Books For Your Magickal Library
This page was created after we received multiple requests for book recommendations. Now while 'the best
practical guide to magick' may be a bit subjective, after looking at the newest batch of published material we
came to understand that finding good information can be daunting. Let's face it, there is a  deluge of
information out there. While some of it is spot on, other titles contain utter bunk. A trip to the bookstore,
whether physical or digital, will prove that there are now many books on magick making it more difficult to find
a book that will grant the information you are looking for and fit your needs. So often a bookstore find that on
first inspection seems brilliant, later proves to be filled with fluff, or just a tired rehash of techniques, and how
many different correspondence tables do you really need?

After so many inquires, we put our heads together and came up with a list of practical material both for the
beginner and the more advanced practitioner. Here are our favorite guides for walking the wild path, books that
are sure to ramp up your magickal workings and provide the information most often sought. Below is a list of
magickal volumes from our personal libraries that we go back to time and time again.

HOUSE MAGIC: The Good Witch's Guide To Bringing Grace To Your Space
by Ariana

This is not a typical look at magick but if you are forging your own path, taking bits from various traditions, you
may find this book helpful. Ariana mixes Feng Shui, witchcraft and astrology bringing them together in her own
version of a magickal lifestyle. She instructs how to use the different bits to activate positive energy in our
homes and lives.
In a casual, chatty style, Ariana "demonstrates ... how to activate positive energy flow into your home, and
therefore, into your life" by using feng shui, candles, gemstones, smudging, and rituals to create a harmonious

Two for the beginner from Scott Cunningham:
The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews (Llewellyn's Practical Magick)
This easy to understand guide is loaded with recipes to create your own incense, oils, tinctures, inks and

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. A comprehensive guide to the magickal correspondence of
more than 400 herbs, each complete with image, folk name, herbal lore, correspondences, and magickal uses.

The Witches' Datebook This Llewellyn Reference is a necessary guide for anyone practising moon magic. The
practical calendar follows the moon's aspect to help you keep track of daily correspondences and the moon's

Two from  Starhawk
The Earth Path
Fans and followers of Starhawk (The Spiral Dance; etc.), a founding member of the Reclaiming Tradition of
Witchcraft, will welcome her latest offering. Well organized, each chapter contains reminiscences of personal
and group experiences, exercises and suggestions for prayer and ritual. Many of her tenets apply not only to
those interested in the practice of Wicca but to readers seeking a better understanding of the world around
them: "Once we have learned to hear, then we can begin to understand. And only after we understand do we
begin to speak, to intervene." Yet she astutely cautions: "To change a drum rhythm in a group of drummers,
you first have to match it and join with it. But when you are within a system, part of the whole, that system is
also changing you. It is difficult to maintain your own rhythm and not simply become part of what you are
trying to change." Starhawk presents an array of exercises and practices for sharpening observation and
listening skills. She engages readers' spirits and minds through her illustrative storytelling, offering ways to
communicate more fully with the world and suggesting ways to act. While those unfamiliar with her passion for
protest may find themselves distracted by the all-too-frequent appearance of her political soapbox, they will
appreciate her tools for connecting with nature.

Dreaming the Dark
Dreaming the Dark is [Starhawk's] best book; it offers myths of fulfillment, rituals of healing, an unusual but
perhaps ultimately pragmatic cultural perspective, and a vision for survival and growth. --The Bloomsbury

"This book is the story of a journey, its author's movement from a place of despair to one of action. . . . It is
ultimately a message of hope and optimism, for Starhawk shares not only a vision but tools for personal
empowerment, the building of community, and the transformation of culture. . . . A thought-provoking book
that is a pleasure to read." --Carol Haber, New Directions for Women

"Reading this book is in itself transformational. . . . You're sure to come away from [Starhawk's] work richer,
deeper, and more truly informed." --Pam Pacelli, New Age

"These are recipes for real change, filled with humor and good sense, protected with safeguards against the
reassertion of our old habits of using power and against the temptations to overload and burnout." --Judith S.
Harrow, Association for Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

"A marvelously empowering and energizing book." --Aunt Edna's Reading List

The Magickal Life
by Vivianne Crowley

A comprehensive guide that combines the ancient spiritual wisdom of magic and contemporary self-help
techniques such as meditation, yoga, and positive thinking. Perfect for novices and seasoned practitioners
alike, The Magickal Life illustrates how magic can help you lead a more successful and satisfying life and see
the world as full of endless possibilities.

Listening to the Oracle: The Ancient Art of Finding Guidance in the Signs and Symbols All Around Us
by Dianne Skafte

Oracles--wise messengers that help steer our lives--come to us from sources such as dreams, divination,
patterns in nature, chance words overheard in a crowd, and inspired wisdom-speakers. Ancient peoples revered
oracles as communications from the sacred life maxtrix. But in modern times, we need a little help attuning to
the signs and wonders all around us.

Dr. Skafte rekindles our oracular knowing by exploring oracle traditions from many time periods and applying
their wisdom to our own lives. Topics include: Preparing to receive oracles; The arts of divination, Sibyls; The
oracle of Delphi; The shadow side of oracles; and Communications from animals and nature. Discussions are
based on extensive historical research. The book contains over 400 indexed citations. Every chapter contains
useful exercises and practices.

The ancient oracles haven't stopped speaking, Skafte says. We've just forgotten how to listen. But they warmly
await our return.

Go on a journey with Omar W. Rosales in
Elemental Shaman,One Man's Journey Into the Heart of Humanity,
Spirituality & Ecology. Oman follows his dreams on a spiritual quest that takes him across four continents to
shaman, priests, ghosts, legends, and mountain deities. This inspiring true story chronicles one man's search
for the truth behind the  healing practices of four shamanistic traditions: Toltec, Cherokee, Maya, and Buddhist.
This book made me wonder why I have not gone on a quest of my own.

Old Farmer's Almanac is America’s best-selling annual publication is also the most beloved. A reference book
that reads like a magazine, the Almanac contains “everything under the Sun, including the Moon”—facts,
feature articles, and advice that are “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor.”

The Un-Spell Book: Energy Essentials for Mastering Magick
by Mya Om

Why would a Witch who practices magick write something called The Un-Spell Book? To help other magickal
people understand that the spellcaster is the true source of magickal power, not fancy props or elaborate
rituals. The exercises and techniques in this one of a kind guide will help you understand and master the
essentials behind all successful magick—your own focus, will, and energy.

Instant Magick Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft
by Christopher Penczak

What if you could practice magick anytime, without the use of ceremonial spells, altars, or magickal tools?
Items such as candles, special ingredients, and exotic symbols are necessary to perform many types of magick,
but these items aren't always feasible, attainable, or even available. The purest form of magick-tapping into
your own energetic awareness to create change-is accessible simply through the power of your will.

Popular author Christopher Penczak explains how to weave natural energies into every facet of life by inspiring
readers to explore their own individual willpower. This  book features personalized techniques used to weed out
any unwanted, unhealthy, or unnecessary desires to find a true, balanced magickal being. Penczak's innovative,
modern spellcasting techniques utilize meditation, visualization, words, and intent in any situation, at any
time. The results can seem instantaneous, and the potential limitless.
Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Magick/Shamanism Book

Faery Craft Weave the Enchanted Realm of Faeries into Your Life
by Emily Carding

Working with the Faery realm is not about escaping from reality—it is about engaging with it on every level.
Prepare to embark on a spiritual journey unlike anything you’ve ever known! Faery Craft is a comprehensive
guide to the modern Faery lifestyle and an essential handbook to human-faerie relations. Brimming with
practical and spiritual advice, you’ll discover how to use Faery magick, create altars, and find a Faery ally. Learn
about proper etiquette, find your unique gifts, use the Faery zodiac, explore Faery festivals around the globe,
and much more.

Craft of the Wild Witch, Poppy Palin
Wild Witchcraft is a magical, free-spirited philosophy that embraces nature.  It resonates with those who yearn
to express their inherent spirituality in a joyous, meaningful manner; who sense their wild heart and soul
nature; who know there is beauty, magic, and meaning in the world if only we want to find it. It is a magical
path for those with poetry in their souls.

Evocative and compelling, Craft of the Wild Witch reveals how to practice a form of Witchcraft that is both wild
and free. Within these pages you will discover the wild Witch's way of seeing and knowing, how to discern
one's suitability for the wild Witch's path, and the fundamental themes of green spirituality.

Pure Magic - a complete course in spellcasting
by Judika Illes

Pure Magic is a practical crash course for anyone who's ever envied TV witches. Or women who always seem to
get the job, apartment, or date they want. Or people who can make their dreams come true. Judika Illes has
written a spellcasting primer in down-to-earth language.

The Real Witches Craft
by Kate West

A bestseller in the United Kingdom, this trusted guide to magic is for modern Witches who wish to hone their
spellworking skills. No shortcuts or gimmicks here—instead, West explores the fine points of real spellcraft,
illustrated with stories from her own life. Chapter by chapter, you get seasoned practical guidance and time-
proven exercises for building the skills crucial for practicing powerful, effective magic.

Work with the five elements • Raise and direct energy • Craft spells
Visualize magical intent • Create power • Work on the astral plane
Draw down the Moon and Sun • Use magical timing • Invoke Deities
Keep a Book of Shadows • Fix spells that go wrong

The Goddess Is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch
by Deborah Blake

From the hearth to the altar, make magic in every moment. Being a Witch isn't limited to casting a spell under
the full moon or consecrating a ritual circle. Whether you're calling the Goddess or doing the dishes, your
wonderfully witchy ways are woven into everything you do.

With her signature down-to-earth wisdom and warmth, Deborah Blake takes you into the heart of what it
means to be a Witch all day, every day. Filled to the brim with practical suggestions, Pagan and Wicca spells,
and helpful advice, this essential book brings to light all facets of a modern Witch's life: The seven core beliefs
of Witches, mindful eating and health, creating sacred space at home, relationships with non-Pagans, sex and
the single Witch, raising Pagan children, solitary and coven practice, Pagan ritual, and green living.

Pagan Every Day: Finding the Extraordinary in Our Ordinary Lives
by Barbara Ardinger

Barbara Ardinger teaches us that a contemporary spiritual experience can show up in some of the most
unexpected places- such as The Muppet Show and Dirty Dancing. Clearly Pagan Every Day is not your ordinary
goddess-a-day or spell recipe book! Rather than writing about the usual sabbat rituals and offering the
standard goddess-speak, Ardinger offers 366 (365 plus one to grow on) literate and witty entries on various
topics that provoke readers with new ideas and new ways of exploring paganism as a spiritual practice.
Included are the holy days of other cultures, pagan elements in literature, lessons from history, famous
pagans, and popular culture and paganism. Ardinger teaches us to look for undercurrents of esoterica not only
in witch movies or fantasy -television, but in the mainstream culture. Take February 2- reflect on the movie
Groundhog Day and how it symbolizes karma and reincarnation. Intertwined are some more traditional pagan
beliefs, with a contemporary twist. On August 17, Ardinger retells the familiar story of Odin and his search for
runes and transforms it into a shamanic journey for each of us to find our own runes. Jane Goodall, Judy
Chicago, John Donne, Miss Piggy, Harry Potter, the Ghosts of all those Christmases, Mary Magdalene, not to
mention Saturn, Diana, Sonnenwenda, Adonis, Aphrodite- they all have their places in Pagan Every Day. Pagan
Every Day offers good reminders that every day offers something ordinary and luminous at the same time.

HedgeWitch: Spells, Crafts & Rituals For Natural Magick
by Silver Ravenwolf

Transform your life with a little help from nature! Working in harmony with the earth's energy is the heart of
the free-spirited, simple garden magick known as HedgeWitchery. This guidebook from the immensely popular
Silver RavenWolf has everything a new HedgeWitch needs to connect in a personal way with nature's creative,
life-affirming energy and use it in magick and spellwork.

HedgeWitch features a fourteen-lesson, hands-on guide that you complete at your own pace, interacting with
different aspects of nature in simple yet life-changing ways. The fourteen rituals, which can be done alone or
with a group, culminate in an inspiring dedication ceremony.

Along with a wealth of helpful hints on using HedgeWitch magick for love, health, and beauty, this guide
presents tips and recipes for soap making, tea-leaf reading, butterfly garden magick, organically growing your
own herbs, and a variety of other ways to use HedgeWitchery in your hearth, home, and garden.

Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and
Animal Spirit Helpers Kindle Edition
by Steven Farmer

Animal Spirit Guides, Dr. Farmer provides concise, relevant details about the significance of more than 200
animals that may come to you in physical or symbolic form as guides and teachers. With each animal listed,
you’ll find general meanings of the visitation; practical ways that they can help you as spirit guides; and how,
as your power animal, they reflect characteristics that you possess. You’ll also find a “whom-to-call-on” section
that will tell you which animal spirit guide to call on for any specific purpose.
House Magic

Books can be dangerous.  The best ones should be labeled "This could change your life."  
~Helen Exley
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Real Witches Craft
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Godess in the Details
Animal Spirit Guides
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