Foundations of Magick

Every intentional act is a magical act
~Aleister Crowley
Natural Magick involves using the mind and the properties of natural things.
To increase the energy you are calling on, work on the day of the week, use a colored candle or dress in clothing that is most
auspicious for manifesting your intent.  Working in  Harmony with Elemental Energies is also key in successful spellwork.
Knowledge and understanding of the Elements is essential for creating magick. Almost every aspect of spellwork relates back to
the elements in some way.


The four quarters have elemental associations that are employed to cast the Sacred Circle.

Earth- A Feminine element.
Direction- North.
Color- Green.
Elemental beings are gnomes.
Time – Midnight
Season - Winter
Rules spells dealing with fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology and nature, and stability.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of pentacles
When we think of Earth we think: the body, solid, hunger, food, fertility, steadfastness, reliable, responsible, dependable,
trustworthy, loyal, constant, mountain, hill, valley, rock, flora, all animals other than mammals, life, pregnancy, productivity,
commitment, the Great Rite

Air- A Masculine element.
Direction- East.
Color- Yellow.
Elemental beings are sylphs.
Season- Spring
Rules spells dealing with memory, intellect, test taking, divination and psychic ability, travel, and overcoming addictions.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of swords
When we think of Air we think: knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, music, learning, flighty, impulsive, whimsical, inattentive,
mercurial, spacey, capricious, intellect, the conscious mind, the psyche, reason, perception, understanding, mischievous,
humorous, wind, breeze, tornado, birds

Fire- A Masculine element.
Direction- South.
Color- Red.
Elemental beings are salamanders.
Time - Noon
Season - Summer
Fire rules spells dealing with creativity, passion, success, sex, illness, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength, and
Tarot correspondences is the suit of wands
When we think of Fire we think: passion, courage, daring, intense, the will, fierce, easily angered, temperamental, sex and sexual
energy, physical activity, out of control, determination, change, intent, purpose, resolution, desire, ecstasy, volcano, mammals

Water- A Feminine element.
Direction- West.
Elemental beings are undines.
Time – Twilight
Season - Autumn
Water rules spells dealing with love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance and purification.
Tarot correspondences is the suit of cups
When we think of Water we think: emotion, emotional, love, sadness, calm, the heart, impulsive, tears, coolness, cleansing,
deep, the soul, empathy, child-parent bond, thirst, elixir of life, rain, ocean, river, stream, waterfall, geyser, storm, dilution,
dolphins, whales, fish, sea creatures

And Lastly, Spirit or Akasha represented by a white candle set in the center. At times I address Spirit as my higherself at others
the Goddess, the creator of all, the source of all power.
The elements emerge from spirit, the immutable changeless source of all energy.  It is the spark of life. It is the energy that
extends across the universe that has not achieved form or substance.

Celebrating the Sabbats
The Pagan calendar is set on a solar cycle that marks seasonal change caused by the Sun.

In the Northern Hemisphere

Imbolic - Feb 2nd
Ostara - Mar 21st/22nd
Beltane - April 30th/May 1st
Lithia - June 21st/22nd
Lammas - July 31st/Aug 1st
Mabon - Sept 21st/22nd
Samhain - Oct 31st
Yule - Dec 21st/22nd

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The four tenets of magick are 'To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent'

Magick is ancient. Though much has been forgotten, its traditions are scattered through the present day in unconscious remnants
from the act of wishing upon a dandelion, to blowing out birthday candles. So what is Magick? What traditional witchcraft is really
about on its practical side is accessing the hidden powers of the human mind and finding the links that echo through the Universe.
For every spellcaster knows there is a truth that is greater than he can see or comprehend, but that by acting on that which he can
understand he may perhaps influence other things associated with it.

So how does magick work? All spells are symbolic acts first conceive in the mind, and believed in the mind, to become reality. So
before something can come to existence, someone first must visualize it....and it goes back to early civilization....When early man
settled an area that allowed plant life to flourish, agricultural societies prospered allowing for the pursuit of higher ideas. In areas
where grain could thrive, civilizations grew, cultivating religion with man's evolving ability to sense the changing seasons and note
the motions of the celestial bodies.

The modern spellcaster still strives to connect to this natural energy following the natural progression of the agriculture year as it
falls into four quarters based on the movements of the sun at the solstices and equinoxes. Seasonal awareness, awareness of the
solstices and equinoxes and reflecting seasonal changes in our own personal practices, allows us to calibrate our energy to the
energies of the natural world. Celebrating these ancient rituals is a way to attune ourselves with the magical tides, to recognize the
rhythms of life, death and rebirth. Living in tune with the seasons is a way of living and working with nature to harmonize with the
world and to recognize that we are a part of it.

So how does it work? Well, magick is about visualizing what you desire and working to manifest it on the physical plane. Magick is
about creating synchronicity. The magick spell helps create the right conditions to achieve your goals but to make it work, you must
create the necessary channels for energy to manifest itself on the material plane and you do this with intent.
"Attuning and working with these energies in magic not only lends you the power to affect dramatic
changes in your life, it also allows you to sense your own place in the larger scheme of Nature."
~ Scott Cunningham, Earth Power
October Moon Magic