The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
~ Albert Einstein
A portal for dimensional living
Liminal Landscapes
Gut feeling, inspiration or luck?

Intuition is the knowledge that comes to us out of blue. Intuition is the whisper of our inner still, small voice. It is a
burst of genius, an inspired thought, a hunch or a gut feeling. The intuitive function is a process of the right
hemisphere of the brain. There are different ways people experience Intuition. To some it is experienced as a
physical sensation such as tingling of the skin, a weight in the stomach, a headache, a change in heartbeat or
respiration, goose bumps or a shiver, a darkening or dulling in of eyesight, or sympathy pains. When experiencing
physical Intuition, people often use expressions such as "gut instinct" or "I feel it in my bones.

Sometime intuition is experienced as a thought which comes out of nowhere, an intuitive leap. Sometimes it is a
strange feeling, a sense of "wrongness" or even emotional distress.

Some see visions of images that might be literal or symbolic. Visual intuition is particularly important to painters,
sculptors, architects, and people like Albert Einstein (who developed many of his theories by visualizing light beams
and other images).  

Some hear a still small voice.

Whether we actually 'hear' our still small voice, we each possess one. It may appear as a gut feeling, a hunch, an
image, a sound, a memory, or even an instant knowing. Our intellect is often so loud, this voice often gets drowned
out so it is essential that we learn to access it and spend a few minutes each day devoted to listening to this voice.

When you go about your day pay attention to what catches your eye or ear. Don't worry about what it means, just
notice. If you are able, jot the thing that you notice down and look for patterns. Don't dismiss those intuitive
hunches and always ask questions. What's really going on here? What do I need to know? Then be open for the

Figure out how your intuitions speaks to you. Then listen to, trust and act on your intuitive inner guidance. This is an
art and like any other art or discipline, becoming intuitive takes a certain amount of practice.  

How do you develop your intuition?

1 Choose to believe.
The first step in developing practical intuition is to recognizing your intuition. Encourage your intuitive perceptions by
inviting them. Get in the habit of daily asking the power of the universe to give you some guidance. Ask spirit to"
open your eyes" to its signs and indicate the best way to proceed with a situation.

2 Ask for Guidance
Pay attention to and the signs, symbols and synchronicities you encounter in your daily life. I like to greet the
morning with open eyes, open ears and an open heart seeking to hear the voice of my
guides and see the magick at work in my daily life.

3. Sense the changes or response of your body.
Pay close attention to all parts of your body until you notice reactions happening there. Then continue to strengthen
your awareness of these areas and learn what the feelings mean. Listen to your body. An ache, tightening or pulling
away is an indicator of things not being right or a "no", while expansion, tingling and relaxation is usually yes.

4. Meditate
It quiets the mind and increases your vibration, both necessary for increased intuition. Ask your question. Then wait
quietly to see what emerges.

I practice daily meditation to connect with my higher self, spirit guides and to open my heart to
the sacred. The practice of
Meditation and learning to work with your Chakras will greatly improve your efforts.

Here is an easy exercise.
Sit in a quite room and allow your mind to become as blank. Relax as you slowly and deeply inhale, then exhale.
Visualize a giant blank screen as you breathe. As you relax see the curtain before the screen draw back. Now
mentally ask a question. Take note of any images or sounds or feelings you experience. You will either: hear the
answer, see it in your mind's eye, get a feeling about the answer, or else simply know the answer.

Keep a journal of your findings and note any reoccurring patterns. Patterns are one way to decipher our intuitive
voice. When I was younger I experience a pain in my left arm right above my elbow that always meant "No" now I
hear words and small phrases inside my mind.

5. Listen To Your Dreams
Ask a question about something before going to sleep. Pay attention to the first thought in your head right after
waking up. Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are your intuition at work and the first step is dream recall or
remembering your dreams. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, as you close your eyes each night, affirm
that you WILL remember. Repeat your affirmation out loud several times as you drift to sleep.

Take notes the moment you wake up. Often it is easier to remember dreams in the first few minutes after waking
when your awareness hasn't become fixed into its normal patterns of perception. Reread your notes later in the day
to help bring as much of your dream memories as possible into your normal waking awareness.

As you remember your dreams more, make special note of the symbols that appear in them: people, animals,
objects, places. Write down the symbols that seem to you to be the most powerful, those that evoke the strongest
feelings, and those that keep reappearing in your dreams. Explore
their meanings.

Deciphering intuitive messages
While Yes and No answers are simple to apply. (I often feel a 'no' in the sudden ache of my right arm and a 'yes' in
a light tingling of my left.) Discovering the meaning of a single word or phrase can be a challenge. One of the first
audio messages I got was "Deepak" It echoed over and over very insistently "Deepak' until I had to stop what I was
doing and go look for a book I had checked out at the library. While I was looking for that book I found another book
I forgot I had about angelic experiences and the things I read there in those pages where exactly what I had been
experience that week. It was an incredible affirmation, as if the universe was proclaiming that I was on the right

Get familiar with the ways your intuition works.
It is important to become familiar with the sensations your intuitive nudges create in your body. When you are
tuning in are you noticing any aches? Any sense of lightness? And constriction? When you think of one choice or
another, how does your gut feel? Do you get any sensations of tightness, queasiness, or excitement? Over time you’
ll notice that you get very distinct reactions in your gut that tell you when something is good or bad.

Practice Makes Perfect and here are some specific exercises to increase your confidence in your ability to tap into
psychic guidance.

Relaxation Exercise
Sit up straight and take a few slow deep breaths.

Feel the muscles in your forehead relax, relax your cheek muscles, relax your muscles jaw and let it hang, relax the
back of your neck.

Feel the tension drain down your shoulders as you release your upper arm muscles allowing them to drop down, relax
your lower arms and feel the tension releasing out your fingers.

Relax your chest and upper back, as you do this release a sigh with the exhale. Feel the tension draining as you
relax the muscles in your lower back and your stomach.

Relax your upper thighs and allow the tension to drain down your legs. Relax the calves, the upper foot and the
soles of your feet. Feel the tension draining out of your feet and into the floor.

Now take a slow deep breath and ask your question out loud. Wait quietly for a few minutes if your answer does not
come then be receptive throughout the day. It might even come to you in your dreams that night.

Clearing Exercise
Sit up straight and take a few slow deep breaths.

Ask your guides or spirit to be present and give you an obvious sign so that you may know the answer.

Now visualize a golden light beaming above you filling your crown chakra.
See this cool clear light swirling down your throat past your heart into your stomach

Now visualize the golden light expanding throughout your body to the tips of your finger down to the tips of your
toes until it expands past the boundaries of your body to rejuvenate your glowing aura.

Hold this image for a few breaths knowing that all negativity has been cleared away and replaced with light.

Now take a slow deep breath and ask your question out loud. Wait quietly for a few minutes if your answer does not
come then be receptive throughout the day. It might even come to you in your dreams that night.