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July 2017 Magical Moon Aspects
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2017 July Moon Magick
Sunday, July 9 Full Capricorn Moon goes V/C at 10:12 pm est
As the Moon circles the Earth, it spends a day or 2 each month
passing through the twelve constellations. The sign the moon is
traveling through directly affects the energy it offers us to work
with. When the moon is between signs we call it void of course
or v/c and spell work should be avoid as the energy at our call is
Work with the energy of this full moon while it is in the sign of
Capricorn. This goat loves the success earned from hard work
and when blessed with the Sun god’s benevolence, this day
becomes golden to boost career, political ambitions, and
confidence when facing responsibility. Need strength and or
protection in your corner? Today's energy can also be used in a
needed head to head confrontation.

Fortify yourself with Sun power. Greet the morning with a
cleansing bath. Drop a few drops of Lemon Balm oil (for success
and healing) and a sprig of Rosemary (to enhance mental
abilities) into your bathwater and soak.

Work some sunny success into your week. Stand in a sunny
spot at noon and anoint yourself with Neroli oil and say
is mine! I succeed, I succeed!  Thanks be to thee! Victory is
mine. I open to the infinite possibilities. Blessed Be."

Sweeten the week ahead. Before serving lunch sprinkle Fennel
seeds over the main dish. Fennel has the power to overcome
obstacles, bring clarity, and grant solutions. Chew to sweeten
your words so they will find favor.

Success Be Mine
Use the energy of Fire to make this charm bag to charge your
undertakings with good fortune.
You will need: One small bag (Your charm bag can be cotton,
felt, or any fabric that you are drawn to. A bag with a drawstring
enclosure is the easy to use because you can pull the string and
close it up instead of having to stitch it. Use what feels best to
1  Orange Candle
Bergamot oil
a handful of Oakmoss
a handful of Cinquefoil
1 small pinecone
3 Tonka beans
Clear your space. Anoint the candle and light. Ground and center
focusing on your intent of being victorious. See your success.
Gaze at the candle flame and say,
“Fire, fire, burning bright
Infuse my projects with your might
charge this charm with your power
to use to make my endeavors flower
to prosper, grow, and succeed
by my will and by my deed.
Sunday, July 9 Full Capricorn Moon
goes V/C at 10:12 pm est

Sunday, July 23 the New Moon
enters Leo at 4:34 am est
Sunday, July 23 the New Moon enters Leo at 4:34 am est
Need a promotion? Direct today's energy to seek a raise or

Recognition is Mine Spell
You will need:
Rose oil or a handful of Rose petals
a gold candle
3 red candle
1 orange candle
9 Laurel leaves (Bay)
one rose thorn

Brew up this
Winning oil
Add: 8 drops of Bergamot, 2 drops of Basil, 2 drops of
Patchouli to an 1/4 cup of olive, sweet almond, or coconut oil.

To begin: Clean the room or space you will be working.
Gather the things you need.

Now take a cleansing bath scented with rose oil and 6 of the
Laurel leaves. Immerse yourself in the water. Slip under the
surface until you are completely submerged. Let go of all of
the negativity that is clinging to you and as you surface see
it washing away. If you feel you need to, dunk yourself
completely under until you are free and your body, mind,
aura, and spirit are clear. When you step from the tub. Leave
all the negativity behind to disappear down the drain. Dry
with a clean towel and go in to set your sacred space.

Anoint the candles with the oil. Place the 3 Laurel leaves
crossed on a firesafe dish. Take the gold candle and carve
your desire into both sides of it with the thorn. Set it on the
Laurel leaves. Set your circle and call what ever powers you
work with. Light the candle. When you are ready, settle in
the center and quiet your mind with a grounding meditation.
Watch the flame as you concentrate on your heart's desire.
When you have reached the correct mental place, you are
ready to ask for your heart's desire. With the image fixed
firmly in your mind and say:
Goddess Luna, mother of all love and light, grant me this
wish I wish tonight. A quest for synergy to glow and shine,
infusing this spell with your energy most sublime."
(Now add
exactly what you wish for).
Repeat twice more.
Meditate on your desire. Visualize yourself in whichever
position you would like to be in at present. Whether it be a
new job, a promotion or for your company to prosper. SEE
yourself there - where you want to be. Feel what you are
doing as you talk to your boss or your staff, feel the
surroundings and address yourself with the title that you
want or whatever you want for your company. Continue to
think about yourself or your company as successful and
remain visualizing as long as you are able.
Success spells are best worked on Thursday,
Saturday or Sunday as these are the days ruled
by Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun, respectively,
business success, status, and leadership ability.