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To Cast a Circle
There are several steps to a successful spell:

1. Decide what kind of spell you want to work and figure out exactly what you need. Make a list and gather
up your supplies. Chart the energies and write a spell that will be complimented by the energy available in
the universe that day. There are suitable hours, days and phases of the moon, herbs and oils, candles and
colors to consider when writing your spell. Indeed there are many influences to  consider for the success of
any spell. These are called

For best result use an energy list.
Energy list:
Moon phase and aspect. (You can find this on our
moon v/c page)
The day of the week (Each day is imbued with its own energy click here for a list)
and the hour you will be working in (Also available at the link above).

Creating an energy list will allow you to take into account any interesting astrological energies that might be
at play. The more corresponding energies you have, the more effective your spell. For example a spell for
prosperity would be most effective if it were cast during a waxing Taurus moon as Taurus is the zodiac sign
of money, material goods, and physical resources, on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday as these days are ruled
by Jupiter, Venus and the Sun.

2. Clean and prepare the area where you will be working. You can wipe it down, sweep it and even smudge
it. The point here is to rid the area of any negative energies, and anything else that is unwanted that might
be present.

3. Prepare yourself. Take a ritual bath reflecting the kind of work you are about to do.
Check out this page for
a list of magical bathsalts.

4. Carry everything you need to your space and again take stock. No reason to ruin a ritual because you
forgot a candle or the matches...

5. Cast your circle. We cast a circle not only to contain the energy raised in spellwork but also, to manifest a
sacred space between the world and to provide protection from any curious attention we might draw as only
the energy invited may enter. Many people do this many different ways. You can draw a circle with chalk or
lay a cord to create a physical boundary. You can set a circle with salt or you can even use your finger
pointed downward to trace your circle as you walk clockwise round, some go round once while others walk
the circle three times. If you are fighting something or laying protection work, 'setting a circle in salt round 3
times' can be a powerful aid.

Go to the compass point where you will begin. For some it is the North, for others the East. Get into your
meditative state. Tap into the energy all around you. Pull the energy into your body. Focus this energy into
your casting tool. Point it to the ground as you walk the circle clockwise, pushing the energy out from your
hand, through the tool and onto the ground where it points. Remember, you are not creating this energy, but
focusing and directing and visualizing it. Do what feels right to you. It might be blue or white or gold. It
doesn't matter. The important thing is creating the visualization and holding it firm as you cast your circle

If you need protection you can pour salt as you walk the circle saying, "I set a circle in salt, lest nothing
harmful enter."

If using an athame you may chant:

Three times round I trace my blade
that this circle now be made
Sacred now the space within
between the worlds yet safe here in
Through this sphere negativity can not cross
Only positive energies are allowed across.

Charge me oh Goddess with the power I need to work this spell
Blessed be
So mote it be.

6. Invoke the elements

7. Invoke any Deities you are going to work with

Perform the spell

9. Thank the deities

10. Dismiss the elements
When you have finished your circle work you must release all the energy including the energies you invoked.
Don't forget to send them back to where they came from. You don't want a random element lolling about.
Simply thank the element for lending its strength to your circle and direct it to return from which it came.

You can do this with a 'hail and farewell' directed at each compass point or you may address each one.
''Guardians of the Earth, Powers of the North, Thank you for lending your energy to the work being done, hail
and farewell". Or even 'Return from where you came, Hail and farewell."  Put out the candle that represented
the northern element and move on to the next.

11. Open the circle

The Circle is open but Unbroken
Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

Here is an example taken from Scott Cunningham's Wicca:
Face east. Set down stones starting with North and moving deosil.
Light the candles. Set incense to smoking.
Touch athamé to water. Visualize the banishment of negativity and say:
I consecrate and cleanse this water
That it may be purified and fit to
Dwell within this sacred circle of stones
In the name of the mother goddess and father god
I consecrate this water.
Touch athamé to salt and say:
I consecrate and cleanse this salt
That it may be purified and fit to
Dwell within this sacred circle of stones
In the name of the mother goddess and father god
I consecrate this salt
Face north. Hold athamé out at waist level. Walk deosil around the circle perimeter charging it with your
energy and words:
Here is the boundary of the circle of stones
Naught but love shall enter in and
Naught but love shall emerge from within
Charge this by your powers, old ones.
As you walk, stretch the energy into a sphere around area above and below ground.

When you are once again north, place athamé on altar and take up salt and sprinkle it around circle. Next
censer, the southern red candle, and finally water. The circle is now sealed.

Call and visualize the brown North, blue East, crimson South, and green West.
O, Spirit of the [direction] Stone,
Ancient one of the [element]
I call upon you to attend this circle
Charge this by your powers, old ones.
The circle is complete.
To release the quarters, walk widdershins around the circle, starting North
Farewell, Spirit of the [direction] Stone
I give thee my thanks for your attendance here
Go in power.
The Circle is open, but unbroken.