Timing with the February Moon
As winter loosens its hold on the world and light returns we again look outward. We are able to once again feel the amazing creative force
of Nature as she wakes. No longer is the world a place of forbidding darkness and cold, but now each breeze carries the promise of spring.
As the light returns to warm the earth, life returns and with it comes hope. February 2nd, our modern groundhogs day is the remnant of an
old German weather predicting custom one in which a groundhog is observed (then it was a badger). If the emerging groundhog sees its
shadow, winter weather will last for six more weeks but if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges, then spring will come early.

If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Winter has another flight.
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Winter will not come again.

Groundhogs day was once known as Imbolc, a seasonal turning point of the Celtic calendar, the midpoint between Winter Solstice and
Spring Equinox. This cross-quarter day marks the first stirrings of spring. For the modern spellcaster, Imbolc is a time of purification when
one sheds habits not suited for them and renews their vows. It is also the time for a good spring clean. The first step in any magickal
working is to prepare the space for energy. If you are feeling stifled and your energy is blocked you will be hard pressed to create any
magick because magick needs an environment that allows for energy flow.

Choose one room and begin by clearing out the clutter. Look around at all the things you never use and ask yourself, do you really need
it? If the answer is no, then throw it out; donate it, or recycle if you can. This is the act of space clearing, or the act of releasing the old
and stifled to allow the flow of fresh energy into the space you've made. After you've deemed what is going. Sort it into piles for: trash,
recycle, and the donation center and get rid of it. When you return, it's time to clean. You can add some magick to your cleaning by
adding an herbal infusion to your wash water. Make a strong infusion of the herb of your choice by adding 1 to 2 teaspoons of herb per cup
of cold water. Bring the mixture gently to a boil. Turn off heat and allow the herb(s) to steep for 30 to 60 minute. Strain out the herb, add
the infusion to your wash water, and clean.
February is the month of love. Work this spell as the moon begins to wax if you desire to attract a romantic
Grant Me a Love that's True
You will need:
4 Candles (Pink or Red)
Rose oil
1 rose thorn
1 rose

This spell works with the Elemental energies, the natural energies that embody the compass points: East-Air, South-
Fire, West-Water, North-Earth, and Center-Spirit. The medieval scholar, Paracelsus, was one of the first to name
these energies the Elementals. He categorized them according to Aristotle's four elements writing that they were,
“beings occupying a space between men and spirits, resembling men and women in their organization and form and
resembling spirits in the rapidity of their locomotion." In circle work we call these powers to stand guard and lend
their energy to our working. If you would like more information on the
Elemental Energies click here.

To begin take the thorn and carve a heart into each candle. Anoint each candle with the rose oil, then set one at
each of the compass points. Set your circle by tracing a circle clockwise (deosil) around you. You may walk the circle
three times around to set it.  
For more information on
how to set a circle click here.

Go to the compass point where you will begin. For some it is the East for others the North. As all things in magick
reflect the earth around us, and the workings of the earth are set in linear time, which direction to beginning with is
a choice that you make. In time you will come to feel what is natural for you. I like to beginning in the East as it is
the direction of the rising sun, the dawning day.

To begin face the East, light the candle and say,
"I call upon the Air, the element of thought, the embodiment of spring, the force of the wind. Come, stand guard
and lend your energy to my working."

Turn to the South, light the candle and say,
"I call upon the Fire, the element of passion, the embodiment of summer, the force of creation. Come, stand guard
and lend your energy to my working."

Turn to the West, light the candle and say,
"I call upon the Water, element of intuition, the embodiment of fall, the force of emotion. Come, stand guard and
lend your energy to my working."

Turn to the North, light the candle and say,
"I call upon the Earth, element of ancestors, foundation and home. The embodiment of winter, of rock, loam, and
fertile soil. The force of knowledge and strength. Come, stand guard and lend your energy to my working."

Settle at the center and meditate. When your spirit has quieted and you have come to center, stand, with the rose
in hand, face the East, close your eyes and visualize the element. As the East is the element of Air, you could feel
its presence as a breeze against your face. Acknowledge the element as you pluck a petal from the rose and say,

“Guardians of the East, I ask for this wish. Grant me the friendship of one whose heart and mind are true.”
Place the petal at the base of the candle.

Turn to the South. Pluck a petal from the bottom of the rose. Set the petal at the base of the Candle and say,

“Guardians of the South, I ask for this wish. Grant me the desires of one whose heart and mind are true.”  

Turn to the West. Pluck a petal from the bottom of the rose. Set the petal at the base of the Candle and say,
“Guardians of the West, "I ask for this wish. Grant me the affection of one whose heart and mind are true.

Turn to the North, pluck a petal from the rose and say,
“Guardians of the North, I ask for this wish. Grant me the companionship of one whose heart and mind are true.”  
Place the petal at the base of the candle.

Return to center and say,
"Spirit, Creator of all that is, the Source of all our power, I ask that you bring me a new love, a love that's true and
when this one enters my life, open my eyes and allow me to see the possibilities they bring. Blessed Be. Blessed
be. Blessed be."

Meditate as the candles burn down. When you are ready thank and release each element, and open the circle.
Keep the rose. Set in a place of honor and whenever it catches you eye whisper.
"Blessed be” to send your wish
again, out into the Universe.
Saturday, February  2
Groundhog Day Candlemas/Imbolic
waning Capricorn moon

Thursday, Feb 14 Valentine's Day
waxing moon in Gemini
NOTE: When you have finished washing off the muck and all of the residual negativity that has been clinging to the
room, dispose of the left-over wash water by throwing it out the front door or into the front yard, toward the East, if
possible to symbolically remove the negative influences from your home and casts them outside.
Herbs for Blessing:
Chamomile: for calmness
Loosestrife: for harmony, peace and accord
Marjoram: to draw love, joy and healing
Rosemary: for blessing, protection, and love
Sage: an herb of protection that is also used in wish magic
Tansy: for love and happiness
Herbs for Prosperity:
Allspice: for prosperity and energy
Basil: to draw wealth, love and creativity
Bergamot: for successful ventures
Cinnamon: for success
Coriander: for good health and wealth
Nutmeg: to draw wealth and gain clarity of vision
Patchouli: for wealth and fertility
Herbs for Protection:
Betony: to banish nightmares and bad thoughts
Burdock: to purify and protect
Fennel: to deflect negative energies
Hyssop: for protection and removal of negative forces
Marigold (calendula): to wards against negative threats
Mullein: for uncrossing and to return to sender
Pennyroyal: to repel unwanted guests and negative energy
Rue: to rid a place of malevolent energy, and return hexes
to the sender
Cairn magick wish spell.
New Aquarius Moon emphasizes social pursuits, group projects, and trying something new, while Mondays
hold energy to manifest ideas into reality. If you are among friends you can use the energy today to build a
cairn of intention. A cairn is a pile of rocks that have been laid, or stacked, with intention. It uses the energy
of the stones to build a wish. All you do is go to an area where there are stone to work with, pick one up and
say your intent to it before you lay it down. Do this over and over, stacking the stones as you do.

When you find an existing cairn, it is customary to place a new stone on top of a Cairn when you come upon
one and say,
“Cuiridh mi clach air do charn” which means “I will put a stone on your cairn” and is often done
in memory of a love one who has died.

Tuesday, February 19 Full Moon enters Virgo 9:47 am
The Virgo moon favors mental pursuits and psychic breakthroughs. Tuesday is fueled with warrior energy and
can be focused to reenergize your life. If you have been brooding over some big decision the energy today is
favorable for positive life change. Use this helpful spell when you must make a choice between different

Right Decision Spell
You will need:
1 yellow candle
Basil oil
A piece of notebook paper for each option
(write one possible choice on the header of each page)
1 blue pen
1 black pen

Anoint the candle. Ground and center and light the candle.
By your power and by my right,
grant me the gift of clear sight
to see the value and know the truth
so my feet find the path that's true

On the first paper, take the blue pen and list all of the positive results the decision most likely will bring.
When you have listed them all, turn it over and with the black pen list all of the possible negative results on
the back.

Do this for each options. Fold each page twice in half and meditate on the options. When you are ready
repeat, "By your guidance let me see the path that is best for me."
Put the papers away until the next Full Moon then read again and make your decision.
The Goddess Brigit, Bridget, or Brighid most commonly pronounced, Breet or Breej, is the Goddess of Imbolc and the rekindling of
the hearth fire. Her godhood encompasses many things. She is associated with Fire: the fire of Inspiration, the fire of the Forge, and
the fire of the Hearth. She also protects and keeps the waterways. She is the keeper of wells and rivers. She is a goddess of
creation, of smithcraft, of making, and a muse of poetry and inspiration. She is the goddess of vital energy and healing. At her
temple in Kildare, Ireland there was an ever-burning sacred fire that was kept until 1220 when Archbishop Henry of Dublin ordered it
extinguished. But even that could not keep her silent so Pope Gregory I made her a saint.
For more on Brigit and how to make a
Brigit Cross see our Imbolc page
Lore holds that Brigit comes to visit on her Feast Day and that if you wish to garner her blessing leave a buttered oat cake for her on
the windowsill, or an ear of corn for her cow.

February is the Month of Love
Valentine's day is on Wednesday, Feb 14 with a waning Aquarius moon making it a perfect day to show yourself some love. Make this
month a time of renewal as you turn away from habits that are holding you back and foster habits to heal your body, mind, and spirit.
This month be kind to yourself. Take time for yourself. Incorporate into your schedule activities you've wished to do. If you've been
meaning to take a yoga class, now is the time to sign up. Don't make excuses, don't put it off. If you've been toying with the idea of
learning a new skill or working on a hobby, Do it. Don't let another moment pass you by. Your life belongs to you. You have the
power to make it into the life you've always wanted. It is up to you and you alone to become the person you want to be...What is it
you secretly call yourself? Are you a dancer, painter, writer, actress, cook? Make today a Me day and invest in your passion. It is time
to become the person you truly are.

Start the day off with a magical bath to wipe the slate clean before you start again.
Bath of Renewal
Mix together in a large mouthed glass jar:
1/2 cup Sea Salt
1/2 cup Epsom Salts
1/4 cup Baking Soda
Add a few drops essential oils
Put on the lid and shake to mix.

The essential oils add magical omph. Here are a few to try:
Lemon Balm for love, success and healing
Rosemary for protection or to enhance mental ability
Rose for love, divination or wish magic,
Neroli for self-purification or to transform depression into peace or joy. Neroli also will increases energy in magical workings.

Set the stopper and begin to fill the tub. Pour 1/3 cup of the bath salt mixture under running warm water. Get in and relax. Splash
some of the water over your body. If the muck of your past is really weighing you down duck your head under the water. When you
come up say,

"All that is negative,
I bid you to leave.
Loose your grip and fall to the floor.
As radiant light blooms in my heart,
I am filled with peace.
As radiant light blooms in my heart,
I am free.
As radiant light blooms in my heart,
I am renewed.
I am filled with light.
I am filled with love."

If the urge strikes, tweak the phrase to better suit you. Words have power. Our brains believe what they hear. This is why
affirmations are so effective.

If you can't employ the power of baptism use the energy of salt to set yourself free. Take a bowl of water and a cup of sea salt. Wet
your hands. Pour the sea salt into your palm and rub it into your hands as you envision rubbing off any past hurt or resentment you
may be harboring. Dip your hands into the water to rinse away the salt. Dry your hands and anoint them with a few drops of rose oil.
This works especially well to get rid of anger or resentment after an exchange of angry words.

The Magick Mantra
Set your intent and turn away from habits that are holding you back and instead foster habits to heal your body, mind, and spirit.
If you need a little emotional support to break an old habit or embracing a positive change employ the power of the spoken word.
Fortify yourself with a positive mantra. Make up a phrase that states what you want to change and why.
In You can Heal Your Life,
Louise Hay writes, "We are each responsible for all of our experiences. Every thought we think is creating our future." And this is
where the power of the Mantra lies. Mantras are a way of reprogramming the subconscious to react in a positive way. Chants and
song have been used by man down through the ages to increase awareness, induce calmness, inspire action, lift the spirit, and raise
consciousness. Sound has power. Our brain believes what it hears. Mantras are an easy way to program positive energy into your life.
It can be a simple one liner that you use to self-talk your support, or a phrase or poem that is easy to chant, or a song you can sing.
Your words have power and your happiness starts with you, your attitude, and how you allow yourself to see your world. Remember
our brains believe what they hear. Use the power of the spoken word to make the changes you want today and transform your life.  
Goddess Brigid
Cairn wish spell
Monday, February 4
New Aquarius moon

Tuesday, February 19
Full Moon enters Virgo 9:47 am