Corn Mothers as Harvest Deities
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August 1st is Loafmass
To the ancients, the grains were the staff of life. Celebration breads were skillfully made and
ornately decorated to mark life's milestones. Days of baking herald all the ancient celebrations,
for the art of baking is as old as the first civilization. This summer spend some time engaging
in this time honored practice. Every time an art is learned and practiced, it is inherited and
infused with new life. In many traditions a loaf of special bread is baked on this month in the
shape of a man or a sun wheel to symbolize the spirit of the harvest. Choose a recipe and
update it or adapt it by including local ingredients and let your spirit lift with joy and
thankfulness for the bounty of the seasons. Give thanks for the abundance in your life by giving
a loaf of fresh bread to a friend along with the recipe and pass along a linage that weaves back
to the beginning of time.
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John Barleycorn represents the crop
of barley harvested each autumn and
like the grain, he suffers attacks
which correspond to reaping,
threshing, malting and at the end he
dies to be reborn in beer, barleywine
and whisky and thus he lives forever
John Barleycorn a harvest deity
The Corn Mothers are Mother
Goddesses that give their
life to feed their people.
Corn dollies are made from the husk of the
last corn harvested. She was brought inside
kept warm so the spirit of the field would not
be homeless after the harvest. She was kept
in a closed box until Candlemas when she
was reborn, and at the new season, she was
returned to the field where she was ploughed
into the first furrow to ensure fertility to the
coming crops. Today we use the corn doll both
as a symbol of bounty, as a fertility amulet,
and as a symbol of the season.
Summertime and the Livin's Easy
Outside nature bursts with abundance just waiting for us to take advantage of the glorious weather.
Now is the time for long walks in the park, swimming at the neighborhood pool, picking berries,
backyard barbecues, and family vacations! Indeed, summer is when many of our most cherished
childhood memories were made: of days spent at grandma's, of afternoons eating watermelon in the
backyard with cousins while aunts gathered on the porch and uncles around the barbecue. One can only
smile when recollections of summers drifts across ones thoughts. What will your children remember?
Are you spending this month locked inside? Don't let your life pass you by. Round up your family and
plan a trek outside. Create some wonderful new memories of your own. Whether you visit a seaside,
lakeside or park you'll find nature waiting in all of her glory. Just take time out of your routine to
reconnect with the natural world. Allow yourself to move within its slower, more harmonious rhythms
as you open your eyes to the world around you. Take in the trees, the flowers, the birds calling over
head, the antics of the squirrels as they frolicking in the trees. Breathe deep the scent of rain and
smile. There is magic all around just waiting to be discovered. Allow yourself to glory in the sight of
the sun setting on a myriad of waves as you stand on a beach. Rejoice as you splash in the cool water
or gather around a bonfire to swap stories. This is the stuff of summer, the fluff that memories are
made of! It is in nature that we can reconnect to the Divine. We need only listen to the subtle
whispers and nudges as Spirit speaks to us.

This month make a conscious effort to slow down and become aware of your surroundings. Go outside
and see for yourself. The signs of the Divine are everywhere. You just need to be receptive to
experience them. As Eden Phillpotts once said, "The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting
for our wits to grow sharper."  It's true, we are surrounded by wonders most of us are blind to. Open
your perception and venture outdoors. Take a moment to read the sacred in your daily walk
understanding that spirituality is not to be found in a sacred space only on Sundays but also in the
moments of our everyday lives. Reconnecting with the natural world is an easy way to encounter the
divine as you come to understand that life is a sacred journey and spirit is at work around us in all
things: In the power of the wind at the approach of the thunderstorm, at the brilliance of the setting
sun, in the wonder of the tiny bird as she weaves her nest. It is in these small moments we come to
Spirit. It only takes opening to these wonders to allow the blessing of the natural world to enrich your
life. Be present. Welcome the day, share a laugh, appreciate your blessings. It is in these small
heartfelt moments that we find the divine. When we are thankful for what we have and all the
potential we have to be, we are able to celebrate our blessings, glory in our friends and loved ones. It
is in the moment that we take a conscious breath, that we wake to the divine.  By utilizing the
elements of the natural world in a conscious way to further our spiritual connections, we enable
ourselves to better observe the emerging life that is unfolding all around us on this awesome planet
we call home. Your life is waiting. Take your children by the hand, open the door and venture outside.
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