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The Elements of the Spell
There are several steps to a successful spell: First the energies of the moon, day and hour must be considered.
Writing a successful spell takes research in which the energies at work are aligned with the energies of herbs, oils
and colored candles to work toward a desired outcome. A banishing spell or a hex breaking spell would be much more
suited to being cast on a Saturday during a waning moon than a prosperity spell. Because the energies available can
be applied to the working. These energies are called correspondences. Everything has a correspondence. Every moon
aspect, day, hour, colors, herbs and oils has its own energy signature. When writing a spell these influences or
correspondences must be consider if your working is to be a success.

Only when you understand the true nature of the energy within you and around you, will you able to make real magic.
So consider the energies present: Moon phase and aspect + the day of the week and the hour the spell will be cast.

1.  Write your spell aligning as many energies as possible.

2. Clean and prepare the area where you will be working.

3. Prepare yourself. Take a
ritual bath  as you reflect on the work you are about to do.

4. Carry everything you need to your space and again take stock. No reason to ruin a ritual because you forgot a
candle or the matches...

5. Cast your circle

Invoke the elements

7. Invoke any Deities you are going to work with

Perform the spell

9. Raise the energy to infuse your spell

10. Direct and release the energy you have raised

11. Thank the deities

12. Dismiss the elements

13. Open the circle

To Cast a Circle

Casting a circle can be very simple or it can be as elaborate and wordy as you want to make it. It's up to you. You are
creating this sacred space, a place between the worlds where you are going to commune with Deity.
Your circle keeps unwanted energy from intruding while holding the energy you raise until you are ready to direct and
release it.

You can use the phrase, “Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground."

Or perhaps, "Three times round I trace my blade
that this circle now be made
creating now a sacred place
standing between both time and space
at the edge a barrier is well laid
granting only positive energies way
While guarding against all that is negative
lest no darkness enter in."

To Open the Circle

The Circle is open but Unbroken
Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.
March Moon Magic