A portal for dimensional living
The wheel of the year has turned moving us from the Cleansing
Tide into the Growing Tide. With this tide comes an infusion of
energy sparking new ideas and new relationships as it fosters
progress and success making April a month of beginnings. Use this
mighty energy to create. Infuse all your work in its power. Now is
the time to manifest the life you desire.

Honor your Temple
Does your day begin with a cup of coffee and end with a cold beer?
Cleaning up your diet can make you feel like a whole new you. By
improving your diet you can maximize your abilities, improve the
way you feel and add years to your life. Your body is a vehicle and
like any vehicle it works better if properly maintained. By refining
your diet, having good sleeping habits and incorporating exercise
into your routine you will slough off the mire holding your spirit
down, and instead, allow it to sing. This doesn't mean stop eating
and join a gym. Start small, don't make it hard. Take out one
unproductive thing and add one positive thing and by the end of
the month you will be a new you. So ditch the chemicals for
nutrients. Substitute water for soda. Eliminate fast food and
processed snacks, and instead eat fresh fruits and lots of leafy
vegetables. By changing the small things, you will change the big
things and suddenly have a whole new lifestyle. Remember a
small step today will result in big changes in your future.

Next, get out and move those muscles. Exercise is a great way to
squeezed out the stress from a long, intense work day. Through
the act of exercise the body can heighten its functions as the mind
releases the residual negativities left from a stressful
environment. One great way to exercise is by simply walking.
Trade an hour in front of the television for an hour walk. By
getting off the couch and going out into the world for an evening
walk not only are we working our muscles, we are allowing for
Spirit to commune with nature. So go outside and open your heart
and give thanks for the beauty you encounter. The natural world is
an amazing place.

Remember the saying, Cleanliness is next to godliness? This not
only refers to good personal hygiene but also to the place in which
we reside. If our body is a vehicle for the Divine then surly our
home is a temple, so throw out that clutter and clean. Start by
choosing a room you like to spend most of your time in. Then look
around. Look at the clutter. Do you really need all this junk? Sort
it into piles to be recycled, donated and stored then process it.
Next clean. Keep in mind you are transforming the space into a
personal sanctuary, a place to recharge and renew. Through
intentionally transforming your home into a sacred space, you are
inviting the sacred into your everyday life.

French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “You are not a
human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual
being immersed in a human experience.”  Indeed we are here on
this plane of existence, on a human journey, all of us caught up in
different cycles of our lives as we work through life lessons until
the lesson is learned and a new cycle begins recreating us into the
person we were meant to become. The speed of your evolution is
up to you. Don’t be that impatient customer heckling the clerk.
Don’t be the driver honking their horn. Take one day at a time and
live consciously, kindly treating those who cross your path. Start
small. Take on a new practice. Empower yourself. Transform your
routine into a fulfilling, sacred life.

Try it with everything you do. Fix your intention in your mind and
intent as you: make dinner, jog the block, clean your home, weed
your garden. Make this a magickal month to remember.
Liminal Landscapes
April ends with a call for environmental awareness calling for us
to make eco-friendly changes
Happy Earth Day! April 22
Today we raise our voices to inspire others as we stand up for
the land, the creatures, and the places we hold dear. Today we
raise awareness of the importance of adopting a conscious way
of living and the importance of being mindful, every day in very
simple ways, to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle knowing that the
responsibility is ours alone and that each and every one of us
can make a huge impact on our environment.

Together we have the power. Together we can preserve this
planet, protect the environment and the well-being of future
generations. This world is a beautiful place. Let’s work together
to keep it that way.

Last Friday in April is dedicated to encouraging care for trees.
Make environmentally -friendly changes in their homes and
communities, to foster awareness, stewardship and
responsibility in their everyday lifestyles.”

Plant a Tree in Honor of a Loved One and what better day to
do this than on,
April 27th, Arbor Day.  The last Friday of  April
is reserved for Arbor Day a day set aside to plant a tree and
celebrate the healing powers of Nature.

Trees help the environment and improve air quality by
producing oxygen as they remove carbon dioxide. Trees provide
beauty and offer protection from the sun, wind and rain, as well
as enhance privacy of a space. Trees provide shelter for birds
and animals, and they foster feelings of peace and serenity.
Planting a tree to honor a loved one is a wonderful gesture that
heals as it provides solace and beautifies space. By planting a
tree you are tapping into the ancient customs of honoring
nature and the earth.

Make a list of the features you want in a tree and visit your
local nursery. For this project to be successful, you should
choose a tree that will thrive in your soil, climate zone and in
the spot where you plan to plant it. The people at your local
nursery will be able to suggest a tree that will work for you.
Sunday, April 1 - April Fool's Day
-  Easter
Sunday, April 22 - Earth Day
Friday, April 2
7 - Arbor Day