Candle Magick
Candles have been used for prayer and meditation in almost all religions. Across the world you can walk into churches
and light a candle in prayer, or see candles lit to honor ancestors or deities. Candle magick is one of the simplest forms
of magick. From the act of blowing out a birthday candle to lighting the tapers for a candlelight dinner, candles add
magick and enrich our life. Candles are use so often, some of the rituals behind their use have been forgotten but from
the Yule tradition of burning a bayberry candle down to the socket to bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket, to
calling up the elements, candles play an important role in ritual.

In spellwork, corresponding energies are directed with intent to gain the desired effect. A particular herb may have
magickal qualities of protection, or a certain planet may have a particular elemental correspondence. These energy
properties influence how they interact with both the magickal practitioner and the other energies in the Universe.
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