∞ As Above so Below ∞
Liminal Landscapes are the magical places in our lives that exist in between the tick-tock of everyday living and the luscious
places of dreaming. It is in this between, or threshold, where we find the inspiration to meld the two. This space, although
hopefully inspirational, is meant to be a practical one and we hope you can walk away and apply something that you've
learned as we resurrect earth knowledge that many have lost along the way. For we come together to share knowledge and
skills, to aid the seeker so that they may enhance their own talents and ways of living, a community of seers, energy
workers, visionaries, practitioners of the ancient arts, women and men of the earth, moon, and stars who share cosmic
knowledge so that we may each live our gifts and help one another expand and enjoy the time we are here.

Our commitment is that yes, we individually can change the world, because we can change our own, even a thought, a shift,
can change the axis from which you enter your world, and these small places of joyful living can change the world. So get in
touch and share what you know.
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