Working with the Elements
A portal for dimensional living
Liminal Landscapes
We exist in a world that consists of different types of energies that ply their laws on the working of the world. As man
became aware of their power, he began to sort them and names them as he tried to link through ritual to the greater
world beyond what he could perceive with his senses. While the ancients acknowledged their power, the medieval
scholar Paracelsus was one of the first to name them elementals and categorize them according Aristotle's four

Today the Elements are referred to as everything from the basic structures of energies that make up the world, to the
nature spirits and cosmic energies radiating from the World's soul. The true elementals are the spiritual expression of
the elements in their purest form. Here in the West, they are represented by Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Together
they correspond to all matters of life.

The element of
Earth is represented by the North, the tarot suit pentacles, the pentagram, salt, gems and stones,
minerals and ores, sand, dirt and loam, and the earth itself. Its colors are brown and green. Earth is the element of the
body and is associated with the material world and our survival, our need of shelter, food and family. Earth energy is
nurturing, balanced, and grounding. It represents the home, the center, the very heart of life. Although Earth traits are
common sense and practicality, it also the appreciation of Earthly pleasures. It is the realm of abundance, prosperity
and wealth. Earth is a nurturing feminine element personified by the Earth Mother, the Goddess, earth elementals and
gnomes. It governs stone and knot magic and is an essential energy in spells and rituals for prosperity, business,
fertility wisdom, strength, growth, prosperity, balance and stability. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn relate to this grounded

The element of
Air is represented by the East, the tarot suit swords, the athame, the wind, the breath, creatures that
fly, feathers, smoke, incense, sound, song, whistles, bells, sunrise, morning, waking, clarity, and the intellect. Its colors
are beige, yellow or blue. It is personified by sylphs, the air elementals. Air is the element of the mind. It is intellect,
inspiration and imagination. It is the energy of ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air governs the magick of the four
winds. Air is the element of new life and new possibilities and is essential in spells regarding travel, instruction, finding
lost items, some types of divination, freedom and wish magick. Air is a quick masculine element that aids in the burst
of creative creation. It is exciting and can be impetuous. Use it to fuel and inspire beginnings. Gemini, Libra and
Aquarius relate to this life giving energy.

The element of
Fire is the element of energy in its purest form. It is an energy of transformation represented by the
South, tarot suit wands, the ritual staff or wand, wood, candles, flames, Mars, dance, passion, courage, fame, winning,
war, public speaking, and conquest. Its color is red. It is personified by salamanders, the fire elementals. Fire is the
element of change, will and passion. It is all about transformation. It is the realm of sexuality, not only the sacred fire
of sex, but also the spark of divinity which shines in all living things. The element of Fire relates to all forms of magic
ans magic is the process of change. It is a hot, mutable Masculine energy, and is the most physical and spiritual of all
the elements. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs.

The element of
Water is represented by the West, the tarot suit cups, the chalice, the inner life, the moon, intuition,
emotion, creativity, relationships, and of the creatures of the waters. Its colors are blue, aqua and green. Water is
personified by undines, the water elementals. Water is the element of emotion, the inner life, the highself and the
subconscious. It is both love and sorrow and associated with purification, intuition, mysteries of the self, compassion
and family. Water is a feminine element relating to tradition, community, and fantasy. It grants knowing, psychic ability
and intuition. Water governs spells and rituals involving mirrors, friendship, marriage, happiness, fertility, healing,
pleasure, and psychic abilities.

And lastly at the center of the circle is Spirit represented by a white or purple candle, symbolized by a circle or an
infinity sign. Spirit is the energy that runs through all things, the source of all our power. We invite these energy to
protect and to and empower our magickal workings. Most notably, when we cast the circle.
They are beings occupying a space between men and spirits, resembling men
and women in their organization and form and resembling spirits in the
rapidity of their locomotion." Paracelsus
These elementals are sentient beings or beings with consciousness. They are not to be commanded, but invited and if is
suits them, they may lend their energy to your working. To call the elements: Turn to the direction you have agreed to
invite first. Some call upon North first, others the East. Follow your intuition. Use candle magic by carving symbols into
representative candles: green or brown for Earth, yellow for Air, red for Fire, and blue for Water. Anointing each with oil to
fix intention. Light each candle as you bow to the direction and invoke the element.

To invoke the Elements, turn to the East and invite the element of Air. You may bow, hold out a feather and swish it in
the air, waft smoke or incense or a sage wand. You might whistle. There are old stories of witches whistling up the wind,
while sailors never whistle on board for fear of calling a storm. You might ring a bell. You might try song.

Invite the element of Fire by turning to the South and clapping sharply. You may dance. You may want to whoop loudly.
Do what you feel is right. This is a very personal thing and Fire is pure energy, like attracts like.

Invite the element of Water by turning to the west and holding out a chalice. You may use the sound of waves or even
pour out some drips of water.

Invite the element of Earth by turning to the North and placing your hands upon the ground. You might try resting your
forehead on the Earth in child's pose. If you are feeling the buzz of energy, you might want to drum on the ground with
your hands or stamp with your feet. This is great to connect with this element.

Lastly invite Spirit. To some this is Goddess energy, the Spark of Creation, the Source of all our power. To others it is the
Spirit of the Land, The Spirits of the Place, or even the Fair Folk. Now the
circle is cast , the energies invited, and the
space is ready for the working.

Below are some wellknown phrases to use:

"Beings of Earth. Guardians of the North. Soils of Foundations, Come. Be welcome in this sacred space. I ask that you
stand firm to guard and protect and lend your energy to the work being done here by conveying my wishes to every grain
of sand and every piece of loam that is our world.

Beings of the Air, Guardians of the East, Breath of Transformation. Come. Be welcome in this sacred space. I ask that you
stand firm to guard and protect and lend your energy to the work being done here by conveying my wishes on every wind
as it reaches across the earth.

Beings of Fire, Guardians of the South, Spark of Creation that banishes darkness. Come. Be welcome in this sacred space.
I ask that you stand firm to guard and protect and lend your energy to the work being done here by conveying my wishes
to the sun moon and stars and every beam of light as it embraces the earth.

Beings of Water. Guardians of the West. Rain of Inspiration. Come. Be welcome in this sacred space. I ask that you stand
firm to guard and protect and lend your energy to the work being done here by conveying my wishes to dew drops and
waves as they wash across the world.

Great Goddess. The Power that binds all the elements. The source of all power. Come be welcome in this sacred space. I
ask that you stand firm to guard and protect and guide and fill all the energy created here. May it be for the good of all…"


"I call upon Earth, element of home and fertile soil.
Come balance my spell by bring your strength to the work being done in this circle.

I call upon Air, element of thought and force of the wind.
Come balance my spell by bring your wisdom to the work being done in this circle.

I call upon Fire, element of passion and light.
Come balance my spell by bring your power to the work being done in this circle.

I call upon Water, element of intuition, emotion and of the rain.
Come balance my spell by bring your love to the work being done in this circle.

or a quick invocation:
I call upon earth to be present for this spell. Welcome, lend your energy to this circle..."

Traditional Invocation:
By the earth that is her body
By the air that is her breath
By the fire of her spirit
By the waters of her womb
As above, so below,
The circle is made whole.


East I call to you,
High above the trees
Gliding on a soft breeze
Eagle come to me.

South I call to you,
Burning within me
Running through the jungle
Panther come to me.

West I call to you,
Deep within the sea
Dancing with the waves
Dolphin come to me.

North I call to you,
Underneath my feet
Howling at the full moon
Wolf come to me.

Center I call you,
Everywhere I see
Joining in the circle
Snake come to me.

By forest tree and mountain dark,
By bone and flesh and star of north,
By our bodies, by our life,
Spirits Green I call ye forth!
From the outer darkness, I conjure earth.

By rushing wind and gentle breeze,
By rising sun where things begin,
By our thoughts and by our minds,
Spirits Yellow now come in!
From the whirlwind, I conjure air.

By warmth of fire and dancing flame,
By white-hot star and Cauldron bright,
By passion, will, and quickened blood,
The Spirits Red, I call this night!
From the eternal flames, I conjure fire.

By the rain and by the flood,
By the tide and by the moon,
By our laughter and our tears,
I summon forth the Spirits Blue,
From the watery abyss, I conjure water.
All four stars in this place be,
Combined to call the Fifth to me,
By the four made one I call ye forth,
By spirits' song I call ye in.

Face the East,
Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East
Powers of Air, I invoke you and call you.
Rising sun of hope, come!
By the air that is Her breath, send forth Your light!
Be with me now!

Face the South,
Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South
Powers of Fire, I invoke you and call you.
Flaming ones, Spark of life, come!
By the fire that is Her spirit, send forth Your flame
Be with me now!

Face the West,
Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West
Powers of Water, I invoke you and call you.
Whelming waves, water of life, come!
By the waters of the Living Womb, send forth Your flow
Be with me now!

Face the North,
Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North
Powers of Earth, Cornerstone of all power I invoke and call you.
Fertile field, towering mountain come!
By the earth that is Her body, send forth Your strength
Be with me now!

Complete the circle)

NOTE: When you have finished your circle work you must release all the energy including the energies you invoked. Don't
forget to send them back to where they came from. You don't want a random element lolling about.

An easy way to do this is to simply thank the element for lending it strength to your circle and direct it to return from
which it came.

"Guardians of the Earth, Powers of the North, Thank you for lending your energy to the work being done, hail and
farewell". Put out the candle that represented the northern element and move on to the next.
Cardinal signs are energetic, dynamic and proactive.
Fixed signs are persistence, perseverant, stabile.
Mutable signs are flexible, changeable, adaptable, suggestible.
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