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Full Libra moon on Tuesday, April 11
goes v/c 2:19 pm
enters Scorpio at 6:42 pm

New Taurus Moon Tuesday, April 26
Spring is returning to the natural world. Warmth returns with the
stretching of the daylight hours and life wakes. We feel the shift in
the seasonal tide. Our bodies and spirit begin their shift even
before our minds come aware. This month as the world renews,
open your heart and embrace the transition to a better, improved
new you.

The wheel of the year has turned moving us from the Cleansing
Tide into the Growing Tide bringing expansion. With this tide
comes an infusion of energy sparking new ideas and new
relationships as it fosters progress and success making April a
month of beginnings. Use this energy to create. Infuse all your
work with its power with the focus of your intent. Now is the time
to manifest whatever it is you want right now. Fix it in your mind
and intent as you: make dinner, jog the block, clean your home.
Just think of it as a message you are sending out into the Universe
as you go about your work.
Liminal Landscapes
Timing with the April Moon
Sunday, April 1 - April Fool's Day
Sunday, April 16 -  Easter
Wednesday, April 22 - Earth Day
Friday, April 28 - Arbor Day
New Taurus Moon Tuesday, April 26 Taurus is a steady,
reliable energy known as a builder that offers us a positive
boost to roll up our sleeves and get the job done. Tuesday
brims with the passion of Mars and when these two energies
merge you get a day brimming with energy to spark new

New Beginnings spell
You will need: 1 green candle (substitution: brown)
a handful of seeds (any flower, vegetable, fruit or herb will
work just do some research to align your desires with the
seed's magical energies)
1 eggshell
1 piece of parchment or paper
1 garden trowel

Gather your ingredients, prepare your space and take a
cleansing bath. Return to your spell place and light your
candle. Meditate until you have come to center. Set the paper
before the candle and place the seeds upon the paper. Say,
"Life and death, start to end,
new beginnings, be my friend.”
Crumb the eggshell over the seed.
As these tiny seeds grow tall and strong,
good fortune flows into my life all the day long.
For that which is, and that which shall be,
as your blessings shower upon me.
As I say, so mote it be!"."
Carry the paper with the seeds, outside to a place suited for
their growth. Dig a small hole with your garden spade and
place the seeds in the hole. Cover with dirt and mind the
seeds to help them grow knowing that as they prosper so shall

The structured Earthy energy of the Capricorn Moon can be
used to master organization and gel plans.
Cairn magick wish spell.
A cairn is a pile of rocks that have been laid, or stacked, with
intention. Go out for a walk. The spell can be worked alone or
with a group. It uses the energy of the stones to build a wish.
All you do is go to an area where there are stone to work with,
pick one up and say your intent to it before you lay it down.
Do this over and over, stacking the stones as you do.

When you find an existing cairn, it is customary to place a new
stone on top of a Cairn when you come upon one and say,
“Cuiridh mi clach air do charn” which means “I will put a stone
on your cairn” and is often done in memory of a love one who
has died.
A practitioner of Natural Magick works with the energies of the
changing tides of the cosmos, or the tides of the year that shift
at the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The Growing Tide          from the Vernal Equinox to Midsummer   
(March - June)

The Harvesting Tide      from Midsummer to the Autumn Equinox
(June - September)

The Resting Tide            from the Autumn Equinox to Yule
(September - Yule)

The Cleansing Tide       between Midwinter and the Vernal
(December - March)
The Full Libra moon on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 goes V/C at 2:19
but don't fret. The three day cycle of this April's full moon begins
Monday, April 10. Monday is Moon day, a day of intuition, healing
and psychic awareness. Libra is all about cooperation, social
activities and partnership..Put these energies together and you get
an awesome day or night to work spells for love, friendship,
partnerships, peace, and fairness.
Need some help on the relationship front? Take advantage of the
energy present by working to mend a friendship or gel a partnership.
Brew up some Harmony Now Powder to encourage friendship or end

Harmony Now Powder
You will need:
:3 drops of Rose Oil
5 drops of Sandalwood Oil
7 drops of Lavender Oil
A handful of talcum powder
1 tsp dried Chamomile Flowers
Combine the ingredients and as you mix them, hum or sing a happy
tune and visualize a warm light infusing the mix with magickal power
as you stir. Continue until you feel that it is suitably empowered.
Use whenever you need to invoke some harmony.

The night brims with the courageous warrior energy of Mars on
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 as the moon enters Scorpio at 6:42 pm
Under Scorpio's influence the energy becomes clear offering sharp
focus that can cut through the muck to see right into the heart of a

Need to see the truth of a situation? Use this
Show Me Spell to see
a person's true intentions.

You will need: 1 rose (red or pink work the best)
1 white candle
1 yellow candle
1 orange candle
a personal belonging of the person in question (some hair,
something they wrote, piece of their clothing or a photo will work)
red string or yarn
a pen and a piece of paper

Write the person's full name on a piece of paper. Light your candles.
Take the rose, and wrap the name and the personal item around the
stem of the rose and tie with the red string or yarn. Meditate and
when you are centered, take the rose, and start pulling off the petals
from the outside in as you say,

"Reveal yourself!
Before my eyes your glamour falls away,
like these petals now fall on this day,
your own true heart revealed for all see.
So shall it be."

Pluck off each petal, repeating the rhyme. When a single petal
remains, open your mind and as you pluck the petal from the rose,

"so shall the truth shall be revealed."

Draw a deep breath and breath it out over the naked rose. Keep safe
until the spell has completed.
If you have been brooding over some big decision the energy today
is favorable for positive life change. Use this helpful spell when you
must make a choice between different paths.

Right Decision Spell
You will need:
1 yellow candle
oil of Basil
A piece of notebook paper for each option
(write one possible choice on the header of each page)
1 blue pen
1 black pen

Anoint the candle. Ground and center and light the candle.
"By your power and by my right,
grant me the gift of clear sight
to see the value and know the truth
so my feet find the path that's true."

On the first paper, take the blue pen and list all of the positive
results the decision most likely will bring.
When you have listed them all, turn it over and with the black pen
list all of the possible negative results on the back.

Do this for each options. Fold each page twice in half and meditate
on the options. When you are ready repeat, "By your guidance let me
see the path that is best for me."
Put the papers away until the next Full Moon then read again and
make your decision.
The April Full Moon
April New Moon