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We hope that you find this space practical and inspiring. Our goal is to help seekers enhance their own talents and
ways of living as we resurrect earth knowledge that we have lost along the way as well as reignite everyone’s
abilities to manage their own energy body, improve health, discover happiness and increase awareness of the
sacred in our natural world.
Liminal Landscapes
A portal for dimensional living
"The Sorceress" by John William Waterhouse
From "The Wheel of
Fortune" by Edward
Burne-Jones, 1875-83
desperately in need of the guidance of our ancestors that
I have dedicated much of my time to enhancing the
invitation for wisdom to make its way into my life and
the life of my community.

I have been a devotee of what Diane Skaffe calls
'oracular space' for many years now. Perhaps it is the
noise of the world or the increase of electronic
information, but bestowing silence in my world has been
a goal of mine for over twenty years.

Staying sensitive allowed me to create the oracular
space I needed to make sense of a multi dimensional and
often magical world seeming always to want to get in

Currently I am finishing my dissertation for my PhD in
Jungian Psychology where I am examining how speaking
to the dead is as ancient a practice as humans
themselves are.

I hope I can assist you in creating your oracular space, practicing your rituals and inviting devotion into your heart
and lives so that ancient wisdom can speak directly to and through you with ease, joy and
morning with open eyes, open ears and an open heart
seeking to hear the voice of my guides and see the
magick at work in my daily life.

I practice daily meditation to connect with my higher
self, spirit guides and to open my heart to the sacred.

I read the tarot for a growing group of friends and
regularly lead group meditations to meet spirit guides,
heal auras, activate chakras, and heal through pastlife
regressions. I first became aware of the magick of the
natural world when I began my garden. My interest in
herbs bloomed into an interest in herbal lore and then
in natural magick. Soon I discovered the elementals,
the devic kingdom and the power that lives and moves
through all things and my world became a magickal

Indeed we all have the ability to control certain
aspects of our lives, to manipulate the present and
activate auspicious energy for our future. It is possible
to activate magick in our homes, to create the life we
each desire. And the very first step is to become
aware of what you want to change in your life and
know you can attain your desire and in that simple
action you take control of your life.

I hope that the information in these pages will open
those possibilities to
~Anna S.
I was raised in the Episcopal Church. Through the
practice of Yoga I was exposed to the Hindu religion
and some its mystical practices. From there I studied
Buddhism and now I draw on all three belief systems.

My motto is: All Gods are one God. - all gods
represent an aspect of GOD.

I am active in my church and have a daily meditation
practice. My favorite aspect of God is the deity
Ganesha whom I often work with when I need to
remove obstacles from my lifepath.

~Namaste  - Wendy
spirituality is not to be found in a sacred space only on
Sundays but in our everyday lives. I understand that life is
a sacred journey and I strive to see the signs of Spirit at I
try to read the sacred in my daily walk understanding that
spirituality is not to be found in a sacred space only on
Sundays but in our everyday lives. I understand that life is
a sacred journey and I strive to see the signs of Spirit at
work everyday. I feel the power in the wind at the approach
of the thunderstorm and reverence at the brilliance of the
setting sun. I try to see God outside my window, and
sometimes I succeed: as the leaves change colors, as the
as the spider spins her amazing web.

I aspire to live a magical life, living intuitively and
acknowledging the presence of my guides, as I listen to
their messages and see their magic at work in my everyday
life. I have been gifted with the ability to read the tarot
which contains a timeless wisdom that a reader can tap
into to find the answers to life's toughest questions.

If you are at a crossroad and need an affirmation that the
decision you are about to make is the best choice, the tarot
is a wonderful way to allow clear communication about your
life path and where you are going.

I also work with meditation to heal the heart, mind and
spirit. I draw energy and focus it to heal and rejuvenate
chakras and mend auras. I'd love to work with you!

those who are searching might find an answer.

This is an open community and we hope that you get
in touch and share your experience as well.

Blessed be

Lorri               Stephani             Luke              Anna            Wendy

I employ healing techniques including Trigger point
therapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai and Cranial Sacral to
manipulating the body with pressure and thereby heal the
body, mind and spirit.

Look for my articles on Tao and the healing benefits of

~ Luke