December Moon Magic
Sunday, December 3 2017, full Gemini moon. Gemini is a 'let's talk
about it' moon bearing energy for communication, flirtation,
short-cuts and uncrossing spells. (It is association with the twins
Castor and Pollux makes it work well for triangular situations.)
Use tonight's energy to enhance communication with this
Tongue Spell
Manifest a little mojo to fortify your communication skills before you
face your adversary. Take a bath with rose oil. Then step into your
circle and come to center. When you reach the right mindset, anoint
a bright yellow candle with bay oil and say,
"I breathe in the energy of this moment to bless my tongue with
eloquence. As it turns silver, I accept the bliss of easy
communication. My words fill with power. My ideas excite and
entice. My thoughts win and create forging fondness of thought and
empowering action as bonds form and renew, bonds form and renew
and the bonds form and renew for the good of all. For the very best.
So Mote it Be."

Gemini and the Sun energy can be used to work spells that involve
mending relationships that have suffered from a miscommunication.
End the Quarreling Spell
You will need:
A mason jar with a lid
Basil oil
A Popsicle stick or a piece of paper
A light blue or lavender candle
A Rose thorn

Write your full name on one side of the Popsicle stick. Turn it over
and write the full name of the person you want influence. If you
have an object that belong to them such as a lock of hair, some nail
clippings, or a piece of cloth from a clothing item, tie it to the stick.
If using paper, write the name of the person three times then turn
the paper clockwise 90 degrees and than write your name over
his/her name. Place the small personal item of theirs in the center of
the paper and fold the page three times.
Place some honey in the jar, add the stick or paper, whichever you
are using and cover it with honey so the item is suspended between.
Seal the jar and anoint it with Basil oil before knocking on the lid
three times. Take the Rose thorn and carve your intention on the
candle before anointing it with Basil oil. Warm the bottom of the
candle so the wax becomes sorter and set it on the lid of the jar.
Light the candle and say your intention as you visualize it coming to
fruition. Meditate as you watch the flame.
Keep the jar in sight and relight when ever you want to reenergize
the intention.  
Happy Yule check out these activities
The Symbols of the Season
December is a month rich in beautiful ritual. As the darkest part of the year draws to an end, celebrations mark the month honoring the
return of light to the land. For a millennia this midwinter festival was a time for feasting and merriment. Traditions such the decorating
a tree, wassailing, and the baking of the Yule log can be traced back to antiquated customs. In fact many of the old ways have slipped
into our modern celebration. Gathering together for the feast, the giving of gifts, putting up lights, and the hanging of wreaths are all
symbols of the Yuletide and these symbols of the season have origins dating back as many as 5,000 years. Christmas’s holly and
mistletoe are holiday symbols with ancient pagan roots. Romans made gifts of holly during the Winter Solstice to ward off evil spirits.
While Druids harvested mistletoe from sacred oak trees five days after the New Moon following the Winter Solstice to use in charms
against lightning and to ward off evil. Norse people also considered mistletoe sacred and warriors who met under it would uphold a truce
until the next day. Even Santa, the bearded jolly old soul, parallels stories of the god Oden and the Norse Yule Elf who left gifts on the
Solstice to those who gave him offerings. It is in these symbols we find the remnants of rites that celebrated the turning of the season
with the rebirth of the Sun.

With the rebirth of the Sun God, the world is infused with hope. Yule is a time for new beginnings. This is the time to gather together,
to feast and renew relationships, to strengthen the bonds of friendship and family ties. It is a time to forgive, a time to abandon the
things that did not serve in the old year,  and to look ahead with hope, each of us aspiring to be better, as we pay homage to the cycle
of life. Sun ceremonies have special significants at this time, allowing the individual to attune to the natural tides and sync their
personal energy with all of nature. The simple act of quietly watching the sun descend or ascend into the sky awakens a spiritual
connection within us. Turn the act into a ritual by singing the sun into the sky, or drumming, or dancing as the light returns to the world.

It is through ritual we come to the something more that waits in the small moments of our lives. Through practicing meditation, keeping
an alter, lighting a morning candle, or whispering a prayer we incorporate ritual into our lives. The small act of silently focusing only on
your breath as you visualize what you want to accomplish during the day is a simple morning ritual fueled with the power to pull your
awareness from the mundane and shift it to the sacred. It is through these small daily rituals we are able to recalibrate our energy and
connect with the Divine.
Monday, December 18 2017, the new moon enters
Capricorn at 8:33 am filling this mystical day with an
infusion of illuminating energy for inspiration and
creation. Use this grounded pragmatic energy to
nurture your authenticity. Work this
Free to Be Me
to shed the mask you've been hiding behind and
embrace your trueself.
Look at yourself in a mirror. Draw three deep breaths
and say,
"I am free to be the wonderful me that I am.
Wherever I am, or wherever I go, I will always be free
to be me. I am a special someone. I am me and there
is none like me and none that I'd rather be than me."
Recite this affirmation whenever you find yourself
unsure of yourself or the situation. If you are out, just
slip off to the restroom, look in the mirror, and say the
affirmation to shore up your confidence.
Today's energy can also be used to shore up your
courage for a needed head to head confrontation. Use
Courageous Breath Spell
You will need:
A piece of Frankincense (or Frankincense oil and a
cotton ball)
A heat proof dish
A box of matches
Frankincense is a fragrant resin that is burned to
promote feelings of safely and spirituality. In a quiet
place where you will not be interrupted light the
frankincense or hold the cotton ball as you sit
comfortably and breathe. Breathe in to the count of
three, hold for the count of three, and then breathe out
to the count of three. Breathe consciously until you feel
calm. When you have reached this point move your
focus to your toes and say,
"Courage I breathe you into my toes."
Breathe in the scent of frankincense. Next, move your
attention to your feet and say,
"Courage I breathe you into my feet."
Continue moving up your body saying,
"Courage I breathe you into my legs. Courage I breathe
you into my hips. Courage I breathe you into my back.
Courage I breath you into my heart. Courage I breathe
you into my throat. Courage I breathe you into my
At this point you will breathe in fully and say,
"Courage you fill my spirit. I am unafraid!"
New Year's eve holds the energy of the threshold making it an auspicious time to renew and remake your life into the life you desire.
What is it you secretly call yourself? Are you a dancer, painter, writer, actress, cook? Make today a Me day and invest in your passion.
It is time to become the person you truly are. Today's energy is favorable for positive life change.
If you have been brooding over some big decision that will undoubtedly effect your lifepath Work this helpful spell to help you make
the best choice.
Right Decision Spell
You will need:
1 yellow candle
oil of Basil
A piece of notebook paper for each option (write one possible choice on the header of each page)
1 blue pen
1 black pen

Anoint the candle. Ground and center and light the candle. When you are ready say,
"By your power and by my right,
grant me the gift of clear sight
to see the value and know the truth
so my feet find the path that's true."
On the first paper, take the blue pen and list all of the positive results the decision most likely will bring. When you have listed them
all, turn it over and with the black pen list all of the possible negative results on the back.
Do this for each options. Fold each page twice in half and meditate on the options. When you are ready say,
"By your guidance let me see the path that is best for me."
Put the papers away until the next Full Moon then read again and make your decision.

Spell to Clear that which is Stagnate
This magick threshold day is also a power day to use to infuse your life with fresh, auspicious energy. If you are feeling weighed down
with the residual energy of the old year, employ the power of sage to clear it away. Begin with a saltwater bath, Then smudge the old
energy away. Light a sage wand and smudge yourself by wafting smoke around and stepping through it. But don't stop there. Clear
the energy of your home or workspace by walking around the rooms with a lit sage bundle or wand and wafting smoke into each
corner. Sage and sweet grass are popular smudging herbs used for cleansing, balance and purification. The spiritual equivalents to
bathing, smudging calls positive energy into a space while removing negative energy.

And don't forget to party!
The benevolent Sunday's Sun energy coupled with the waxing Gemini moon on December 31 offer up a day brimming with socially
auspicious energy for fun, love and abundance. The gregarious twins appreciative all social activities and forms of communication
making this an excellent day to get together with friends or the one you love and tonight is your night to shine. This energy will
strengthen your friendships and group ties so pour it up! Join in the celebration and participate.
Let's get this Party Started Spell
Parting is all about attitude. To help you get in the right frame of mind indulge in a per-party beauty bath.
You will need:
Vanilla essential oil
Vanilla scented candles and/or incense
a handful of rose petals
Fill your bathtub with water then add 9 drops of vanilla essential oil. Scatter some fresh rose petals over the top. As you lie in the
water, meditate and see yourself, smiling as others turn to you. Say,
"By Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Goddess' beauty shines through me. I am beautiful. I am loved. I am beautiful. I am LOVE."
Feel your body filling with love.  Get dressed, put on your best face and smile knowing you emanate the energy of pure love.

Sunday, December 3 2017, full Gemini moon

Monday, December 18 2017, new moon enter Capricorn at 8:33 am

Winter Solstice Thursday, December 21 2017
the waxing Aquarius moon  

New Year's Eve Sunday, December 31st 2017
waxing moon Gemini moon goes v/c at 6:38 pm  
The Good Luck Bayberry Candle Spell is a perfect example. Bayberry Candles are made from the wax of the American Bayberry
shrub and are burnt to usher in good luck on the threshold days of Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. The
tradition began when colonists settled the New World and discovered that the waxy coat of the bayberry could be used to make
a fragrant candle wax. However it takes a lot of bayberries to make a single pound of bayberry wax. So many colonists saved
their bayberry tapers to burn on the eve of special days and a 'good luck' tradition began.
To brew up your own good luck today, light a Bayberry candle so that it will continue to burn from one day into the next bring
good luck forward. (If you have a six hour candle, light it around eight) Say,
"Bayberry candles burned to the socket, bring
health to the home and wealth to the pocket!"
If you do not have a bayberry candle, you can use a green or gold candle that has been anointed with bayberry oil, Light it and
let it burn down to the socket so that it burns out on its own to usher good luck into your home.

Aquarius is known for its bold visionary energy and when combined with the fact that solstices are threshold days it becomes an
auspicious time for any sort of divination, tarot spells, or guided meditations. To help open your inspiration, brew up some
psychic tea.  
The Chickadee Apothecary offers a delightful Inspired Dreams Tea or you can make a more basic batch of your
own with 2 teaspoons Mugwort, 2 teaspoons Peppermint, and 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon. Use only one teaspoon to each cup of
boiling water. Infuse for 8-10 minutes. Then strain out the herbs and sip. Drink to boost your inner sight.

You can also use the night's benevolent energy to make up a batch of
Bring Me Luck Oil
Add to 1/8 cup of your favorite carrier oil: 4 drops of patchouli oil, 2 drops of carnation oil, 2 drops of mimosa oil. Use to anoint
candles in any money, prosperity or spell to change one's luck.
or Create your own luck talisman with this
Lucky Charm Spell
You will need: 3 green candles
1 orange candle
A dish of ground ginger
A sage wand
a charm (a piece of jewelry or a luck drawing stone (amber, citrine, lodestones or red jasper work well)

Clear your space. Set out your ingredients. Take a cleansing bath. Then cast a circle. Light the green candles and call up the
powers you are working with. (I call the four cardinal points for this one)
Light the sage and pass your charm through the smoke as you say,
"Divine powers hear my plea, let good luck come to me, let this charm hold your favor that my new found luck shall not waver."
Hold the item you are going to charm in your strong hand as you meditate. Visualize the charm filling with luck. See it bringing
you positive energy. Feel it thrumming with power. See it bringing you the object you desire be it a new car, new house, or fun
vacation. Smile as you savor that feeling, take a deep breath and relax. Set the stone on the table and sprinkle the ginger over
it and the candles as you say,
"Charm of wonder, charm of might, be the holder of my delight."
Bow to rest your head on the floor. “By Earth, Air, Fire and Water this charm is fixed."
Repeat 4 times
“Good luck comes to me with harm to none. My luck does change.
So mote it be."
Thank and dismiss the energies.
Bayberry candle good luck spell
Honey pot spell to end quarreling
New Moon Magic
Full Moon Magick
Happy Yule
Yule, also known as the Winter Solstice, is Thursday, December 21 2017.
It is a day brimming with the energy of a waxing Aquarius moon making it
especially auspicious to work spells to promote your future or draw
prosperity. Solstices are threshold days and it is on these thresholds that
we can petition the gods for good luck. It has long been customary to burn a
candle down to the socket to draw prosperity through one year into another.
New Years eve comes with a countdown-clock and a sip of champagne
as we lift hopeful hearts and pledge to be better. We pledge to exercise,
to eat right, to spend more quality time with those we love….The clock
strikes twelve and we cheer. We turn from the old, each of us desiring to
shrug off our bad habits and transform ourselves. This is the time to
forgive, the time to abandon the things that did not serve us, to make
peace with the troubles of the past and to look ahead with hope...