Deities of the Month:
The Corn Mothers, Demeter, Ceres
Lugh, the Oak King, John Barleycorn

This month we pay homage to:
the sun gods, corn mothers,
Or any grain, harvest, or agriculture deity
Wednesday, August 1 - Lammas waning moon enters
Aries at 6:54 am

Saturday, August 11 - New Moon
enters Virgo at 11:59 pm

Sunday, August 26 full Corn moon
enters Pisces at 1:32 am
Lammas is the Anglo-Saxon, it is Lughnasadh in Gaelic, and is the 'First Fruits Harvest' marking the midsummer, the beginning of
the harvest season. It is the first harvest festival, with Mabon and Samhain to follow. Lammas is a cross-quarter holiday halfway
between Litha (Summer remember the sacrifice that was made in its creation. Now is the time of transformation, of rebirth and new
beginnings. This is a time of gratitude as we give thanks for the first fruits of our labors.

We sprang from a Neolithic culture that was a part of nature itself, and even as modern as we are, we still feel a tug to connect
with nature and honor her, thankful for the beauty and blessings she showers on our lives. This month give thanks and like the
ancients before you, take a moment to reconnect to the natural world. Take your children berry picking, visit a farmer's market and
revel in the delights of harvest. Invite your loved ones to a barbecue or kindle a Lammas fire with sacred wood and dried herbs.
Honor the cycle being mindful of the harvest, of your bounty, remembering that not only is this a time of rebirth but also a time of
death as the harvest has come full circle. Go for a hike to find some wild grape vines and make a wreath from their boughs. Bake
some bread or sweets and share with a lonely neighbor. Donate to help put food on the table of a family less fortunate than your
own. Let your heart swell with joy and gratitude as you practice kindness and shore up your karma for another season.

Symbols: Bread, a Cornucopia (filled with corn, apples, grapes, nuts, grains, potatoes, summer squash and berries) and the Sun
Lammas Magick

The modern spellcaster strives to live in harmony with nature, connecting
to the natural energy as he follows the natural progression of the
agriculture year. Seasonal awareness, awareness of the solstices and
equinoxes and reflecting seasonal changes in our own personal practices,
allows us to calibrate our energy to the energies of the natural world.
Celebrating these ancient rituals is a way to attune ourselves with the
magical tides, to recognize the rhythms of life, death and rebirth. Living
in tune with the seasons is a way of living and working with nature to
harmonize with the world and to recognize that we are a part of it.

Lammas is the first harvest festival honoring sun gods and acknowledging
death of the deity. Work spells to rekindle prosperity and abundance.
Spells for good fortune are especially appropriate now. Themes are
generosity, continued success and connectedness to the changing

This year Lammas falls on a Wednesday, .
Combines these forces and you get an evening brimming with energy to
infuse that dream you've got simmering on the back burner. What is it
you secretly call yourself? Are you a dancer, painter, writer, actress,
cook? If you are not meeting with a group, use this night to invest in
your passion. It is time to become the person you truly are.
A portal for dimensional living
Full Moon Magick
Liminal Landscapes
Monday, August 21 brims with energy of remaking as the moon
eclipse the Sun at 2:25 before it enters Virgo at 4:25 pm.
Both the
eclipse and the New moon bring energy for beginnings. Use this to
turn away from habits that are holding you back and foster habits to
heal your body, mind and spirit. Take a magical bath. Brew up some
magical bath salts and climb in.

Bath of Renewal
Mix together in a large mouthed glass jar:
1/2 cup Sea Salt
1/2 cup Epsom Salts
1/4 cup Baking Soda
Add a few drops essential oils
Put in a glass jar and shake to mix.
The essential oils add magical omph. Here are a few to try:
Lemon Balm for love, success and healing
Rosemary for protection or to enhance mental ability
Rose for love, divination or wish magic,
Neroli (sweet orange) for self-purification or to transform depression
into peace or joy. Neroli also will increases energy in magical workings.
Set the stopper and begin to fill the tub. Pour 1/3 cup of the bath salt
mixture under running warm water. Get in and relax. Splash some of
the water over you. If the muck of your past is really weighing you
down duck your head under the water.
When you come up say, "All that is negative, I bid you to leave,
mar me no more.
I am filled with light.
I am filled with peace.
I am filled with love."
When you pull the plug visualize all the negative flowing down the
drain and when you step out say, "I let my guilt and shame fall to the
floor, I will not wear them anymore. I accept the past and peace fills
me. I am renewed, I am renewed."

If the urge strikes, tweak the phrase to better suit you. Words have
power. Our brains believe what they hear. This is why affirmations are
so effective.

If you can't employ the power of baptism use the energy of salt to set
yourself free from the past. Take a bowl of water and a cup of sea
salt. Wet your hands. Pour the sea salt into your palm and rub it into
your hands as you  envision rubbing off any past hurt or resentment
you may be harboring. Dip your hands into the water to rinse away the
salt. Dry your hands and anoint them with a few drops of rose oil.

“It was upon a Lammas Night
When corn rigs are bonny,
Beneath the Moon's unclouded light,
I held awhile to Annie...”
- Robert Burns
The Lammas Loaf

To the ancients, the grains were the staff of life. Celebration breads
were skillfully made and ornately decorated to mark life's
milestones. Days of baking herald all the ancient celebrations, for
the art of baking is as old as the first civilization. This Lammas
spend some time engaging in this time honored practice. Every time
an art is learned and practiced, it is inherited and infused with new
life. On Lammas we give thanks for the first grains and honor the
spirit of the grain god as we honor the sacrifice being made, for this
is a time of death and rebirth as the cycle of the harvest comes full

In many traditions a loaf of special bread is baked on this day in the
shape of a man or a sun wheel to symbolize the god of the harvest.
Be mindful as you work the dough. Remember intention is
everything. Hold the image of the grain as a plant growing in the
field. As you shape the dough you can say something like, 'From the
fields to the table, as the Wheel turns, the Earth Mother grants the
grain while the horned God lies down to be born again.' Though the
fields die, the spirit of the grain god lives on through us in the
eating of the bread. Choose a recipe and update it or adapt it by
including local ingredients and let your spirit lift with joy and
thankfulness for the bounty of the seasons. Give thanks for the
abundance in your life by giving a loaf of fresh bread to a friend
along with the recipe and pass along a linage that weaves back to
the beginning of time.
Click here for
Lammas Bread Recipes
New Moon Magick
August 7 the Full Aquarius moon falls on a Monday or Moon day
bringing intuitive energy to focuses on inner issues, find solutions,
and see a larger part of the picture. Step into the flow and use the
Aquarius energy to boost working for personal freedoms and making
change. Need a little boost to Succeed? Make a charm bag to charge
your undertakings with good fortune.
Success Be Mine
You will need: One small bag (Your charm bag can be cotton, felt or
any fabric that you are drawn to. A bag with a drawstring enclosure is
the easy to use because you can pull the string and close it up
instead of having to stitch it. Use what feels best to you.)
1 Orange Candle
Bergamot oil
a handful of Oakmoss
a handful of Cinquefoil
1 small pinecone
3 Tonka beans
Clear your space. Anoint your candle with the Bergamot oil and light.
Gaze into the flame as you ground and center focusing on your intent
of being victorious.
Take the Oakmoss in your strong hand and say, "Herb I charge you
with bringing good fortune." Add it to the mojo bag.
Take the Ciquefoil in your strong hand and say, "Herb I charge you
with bringing luck." Add it to the mojo bag.
Take the Pinecone in your strong hand and say, "Cone I charge you
with bring auspicious energy." Add it to the mojo bag.
Take the 3 Tonka beans in your strong hand and say, "Beans I charge
you with making efforts successful." Drop the beans, one at a time
into the mojo bag. Hold it in your strong hand. Look into the candle
flame as you visualize your intent. When it is firmly fixed in your mind
and say, "
Fire, fire, burning bright
Infuse my project with your might
charge this charm with your power
to make my endeavors flower
to prosper, grow, and succeed
by my will and by my deed.”
Carry bag when you go to do the physical
work needed to manifest your goal.