The Magick of May

The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
~ Eden Phillpotts
Beltane, celebrated on May 1, is a ritual celebrating the return to life of the natural world. The warming weather brought
much to celebrate for the ancients. Not only were they now able to leave the shelter of their homes where they had been
cooped up during the long dark cold winter months but the promise of abundance was all around them as the crops
sprouted in the fields and their animals bore young. Is it any wonder that Beltane is associated with fertility? With it arose
the May Queen, the May pole, flower festivals, bonfires and all around merrymaking.

Beltane was the night of the sacred fire. Hearths were extinguished and relit with embers of the Beltane fire, a protective
power that would protect the home throughout the coming year. Couples danced around it and jumped over hoping to catch
its fertility. Cattle were driven through its smoke and the ashes were scattered over fields. While agricultural societies
venerated the sprouting fields, hunter Societies ran in the woods and honored the fertility of the deer and elk that were to
be their food. Couples took to the woods reaffirming life in all of its glory and as a result many children were born the
following February.

Modern Beltane Rituals
Beltane, celebrated on May 1, is a fire festival. A bonfire is lit using the 9 sacred wood. Ashes from your own Beltane fire
hold these same energies as they did in the past. Embers carried from the sacred fire will protect the home hearth
throughout the coming year. Use the ash to boost workings for protection and fertility. A handful of the cooled ash kept in
a muslin bag can be worn to promote conception.

A Faery Blessing
Like on Samhain the veil between the worlds grows thin making this an opportune time to connect with the spirits of the
land, Nature, and the Faery folk. Glean your own hopes for prosperity by appeasing the fey of your home or yard with an
offering of honey, milk and flowers. Use a special dish and set it out to win the blessings of gentle abundance for the
coming season. Dispose of what is left the following day.
Monday, May 1 - May Day/Beltane
Wednesday, May 10,
Full Scorpio Moon goes V/C 5:42 pm

Thursday, May 25, New Moon enters Libra at 8:15 am
While May Day may be best known for its tradition of dancing around the maypole or the
crowning of the Queen of the May, in the late 20th century the giving of the May basket
was adopted. Small baskets of sweets or flowers were left anonymously on a doorstep
or tied to the door handle to brighten someone's day.

Start your own tradition by creating a May basket. They can be fancy or as simple as you
want them to be. If you are working with your children you can cut colorful pieces of
construction paper into strips and then have your children weaving together to form a
cone basket with a thicker stripe secured at the top for a handle. If you are especially
creative, you can use a Kleenex box to shape your weaving and then decorate it with a
garland of paper flowers or weave your paper strips or lengths of ribbon through a
strawberry basket.

If weaving does not appeal to you, simply find a small attractive basket and decorate it
with ribbon. Fill your basket with candy, baked treats or flowers and leave anonymously
on a friend's, neighbor's, teacher's or loved one's doorstep. To keep it safe from
marauding animals, if the handle allows, you can also tie it to the door handle.
A-tisket a-tasket
A green and yellow basket
I wrote a letter to my love
And on the way I dropped it
The New Libra Moon
Thursday, May 25, the New Moon enters Libra at 8:15 am. The New
Moon holds the power of beginnings. It is the time to plant seeds for what
we what to harvest at Full Moon. Libra is all about unions, cooperation,
social activities and partnership which make this morning auspicious for
spells to facilitate communication or to launch a project.

Sprouting Intentions Spell
This spell can be applied to any intention you wish to grow. It programs
your intention into the seed and sets it to grow with the life force.
Note: This spell requires daily monitoring so only begin when you have the
time to spend a few moments with it every day for up to six consecutive
You will need: A  large strainer
You will need:
A large strainer
A few colorful jelly jars
Plastic needlework canvas or a thin piece of cheese cloth to top each jar
a canning band (lid ring) if you are using canvas. A rubber band to hold the
cheese cloth securely in place
seeds of your choice
a lid to trace around for size
a marker
masking tape or jar labels
any symbol or image to tape to the jar to encourage your intention

Choose your seeds and rinse them well by putting them in a strainer and
running water over them.
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), Daikon Radish spouts, (Raphanus sativus),
Garden Cress (Lepidium sativum), Mung Beans (Vigna radiata,) and Beets
(Beta vulgaris) all make good choices. If you can't find any locally,
Mountain Rose Herbs has a great selection.

Place the rinsed seeds in a large bowl and cover with water in a ratio of 1
part seeds to 3 parts water. Allow to soak (With the exception of: cress,
arugula, chia, flax, and basil - do not soak these, only mist to keep moist.)
Soak small seeds 2-6 hours. Large seeds like peas, lentils, and grains need
6-12 hours.

Each seed contains a dorant plant. The soaking process wakes it so that it
begins to grow. This life force is brimming with potential and when imbued
with new moon energy awakens a visceral power that can fuel any
intention we set.

Set up your jars. The goal is to create lids that secure the seeds in the jar
while allowing for the water to drain out. You can use cheesecloth and
rubber bands, or plastic needlework canvas and the lid rings. Plastic
Needlework canvas is available at hobby and craft stores. It is cheap. It is
easy to work with as it can be cut to fit each jar. It comes in different
gauges to accommodate seed size and can be used repeatedly. It also
comes in a selection of colors to match to your working. The canvas is
ideal for sprouting because to allows a screened airflow to aid the seeds in
sprouting. It also makes rinsing easier and quicker.

If you are using needlework canvas, choose the right gauge for your seed
size. Take the marker and trace the lid. Cut the canvas out. Set the canvas
in your canning band. Fill jar with water and put the lid on the jar. Turn
upside down to, test whether it will stay in place and the water will drain

When the seeds have soaked, rinse them again. Drain and place wet seeds
in the jelly jar. Secure the top. If doing more than one jar, be sure to label
and affix any symbol or image you want to imbue your working. Shake out
the excess water. Secure the top and place jar on a shelf lit with indirect
sunlight. Rinse and drain 2 or 3 times each day with fresh cold water.
Invert the jar on angle to allow excess water to drain. When most of the
water is out. Try to get more out. Gently shake as you say,

"By the light of the moon,
by the light of the sun.
Awaken the life force now begun.
Set it to course,
set it to grow.
Set its power to rise and flow
to cultivate this intention
(say your intent)
May this or something better now manifest
for the greatest good."

Return to the shelf. Monitor closely. Seeds should begin to sprout in 3 to 6
days. When seeds have sprouted completely, remove from jar, rinse, seal
in plastic and refrigerate. Use in salads, sandwiches and other tasty ways.
You have just created a superfood brimming with life energy. When you
eat, remember your intention.  

Work with the Sun to bless a friend in need.
Candle Blessing for a Friend
You will need: 1 white candle
a rose's thorn
a photo of the person you are doing this working for (Or a personal item)
an anointing oil (rose, rosemary, frankincense, or vanilla are good choices)

Take the thorn and carve the person's full name onto the candle and anoint
with oil. Then place the candle on the photograph. Light the candle and
say,"*Name*, may you be blessed,
May all good things come to you,
May nothing cause you harm
May your heart be light
May your travels be safe
May your health be good
May your mind be sound
May your friendships be fruitful
May you be blessed in every way.
Allow to burn for a period of time before extinguishing.
Repeat for 7 days.

This is a kind but bold energy holds the power of persuasion. Funnel it into
a spell to positively bolster your position in the workspace.

Work Empowerment Spell
You will need: one Yellow candle and one Green candle
A sprig of fresh Tarragon - Tarragon is used for welcoming.
Six Bay leaves - The Bay has long been known as a symbol of
esteem and glory, of love and honor.
Nutmeg oil - for luck
A piece of Carnelian - to stimulate courage and initiative
An offering of milk and honey

Dress both candles with nutmeg oil. Place the six bay leaves on the candle
dish in a circle and set the yellow candle on them. Pull some of the leaves
from the tarragon sprig and strew over the candles. Set your circle and call
up the energies you are going to work with. Light your candle and when
you are ready say,

“I let go of my fear and embrace the abundance life has to offer as I
become the best that I can I open to the infinite
possibilities. I lift a thankful heart in acceptance.”

Meditate as you hold your stone. See yourself smiling as you speak to your
boss. See him/her leaning toward you, nodding as he/she listens. See
yourself succeeding. Have a clear, concise image of what you desire.
See yourself being that ____. See yourself getting what you want. Believe
that it can be yours.
Conclude by chanting three times:

“I open to the infinite possibilities as I lift a thankful heart in acceptance.
Blessed Be.”

Take your stone to work . Place on your desk and when it happens to catch
your eye run your fingers over it as you silently repeat the mantra. I open
to the infinite possibilities as I lift a thankful heart in acceptance.

If you struggling with a relationship, be it loved one, neighbor or coworker,
you can use the energy of this auspicious morning to brew up some
Harmony Now Powder
You will need:
3 drops of Rose Oil
5 drops of Sandalwood Oil
7 drops of Lavender Oil
A handful of talcum powder
1 tsp dried Chamomile Flowers
Combine the ingredients and as you mix them, hum or sing a happy tune
and visualize a warm light infusing the mix with magickal power as you
stir. Continue until you feel that it is suitably empowered. Dust over your
body, powder your hands or dust over an area whenever you need to
compel a more cooperative attitude.

You can make the spell more potent by using magickal ink that you make
yourself. Beetroot Ink (pink) is a natural ink that is perfect for love spells
as beets are a food of love.
All you need is the juice of 2 boiled Beets and 1 Tablespoon ground Gum
Wash and trim the beats. Then toss the roots into a pot and boil until
tender. Remove from the liquid and cool. At this point the beets are a
byproduct and may be used however you would like. Cool the colored liquid
add the gum Arabic powder and mix until smooth. And Voilà, your ink is
ready to use. Just dip in a quill or a fountain pen and write.
Full Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, May 10, the Full Scorpio Moon goes V/C at 5:42 pm.
Work in the morning or wait until Thursday afternoon when the moon
enters Sagittarius at 12:59 pm.

Intuition and inspiration are both enhanced when imbued with Scorpio
energy as it holds the power to cut through deception and see clearly
into the heart of a matter. Use the morning to cut through self doubt
or self deseptions and connect to the truth your innerself holds close.
Brew up some psychic tea:
You will need: 2 teaspoons Mugwort
2 teaspoons Peppermint
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
Use only one teaspoon to each cup of boiling water. Infuse for 8-10
minutes. Strain out the herbs and sip. Drink to boost meditation and
enhance inner sight.

Wednesday brims with the intense energy of the messenger God
Mercury. Under Scorpio's influence the energy becomes clear offering
sharp focuse that can cut through the muck to see right into the heart
of a matter.
Need to see the truth of a situation? Use this
Show Me Spell to see a
person's true intentions.

You will need: 1 rose (red or pink work the best)
1 white candle
1 yellow candle
1 orange candle
a personal belonging of the person in question (some hair, something
they wrote, piece of their clothing or a photo will work)
red string or yarn
a pen and a piece of paper

Write the person's full name on a piece of paper. Light your candles.
Take the rose, and wrap the name and the personal item around the
stem of the rose and tie with the red string or yarn. Meditate and
when you are centered, take the rose, and start pulling off the petals
from the outside in as you say,

"Reveal yourself!
Before my eyes your glamour falls away,
like these petals now fall on this day,
your own true heart revealed for all see.
So shall it be."

Pluck off each petal, repeating the rhyme. When a single petal
remains, open your mind and as you pluck the petal from the rose, say,

"so shall the truth shall be revealed."

Draw a deep breath and breath it out over the naked rose. Keep safe
until the spell has completed.
If you have been brooding over some big descion the energy today is
favorable for positive life change. Use this helpful spell when you must
make a choice between different paths.

Thursdays belong to benevolent Jupiter. Sagittarius energy is ruled
by Jupiter
. Merge these two aspects and you get a strong, generous
energy that favors expansion and growth. Use the day and night to
work spells for gererosity, prosperity, happiness or an sort of growth.   

A Positive Me
This is a lovely spell to get yourself back on track
Take a cleansing bath
Light a white candle dressed with sweet orange oil. Meditate a few
moments before saying three times...

I enter the flow of All That Is
I am filled with loving kindness
I forgive and release all negativity
as I draw the best to me
love and happiness will reign
In my house and in my name
Thanks be to thee
So mote it be

Meditate at least ten more minutes holding the picture of what you
want your life to be like. See yourself as you want to be.

Charge your
space with a positive vibe by giving it a good cleaning and
washing down the floors, baseboards and windowsills with an herbal
infused washwater.
Choose an
Herb for Blessing:
Chamomile: for calmness
Loosestrife: for harmony, peace and accord
Marjoram: to draw love, joy and healing
Rosemary: for blessing, protection and love
Sage: an herb of protection that is also used in wish magic
Tansy: love and happiness
an Herb for Prosperity:
Allspice: Prosperity and energy
Basil: to draw wealth, love and creativity
Bergamot: for successful ventures
Cinnamon: for success
Coriander: for good health and wealth
Nutmeg: to draw wealth and gain clarity of vision
Patchouli: for wealth, money and fertility

When you have finished washing off the muck and all of the residual
negitivity that has been clinging to the room, dispose of the left-over
wash water by throwing it out the front door or into the front yard,
toward the East, if possible to symbolically remove the negative
influences from your home and casts them outside.

If your are facing a situation and could use a bit of luck on your side,  
mix up a lucky potion and infuse it with the generous energy abundant
this day.
Bring Me Luck Oil
Add to 1/8 cup of your favorite carrier oil: 4 drops of patchouli oil, 2
drops of carnation oil, 2 drops of mimosa oil. Use to anoint candles in
any money, prosperity or spell to change one's luck.

Create your own luck talisman with this
Lucky Charm Spell
You will need: 3 green candles
1 orange candle
A dish of ground ginger
A sage wand
a charm (a piece of jewelry or a luck drawing stone (amber, citrine,
lodestones or red jasper work well)

Clear your space. Set out your ingredients. Take a cleansing bath.
Then cast a circle. Light the green candles and call up the powers you
are working with. (I call the four cardinal points for this one)

Light the sage and pass your charm through the smoke as you say,
"Divine powers hear my plea, let good luck come to me, let this charm
hold your favor that my new found luck shall not waver."

Hold the item you are going to charm in your strong hand as you
meditate. Visualize the charm filling with luck. See it bringing you
positive energy. Feel it thrumming with power. See it bringing you the
object you desire be it a new car, new house, or fun vacation. Smile as
you savor that feeling, take a deep breath and relax. Set the stone on
the table and sprinkle the ginger over it and the candles as you say,
"Charm of wonder, charm of might, be the holder of my delight."
Bow to rest your head on the floor. “By Earth, Air, Fire and Water this
charm is fixed."
Repeat 4 times
“Good luck comes to me with harm to none. My luck does change.
So mote it be."

Thank and dismiss the energies.
Make a May Day Basket