June 2017 Moon Magick
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The Summer Solstice
This year Litha, also known as the Summer Solstice, occurs (in the Northern Hemisphere) on Wednesday, June
21. The timing of the solstice depends on when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. The Sun
enters Cancer at 12:24 am. Later, the v/c moon enters Gemini at 6:44 pm. Gemini has a very open, social,
curious energy that inspires conversation, communication, unraveling mysteries of the Universe, and puzzling out
how things fit together. Cross this with the energy of the Messenger, Mercury and you get a wonderful, uplifting
evening to bring people together to share new ideas and to learn more about each other.

Litha or Summer Solstice is also know
n as: Alban Hefin, Sun Blessing, Gathering Day, Feill-Sheathain, Whit
Sunday, Whitsuntide, Vestalia, Thing-tide, St. John's Day, Litha is one of the ancient solar celebrations that early
agricultural societies marked as the high point of summer. This is the longest day of the year, the day the sun
reaches its zenith in the sky. On this day we celebrate light and the power of the sun for every day past this
point the sun begins to lose its strength. This is the hallmark for the turning of the wheel, a time to remember
that though now is the high-time of the year when nature revels in abundance, the wheel is turning, the season
shifting, as the time of light begins its decent into the season of cold and darkness.

Tonight we celebrate, for now is the time for dance, the time of joyous celebration, as we celebrate summer in
all of its fertility. Use this energy to empower yourself. Join in the celebrations of handfasting, weddings and
births. Spend time honoring the Nature spirits of your home and garden. All social gatherings should be a hit
when infused with the energy flowing through this magickal night.

Boost your working with a batch of
Litha (Midsummer) Oil
Mix 6 drops Lavender Oil
6 drops Rosemary Oil
6 drops Pine Oil
with 1/4 cup base oil (Sunflower, Sweet Almond or Jojoba work well)
Store in an airtight container. Burn in an oil burner or use to anoint tools and candles.
Even the charred embers from the Litha
bonfire possessed protective powers
Deities of the Month:
This month gets its name from the Roman
goddess Juno, goddess of marriage and
childbirth. It is good luck for those who wed this
summer to petition her for a blessing

Other Deities:
Vesta, goddess of the hearth
Pregnant goddesses
The Sun God
the Green Man
Wednesday, June 21 - Litha/ Summer
Solstice/ First Day of Summer
Moon enters 6:44 pm Gemini
Friday, June 9 Full Sagittarius Moon

Friday, June 23 New Moon enters
Cancer at 6:07 pm
June begins with a Full Sagittarius moon on Friday 9 to
boosts the imagination. Fridays are fueled by the
passionate Venus. Combines these forces and you get a
day brimming with energy to infuse that dream you've got
simmering on the back burner. What is it you secretly call
yourself? Are you a dancer, painter, writer, actress, cook?
Make today a Me day and invest in your passion. It is
time to become the person you truly are.

Are you longing for that special someone? Use the energy
to day to
Grant Me A Love that's True
You will need:
4 Candles (Pink or Red)
Rose oil
1 rose thorn
1 rose
Take the thorn and carve a heart into each candle. Anoint
the candles with the oil and set at each of the compass
Hold the rose and visualize what you want.
When you have a firm hold on what it is you want to
manifest, go to the North, pluck a petal from the rose and
“Guardians of the North, grant me this desire; The
love of one of who will be a companion true.”
Place the
petal at the base of the candle.
Turn to the East. Pluck a petal from the rose and say,
“Guardians of the East, Grant me this wish; The love of
one who offers both friendship and affection.”
Place the
petal at the base of the candle.
Turn to the South. Pluck a petal from the bottom of the
rose. Set the petal at the base of the Candle and say,
Guardians of the South, Grant me this wish; the love of
one whose heart and mind are true.”
Go to the West. Pluck a petal from the bottom of the
rose. Set the petal at the base of the Candle and say,
“Guardians of the West, grant me this wish, that I will
see and understand when the one I long for presents in
my life. Blessed Be. Blessed be. Blessed be."
Keep the rose. Set in a place of honor and whenever it
catches you eye whisper. "Blessed be” to send your wish
again, out into the Universe.

Do you have a situation that needs some motherly love?
Use today's energy to brew up some
Harmony Now
You will need:
3 drops of Rose Oil
5 drops of Sandalwood Oil
7 drops of Lavender Oil
A handful of talcum powder
1 tsp dried Chamomile Flowers
Combine the ingredients and as you mix them, hum or
sing a happy tune and visualize a warm light infusing the
mix with magickal power as you stir. Continue until you
feel that it is suitably empowered. Use whenever you
need to invoke some harmony.
Friday, June 23 the New Moon enters Cancer at 6:07
Work with the passion of Venus and the nurturing
energy of Cancer to add sweetness to your life.

The Sweet Life Spell
You will need:
one candle -choose a color appropriate for your working
one anointing oil - appropriate for your working
And a sweet substance:
Honey is a potent substance
used to attract good fortune, fertility, and love.
Chocolate is a delightful food to attract prosperity and
Maple Syrup brings love and/or money.
Nutella which mixes the potency of Hazelnuts (for
wisdom,inspiration and luck) with chocolate's ability to
attract money.
Dates bring energy to support expansion and growth.
Choose one.
To begin: Clean the room or space you will be working.
Gather the things you need.
Take a cleansing bath scented with rose oil and 3 Laurel
leaves. Immerse yourself in the water. Slip under the
surface until you are completely submerged. Let go of
all of the negativity that is clinging to you and as you
surface see it washing away. If you feel you need to,
dunk yourself completely under until you are free and
your body, mind, aura and spirit are clear. When you
step from the tub, leave all the negativity behind to
disappear down the drain. Dry with a clean towel and go
in to set your sacred space.

Set your circle. Anoint your chosen candle with your
chosen oil and light. Call whatever powers you are going
to work with.
Now breathe deeply and quiet your mind. When you
have reached the correct mental place, you are ready to
ask for your heart's desire.

Use your fingers or a spoon and begin to eat the sweet
stuff. And say,
"Of the Powers, I ask this favor, add
sweetness that I may savor. To my life such sweet
delights be granted me with eat bite of this sweet
Take another bite and savor the flavor. Delight in its
taste as you roll it on your tongue.
"Sweetness within become sweetness without. By your
power and your favor, my life is infused with sweetness.
I am blessed."
Take another bite and smile. Let happiness fill you as
eat, "Sweetness within become sweetness without. By
your power and your favor, my life is infused with
sweetness. I am blessed."
Take another bite and feel the sweet energy infuse
throughout your body and your life.
"Sweetness within
become sweetness without. By your power and your
favor, my life is infused with sweetness. I am blessed."
Continue until your treat is gone.
Full Sagittarius moon
New Moon
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