Liminal Landscapes

If you don’t know where you are going, any path will get you there.
— Lewis Carroll
A portal for dimensional living
The word divination comes from the Latin divinare to consult the gods. Interesting to note as well its
association with another Latin word "dives" meaning riches. The idea here being that consulting with
intention may appease the gods for a sign or answer. Or maybe the process of stilling activity and
letting the mind and heart settle/mull over a question allows for its answer to readily appear in  
physical form.

I have been a fan of divination for a very long time, even before I knew how tarot cards worked. I
have seen people glean amazing details from reading my palms as well as my feet and have had
amazing predictions told (which came to pass) simply by sitting next to me. Is it magic? Can it be
measured by science? The latter we will explore later in detail but no, I do not think the process of
divination is magic, strange or spooky. If you have something on your heart and mind or better yet
you are confused about where your life is, divination is a wonderful way to allow concrete symbols to
communicate clearly to you how and where you are going.

Crystals, Astrology, Tarot???????
Does it matter what you use, well yes, in as much as it needs to feel comfortable for you. Tarot
cards, pendulum, runes, iching, flowers, stichomancy, astrology the methods are as numerous as
there are persons consulting. But gravitating to something that is searching you out, this is the most

I will never forget the time I walked into a lovely bookstore, Compendium, in London's Camden
market, unfortunately it is no longer there, but the experience remains vivid.
I was looking on a shelf of books about Angels, not really knowing what I was looking for, but I had
been thinking about the nature of physical life and how it intersects with divine providence, when a
book literally fell off the shelf onto my foot. It startled me, it was almost as if it jumped, like
someone on the other side of the shelf had been replacing their own book and pushed this book onto
the floor. But these shelves had only one side to them. I  looked at the book, wasn't really grabbed
by the cover and replaced it going back to another section. Do you know that same book fell two
other times and it was then that I learned whenever I have an incident occur three times I pay
attention. I took the book, begrudgingly, only to discover it answered all of my questions up to that
point and had given me practical guidelines to using angelic energy. I have used the suggestions
from that book successfully for years, and I thank invisible assistance for having the persistence to
almost knock me over for me to "get"it.

So, divination.
Many people have asked "should I start with the Ryder- Waite deck?" and I say go to a spiritual store
and stand there in front of the cards and ask yourself which deck is the best vibrationally and the
best for your needs at this stage in your life. You will literally find yourself feeling more moved
toward one or even two decks. Choose the one you like the best, not the one you think you should
get. Be aware of any confirmation, listen to conversations around you and see if there is any
incoming information that will guide you. Look around to see if your eyes fall naturally onto any book
titles and see if this is guidance that helps you confirm which deck is the best for you.

What to do once you have chosen your divinatory art?
This is the most important even more so than which deck or which rune set. Choose one or two cards
each day and write them down. I always like to choose one in the morning and keep it in mind for
the day then choose one in the evening asking a specific question. This gives balance and experience
to the difference between receiving guidance generally and choosing with intention. The energies of
each approach feel totally different and it is a wonderful way to get to know your method of
divination and what it is trying to help you see about yourself and your circumstances. Once you do
this all the while keeping some general notes you will begin to see patterns, patterns in yourself and
patterns to how the cards or other method is trying to communicate. Then you will find that you
literally are able to read the symbols and more importantly the energy of the message that is coming
to you and you won't need to write the details down at all.

Don't get too caught up with the specific symbols of the cards and what they mean, rather what do
they mean TO YOU. Don't get caught up as to what the five of one suit means, rather is there
anything in the picture that jumps out at you, then play with that image and see where it takes you.
If you follow your train of thought you will find that you are forging an inward path that helps you to
see yourself with clarity. Each time you forge the path becomes well trodden and getting back to that
place becomes easier so does clarity.

Here is a wonderful list of tarot decks, just scan over the list, which ones jump out at you?