The Magick of May

The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
~ Eden Phillpotts
Beltane, celebrated on May 1, is a ritual celebrating the return to life of the natural world. The warming weather brought
much to celebrate for the ancients. Not only were they now able to leave the shelter of their homes where they had been
cooped up during the long dark cold winter months but the promise of abundance was all around them as the crops
sprouted in the fields and their animals bore young. Is it any wonder that Beltane is associated with fertility? With it
arose the May Queen, the May pole, flower festivals, bonfires and all around merrymaking. It was the night of the sacred
fire and embers carried from it would protect the home hearth through out the coming year. While agricultural societies
venerated the sprouting fields, hunter Societies ran in the woods and honored the fertility of the deer and elk that were to
be their food. Couples took to the woods reaffirming life in all of its glory and as a result many children were born the
following February.

Modern Beltane Rituals
Beltane, celebrated on May 1, is a fire festival. A bonfire was lit using the 9 sacred wood. Hearths were extinguished and
relit with embers of the Beltane fire, a protective power that would protect the home throughout the coming year. Couples
danced around it and jumped over hoping to catch its fertility. Cattle were driven through its smoke and the ashes were
scattered over fields. Ashes from your own Beltane fire hold these same energies and will boost workings for protection
and fertility. A handful of the cooled ash kept in a muslin bag can be worn to promote conception.

A Faery Blessing
Like on Samhain the veil between the worlds grows thin making this an opportune time to connect with the spirits of the
land, Nature, and the Faery folk. Traditional gifts of milk, cream, butter, cakes and even wine were offered. Glean your
own hopes for prosperity by appeasing the fey of your home or yard with an offering of honey, milk and flowers. Use a
special dish and set it out to win the blessings of gentle abundance for the coming season. Dispose of what is left the
following day.
Friday, May 1 - May Day/Beltane
Waxing Libra moon

Friday, May 6, New Taurus moon goes V/C 10:10 pm

Saturday, May 21, Full Scorpio moon goes V/C 7:40 am,
enters Sagittarius 2:48 pm
While May Day may be best known for its tradition of dancing around the maypole or
the crowning of the Queen of the May, in the late 20th century the giving of the May
basket was adopted. Small baskets of sweets or flowers were left anonymously on a
doorstep or tied to the door handle to brighten someone's day.

Start your own tradition by creating a May basket. They can be fancy or as simple as
you want them to be. If you are working with your children you can cut colorful pieces
of construction paper into strips and then have your children weaving together to form
a cone basket with a thicker stripe secured at the top for a handle. If you are
especially creative, you can use a Kleenex box to shape your weaving and then
decorate with a garland of paper flowers or weave your paper strips or lengths of
ribbon through a strawberry basket.

If weaving does not appeal to you, simply find a small attractive basket and decorate
it with ribbon. Fill your basket with candy, baked treats or flowers and leave
anonymously on a friend's, neighbor's, teacher's or loved one's doorstep. To keep it
safe from marauding animals, if the handle allows, you can also tie it to the door
A-tisket a-tasket
A green and yellow basket
I wrote a letter to my love
And on the way I dropped it
The New Taurus Moon
Friday, May 6, brings a New Taurus moon but you need to finish
early as the sign goes V/C at 10:10 pm
Friday's are powered by Venus, add the energy of the pleasure
loving bull and you get a day buzzing with nurturing energy to
lavish on your family, friends and self. Work spells for love,
prosperity, creativity, beauty and inner peace.

Work with the Sun for a
Cairn magick wish spell. A cairn is a
pile of rocks that have been laid, or stacked, with intention. Go
out for a walk. The spell can be worked alone or with a group. It
uses the energy of the stones to build a wish. All you do is go to
an area where there are stone to work with, pick one up and say
your intent to it before you lay it down. Do this over and over,
stacking the stones as you do.

When you find an existing cairn, it is customary to place a new
stone on top of a Cairn when you come upon one and say,
“Cuiridh mi clach air do charn” which means “I will put a stone
on your cairn” and is often done in memory of a love one who
has died.

Use the light of the moon to work this
Old Fashioned Apple
You will need: 1 apple
a small piece of paper
a pen
2 wood skewers
a ribbon (Pink for love, Red for attraction, Green for fertility)

Gather your things and meditate on your desire as the sun goes
down. When the sky is completely dark. Take your apple and cut
it across the middle exposing the natural pentagram made of
the seeds. On a small piece of paper write down whatever it is
you want to manifest (this is a fruit of love so if it is love you
want, you get double the energy)
Fold the paper and tuck it between the two halves. Then
reattach the halves by shoving the two wood skewers crosswise
into the apple so that they from an X and hold the halves
together. Now bind the apple with the ribbon and bury it where
it will not be disturbed.

You can make the spell more potent by using magickal ink that
you make yourself. Beetroot Ink (pink) is a natural ink that is
perfect for love spells as beets are a food of love.
All you need is the juice of 2 boiled Beets and 1 Tablespoon
ground Gum Arabic
Wash and trim the beats. Then toss the roots into a pot and boil
until tender. Remove from the liquid and cool. At this point the
beets are a byproduct and may be used however you would like.
Cool the colored liquid add the gum Arabic powder and mix until
smooth. And Voilà, your ink is ready to use. Just dip in a quill or
a fountain pen and write.
Full Moon in Scorpio
Saturday, May 21, Full Scorpio Moon goes V/C 7:40 am. Use the
night before to employ the loving energy of Venus with the intensity
of Scorpio or wait until the moon enters Sagittarius at 2:48 pm.
Saturday is ruled by Saturn the celestial body which influences
wisdom and our ability to excel at our studies and careers. Infuse
this with generous Sagittarius and you get a day to conquer
assignments and vanquish trials. Use this moon to experiment with
new techniques, plan a trip, or right a wrong.

Saturn Blessing
You will need: prosperity oil (the recipe is below)
a green candle
a sprig of Rosemary
a handful of Jasmine blossoms
a few drops of oil of Bergamot, Basil, Bayberry, Orange, Patchouli,
or Pine (These are money drawing herbs)

Prepare your space and gather your things, then take a cleansing
bath scented with a couple of drops of the money drawing herb of
your choice. Add the sprig of Rosemary and a handful of Jasmine
blossoms to the water. (Both Rosemary and Jasmine are known to
boost the energy of other herbs used in prosperity spells.)
After your bath, light your favorite incense and meditate quietly
until your mind is quiet and your heart is at peace.
When you a ready, anoint the green candle with the prosperity oil
and light as you say,

“I come here on the insightful day of Saturn, the ruler of time and
fortune, I light the flame of prosperity to signify what I seek.”

Close your eyes and meditate. In your mind’s eye, see what you
desire. Taylor the visualization to your desire and see it in as much
detail as you can. For example: If you are in sales, 'see' sales
closing and new leads materializing. If you own a shop then
visualize customers walking through your door. Visualize your shop
full. See a stack of receipts mounting as work is completed. If you
are a student, see yourself excelling at your work. If you are a
mother, see your family happy, see your cabinets full, see your
purse full of money.

Smile and say

“I feel your favor...prosperity descends upon me as you
bless me with your benevolence.
By your blessing, good luck flows into my life
good fortune is mine...I have plenty
prosperity flows into my home, into my life into my livelihood
and I am blessed. I am blessed. I am truly blessed.
With harm to none as I will it, so mote it be.”

Recipe for Prosperity Oil:
One part basil
One part spearmint
One quarter part cinnamon
Add oils to 1/8 cup base oil (Sweet almond oil, olive oil and coconut
oil work well)

*remember a spell alone will not bring you what you desire. You
must also do the work on the physical plane. And be careful what
you ask for. The universe is listening.
Make a May Day Basket