The Art of Visualization

“Ask And It Is Given. Seek and you shall find.” – Matthew 7:7
Visualization is a huge part of spellwork. The better you are able to visualize, the stronger your magick
will be. So how do you do it? When I first began working with visualization techniques, I had a very
difficult time trying to conjure up an image in my mind. I was having sushi with my friend Stephani and
she helped me right there at the table by running me through this exercise. She said, “You are making
this way too hard. It's simple. Just look at your plate. Good, now close your eyes and picture your plate
in your mind’s eye. Try to recall as many details as you can. Now bring in the other senses. What did you
taste? Smell? Hear?” This simple exercise opened the door for me.

Good, now think about your experience. Were you able to see a full-blown image? Some will be able to
recall it in full color. The rest of us will drag up a gray and blurry image enhanced with what we hear,
taste, smell or feel. Don't fret. There is no wrong way. Each of us has developed a preferred way of
processing information. In fact the method in which we prefer to learn will reflect on how we preform this
exercise. Some of you will be visual, some auditory and yet others tactile. What kind of learner are you?
Figure it out by choosing from the table below:
Take it one step further, change its color. Make image of the butterfly yellow. Were you able to change
the size and color? Congratulations! You have just created a creative visualization.

the size and color? Congratulations! You have just created a creative visualization.

Spellwork requires the use of creative visualizations to apply your desired goal to the context of your
working. Let's say you are working a spell to manifest a new job. You write the spell, assemble the
supplies and choose an auspicious moon aspect, day and time. Now in the course of your working you see
yourself dressing up and going out the door, interviewing with a smile on your face. You see yourself
being handed a contract which you sign and then you see paychecks in the amount you want coming into
your life. This is applied creative visualization and the better you are at doing it, the better results your
spells are going produce.

***TIP  Doing astral work is a great enhancement but as with anything you must also do the work on the
physical plane. You can spell all you want, but you probably won’t get that dream job unless you update
your resume and apply for the position!

Here are a few  simple visualization techniques to practice:
Choose an object and focus on it until you have memorized its features. Now close your eyes and 'see' it
on the screen of your mind in as much detail as you can. Hold the image for as long as you can without
losing focus. Concentrate on shapes and colors.

OK, here is the advanced step, now manipulate the object by animating it. If you chose the butterfly
image again picture it flying up into the air and then coming to rest on a daisy.

You can also do this exercise with a memory. Try a happy experience and then recall it in as much detail
as you can using not only “sight” but what you might have smelled, heard, felt. When you master this,
have a go at it your last spell again and note the difference.

Need some instant power? Then try creating an energy ball!

First, clearly define your goal (See yourself gathering energy into an energy ball)

Now set aside about a half an hour for this exercise. You'll want to be able to sit in a quiet place where
you will not be interrupted or distracted. Make sure that you are comfortable and in a positive state of

When you're ready, sit quietly with your eyes closed and your palms face up in your lap.

Breathe and relax.

Spend a few moments working your way down from the tips of your toes to the top of your head until you
are relaxed.

Now visualize the infinite creative energy of the Universe swirling around you, like a gentle whirlpool
moving all around your body. Know that this energy is everywhere, at all times. This creative force is the
energy you are going to use to channel towards your goal.

Run this energy by drawing it into your crown chakra and sending it down to the next chakra point with
each slow deeply drawn breath until you’ve sent the energy though your root chakra, down into the earth.

Keep running the energy as you breathe. Let it infuse each of your chakra points until they are spinning
like brightly colored jewels.

Imagine the energy growing as it presses out into you aura, wrapping you in a cocoon of color as each of
your chakra points glow. Feel your aura thickening, as the energy swirls around you, mending any holes or
thin places.

Now relax and breathe and as you breathe move your attention to your upturned palms. Tilt your palms
toward each as you feel a magnetic resonance building between them.  

Visualize wisps of energy materializing  between your palms. Watch as the energy grows to form a

Watch and feel the energy growing stronger, denser, larger. See how it glows with radiant color.

Imagine this energy growing stronger, more powerful and more cohesive. Feel the beautiful energy ball
pulsing just above your palms.

Know that you may make use this ball of energy to manifest your desire.

Know that it will remain alive and powerful and growing, just like a plant will grow naturally whether
you're there to visualize it doing so or not. Just as the sun and earth fuel the growth of a plant, so will
the Universe fuel the growth of your energy ball.

As you hold your ball of energy, clearly visualize your goal coming true.

Hold a mental image of success, and how you feel now that you have attained it.

Try to make this visualization as real as possible, incorporating as many senses as you can. The more
details you employ the more powerful the manifestation.

Visualize a tendril of energy moving from your ball of energy into this thoughtform.

Know that the ball of energy will never be depleted. Know that it is fueled by an infinite supply of
energy, a gift from the benevolent universe.

When you have filled your desire/spell/vision with energy, draw a deep breath and move your attention
back to the energy ball pulsing above your upturned palms.

Now choose a home for your energy ball. An out of the way corner where it can grow in peace and will not
be in the way. A corner of the ceiling works nicely.

Rise and set your ball of energy in an out-of-the-way place, a place it can set in peace, growing and
fueling your manifestation.

Affirm that what you desire is already in the process of manifesting.

Thank your ball of energy for bringing you what you desire. Know that it will be there working to manifest
your desire.

The ability to conjure up images in your mind's eye takes practice but,
as with all things, it gets easier with each success. Let's try a simple
exercise. Look at the image of butterfly. Focus on it for a few moments
as you memorize its shape and colors. Now close your eyes. Now with
your eyes still closed, call the image back up in your mind filling in as
many of the details as you are able.
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