always add salt to the water (Salt is a purifier. And will not
only cleanse your skin, it will banish any negative energy that may be clinging to you) and an oil that
corresponded with my goal. Run your bath and light a white candle dressed with sweet orange oil.
Meditate a few moments before saying three times...
I enter the flow of All That Is
I am filled with loving kindness
All negativity is washed from me
As I breathe deep, my soul fills with peace
I am grateful for all that I am and all the potential I have to be
Thanks be to thee
So mote it be
Now go to the place you have prepared for your spell. Set out everything you need double checking that
everything is there because you can't stop in the middle to go get something you've forgotten.
When you have completed a spell, it is a good idea to bind it. This puts the finishing touches on it and is another
chance for you to be sure you have only good intentions behind your work. The spell binding I use most often
goes like this:

By all the power of three times three,
This spell bound
To work for the greatest good
To cause harm to none
As I will it, so it shall be!

Freeze those bad intentions
Here is a very simple spell to stop someone from causing trouble for you. It doesn't harm them physically or
emotionally, although it is an attempt to manipulate another's actions. You will need a freezer, a zip lock bag,
some water, a piece of paper and a pencil. Meditate if necessary on the actions the person is taking that you wish
to stop so that you can simplify it into a concise statement. You want it to be only one or two sentences long.
Write the person's name and your statement on the piece of paper with the pencil saying: "This slip of paper is
(name), and his/her actions against me. I hereby freeze (name) and bind him/her from causing me harm. As my
will so mote it be."

If the person is not known to you, use the following alternate wording and omit the name on the piece of paper.

"This slip of paper is the unknown one and their actions against me. I hereby freeze them and bind them from
causing me harm. As my will so mote it be."

Fold the paper into a compact shape and place the paper in the baggie. Fill the baggie with enough water to
submerge the paper. Place the water filled baggie in the freezer and freeze it solid. Keep it there until the
difficulty is resolved, then thaw and bury the paper in the earth, pouring the water on the ground and saying: "I
release you from the binding, on the understanding that you are not to harm me again. As my will so mote it be."