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The four tenets of magick are 'To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent' But just what is magick? Magick is
ancient. Its traditions are scattered throughout the present day in unconscious remnants from the act of
blowing a dandelion, to making a birthday wish. The Christian calendar has retained many pagan practices:
Christmas trees, Mistletoe, Yule logs, Easter egg hunts. Even the practice of lighting candles in worship has
pagan roots.

So what is Magick? What traditional witchcraft is really about on its practical side is accessing the hidden
powers of the human mind and finding the links that echo through the Universe. For every spellcaster knows
that there is a truth that is greater than he can see or comprehend, but that by acting on that which he can
understand he may perhaps influence other things associated with it.

SO how does magick work? All spells are symbolic acts first conceive in the mind, and believed in the mind,
to become reality. So before something can come to existence, someone first must visualize it....and it goes
back to early civilization....When early man settled an area that allowed plant life to flourish, agricultural
societies prospered allowing for the pursuit of higher ideas. In areas where grain could thrive, civilizations
grew, cultivating religion with man's evolving ability to sense the changing seasons and note the motions of
the celestial bodies.

The modern spellcaster still strives to connect to this natural energy following the natural progression of the
agriculture year as it falls into four quarters based on the movements of the sun at the solstices and
equinoxes. Seasonal awareness, awareness of the solstices and equinoxes and reflecting seasonal changes in
our own personal practices, allows us to calibrate our energy to the energies of the natural world. Celebrating
these ancient rituals is a way to attune ourselves with the magical tides, to recognize the rhythms of life,
death and rebirth. Living in tune with the seasons is a way of living and working with nature to harmonize
with the world and to recognize that we are a part of it.
Imbolc               Ostara/ Vernal Equinox         Beltaine

Litha/Summer Solstice         Lammas        Mabon/Fall Equinox

Samhain/Halloween                Yule/Winter Solstice
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