2017 Moon Aspects

Saturday, November 04, Full Taurus Moon

Saturday, November 18, New Moon
enters Sagittarius at 1:59 pm

Wednesday, November 01
All Souls' Day/El Día de Los Muertos

Thursday, November 23, Thanksgiving Day
Adopt an Affirmation
Gratitude and joy are the themes for November. Ancient
agricultural societies marked this month by giving thanks for the
bounties of the earth. For these communities this was the time
when the last stores for the winter months were gathered before
the cold and the time of hunger set in. Harvest festivals were days
of feasts as the fruits of the field were gathered and all were
thankful for the abundance.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude automatically lifts us out of a
dreary mindset into a cheerful hope-filled outlook.
In You can Heal
Your Life
, Louise Hay writes, "We are each responsible for all of
our experiences. Every thought we think is creating our future."
And this is where the power of affirmation lies. Affirmations are a
way of reprogramming the subconscious to react in a positive way.

The Magick Mantra
Chants and song have been used by man down through the ages
to increase awareness, induce calmness, inspire action, lift the
spirit, and raise consciousness. Sound has power. Our brain
believes what it hears. Fortify yourself with a positive mantra.
Affirmations are an easy way to program positive energy into your
life. Start with three. Write three mantras to use in your daily life.
Write an affirmation to begin your day on a positive note. Write an
affirmation to support a task or activity you must undertake. Write
a mantra to end the day and reflect your thanks and gratitude.
They can be simple one liners that you use to self-talk your

I am filled with joyous gratitude and am charged, ready for this

I am happy. I greet this day with a smile and a will to face every
challenge today with kindness.

As the morning light fills this room, my heart is filled with calm
understanding, and I am ready to face what this day may bring.

Your happiness starts with you, your attitude, and how you allow
yourself to see your world. Remember our brains believe what they
hear. Use the power of the spoken word to transform your life.  
Ready for an adventure? On Saturday, November 18, the New
Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:59 pm.
Saturn is a God of Time
whose positive energy will lend power to manifest work for
healing, fixing, cleaning and removing obstacles. Add the
independent, adventuresome influence of Sagittarius and this
weekend becomes a day for visiting any place or idea you are
unfamiliar with. Have you been wanting to try that
sport/class/art/spell ? Well what are you waiting for? Get out
there and try that something new.

Need to sweeten your existence? Work this simple
Sweet Life
You will need:
one candle -choose a color appropriate for your working. (If you
need a resource view our
Candle Magick page)
one anointing oil - appropriate for your working (If you need a
resource view our
Herbal Correspondence page)
And a sweet substance:
Honey is a potent substance used to
attract good fortune, fertility, and love.
Chocolate is a delightful
food to attract prosperity and luxury.
Maple Syrup brings love
and or money.
Nutella which mixes the potency of Hazelnuts (for
wisdom, inspiration and luck) with chocolate's ability to attract
If you want a healthier choice, use a bowl of fruit or a jar of jam
making sure the energy aligns with your working.
Dates are very
sweet and have energy to support expansion and growth.

To begin: Clean the room or space you will be working. Gather
the things you need. Take a cleansing bath scented with rose oil
and 3 of the Laurel leaves. Immerse yourself in the water. Slip
under the surface until you are completely submerged. Let go of
all of the negativity that is clinging to you and as you surface
see it washing away. If you feel you need to, dunk yourself
completely under until you are free and your body, mind, aura
and spirit are clear. When you step from the tub, leave all the
negativity behind to disappear down the drain. Dry with a clean
towel and go in to set your sacred space.

Set your circle. Anoint your chosen candle with your chosen oil
and light. Call whatever powers you are going to work with.
Next coem to center. Breathe deeply and quiet your mind. When
you have reached the correct mental place, you are ready to ask
for your heart's desire. Use your fingers, or a spoon,  and begin
to eat the sweet stuff. As you say,
"Of the Powers, I ask this favor, add sweetness that I may
savor. To my life such sweet delights be granted me with eat
bite of this sweet treat."

Take another bite and savor the flavor. Delight in its taste as
you roll it on your tongue.
"Sweetness within become sweetness without. By your power
and your favor, my life is infused with sweetness. I am blessed."

Take another bite and smile. Let happiness fill you as eat.
"Sweetness within become sweetness without. By your power
and your favor, my life is infused with sweetness. I am blessed."

Take another bite and feel the sweet energy infuse throughout
your body and your life.
"Sweetness within become sweetness without. By your power
and your favor, my life is infused with sweetness. I am blessed."

Continue until your treat is gone.

Thank the Powers.
Note: This can be reworked to sweeten someone's disposition
toward you.
doesn't love Saturdays? Saturdays are fueled with the energy
of Saturn, the ancient harvest God, a master of hard work,
knowledge, and discipline. Saturn is a complex energy with a
blend of  aspects for manifestation, protection, karma, and
gaining understanding. Couple this with the Earth loving Bull
and you get a day brimming with sensual energy.  
Or go
outside. T
ake a hike, visit a park, walk through the fallen
leaves and breath deep that cooling air as you come awake to
the natural world. The day is brimming with energy for
spiritual awakening.
Go outside and allow it to lift your
consciousness and open your awareness to other facets of
reality. Sit beside a stream and ground yourself in the natural
world. Close your eyes. Move your attention to your breath as
you draw in a slow, deep inhalation. Draw your breath into lift
your abdomen. Hold it for the count of three and then slowly
let it out again. Take another deep breath and this time, as
you breathe, feel your connection with the Earth below you.
Imagine your breath pushing down through your spine until it
reaches the base or your root chakra. Visualize tendrils of
energy growing out with your breath to push down through the
soil below. With your next breath, breathe out all of the
tension, anger, or fear you are holding and let it go. Associate
a word, phrase or image with this grounded, centered state.
Over time this word will act as a trigger allowing you to return
to this state more quickly in times of stress.

This day holds the energy to call things into form both desired
and deserved.

Free to Be Me Spell
If you ever you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation
where you suddenly find yourself unsure of yourself or
situation, then shore up your confidence with this free to be
me spell. Just slip off to the restroom and look in the mirror.
Look at yourself. Take three deep breaths and say, "I am free
to be the wonderful me that I am. Wherever I am, or wherever
I go, I will always be free to be me. I am a special someone. I
am me and there is none like me and none that I'd rather be
than me."

If you find you are in need of a real attitude adjustment,
employ the energy of water and take a magick bath to get
yourself back on track.
Spell to get yourself back on track
Clean the tub and fill it with water. Drop in a handful of rose
petal or a few drops of rose oil. Light a white candle dressed
with sweet orange oil.  Slip into the water and meditate a few
moments before saying three times...

I enter the flow of All That Is
I am filled with loving kindness
I forgive and release all negativity
as I draw the best to me.
Thanks be for all that I have
Thanks be all that I am
Thanks be for all the potential I have to be.

Meditate at least ten more minutes holding the picture of
what you want your day to be like. See yourself happy and

If you need a serious adjustment, you can take it a step
further with this
Channel a Love Goddess spell. Clean the tub
and fill it with water. Light a candle dressed with rose oil.
Drop a handful of jasmine blossoms or a few drops of jasmine
oil under the faucet and sink down into the water. Relax as
you release any negativity that might be holding you back. Let
your face and jaw relax as you visualize that you are a
goddess of love.

When you feel your heart grow lighter say,
"I enter the flow of All That Is
I am filled with loving kindness.
My heart swells as I draw the best to me.
I smile as I am filled with love...
I am filled with love...
I am filled..
I am love."
Our Forgotten Dead
Autumn has always been associated with death as
the natural world goes into hibernation until its
rebirth in the spring. As the leaves turned and fell,
the nights cooled and lengthened, and the earth
shifted from fertile to dormant, ancient societies
around the world turned their thoughts to those who
had died. Indeed honoring the dead with the last
harvest of the year has been celebrated around the
world under many different names.

This year, give new life to the old ways by
remembering those who have passed on. Create a
ritual. Get your friends and family to participate.
When we pay homage to the dead, we teach and
understand that we are a part of something much
larger than the here and now.

We can honor our dead by visiting their graves and
leaving flowers. We can light a candle as we
consciously remember them in life. It is important to
honor those who have gone on before as it brings
death into the context of our daily experience and
reminds us that dying is not the end but part of the
cycle of life.

Practicing such observances, not only helps to keep us
connected to the natural world, but also reconnects
family bonds through feasts and celebrations, an
interaction that creates holiday memories. When we
take part in family rituals the individual is protected
against a sense of loneliness as it transmits shared
beliefs of the family group across generations.
Through ritual we connect to generations, past and

This year, give new life to the old ways by
remembering those who have passed on.  Create a
ritual. Get your friends and family to participate.
When we pay homage to the dead, we teach and
understand that we are a part of something much
larger than the here and now.